The Sandstone Millennium is a luxury sedan by Sandstone Cars. It is available in extremely limited stock and is made in Sandstone's Plant A.


The Millennium is Sandstone's top-of-the-line vehicle. It uses a 600 EPM 5.5-series fusion engine, capable of 170 MPH speeds.

The interior contains mixed wood accents with white leather. The Sandstone Entertainment System is composed of three flat-screen panels with GPS, Sandstone Radio, live television and more.

Production and salesEdit

Sandstone has put a production cap on the Millennium, allowing only 8,000 to be produced.

Year Production Sales
2000 1,000 800
2001 1,000 977
2002 1,000 999
2003 1,000 950
2004 1,000 911
2005 1,000 875
2006 1,500 1,498 (record)
2007 500 380 (to date)

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