The Smoking Bans Act (UK) 1980 is an act of the Parilament of the United Kingdom, proposed by Prime Minister Marget Thatcher on 1 March 1980 and passed on 22 June 1980. The Queen, Elizabeth, refused to accent it in person, so commissioned the High Commissioner to do it.

The Act abolished smoking cigars and cigrauettes in the United Kingdom, imposing an high 88,000 pound fine and giving an time in prision. It is in force in the UK. In 2001, the United Kingdom joined the Smoke Free Nations.

The Queen, an heavy smoker, replied:

I would've have repealed that bill, but, for are most gracious people in Mritain, I have accented indirectly, though it will be an pain for none of us to do what is best under our eyes.

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