Mol₪ccan (pronounced Moll-atch-can) Mountain is a holy area, because it contains the cave where Rodregar Novulst found the Seven Spirits. Since then, people have made pilgrimages to both the cave and other parts of the mountain.

Size Edit

The mountain is 78,000 km and Vantrapolis' highest point.

Resources Edit

Mol₪ccan Mountain is rich in Vantrapolium, which is a vital ingredient for Vantrapolish technology. It also has many types of precious stones, which are harvested for the royal crowns. Survani, a town at the foot of the volcano, is known as the precious stone capital of the world.

Because Mol₪ccan Mountain is a holy place, widespread mining is taboo and is only permitted to be done by hand. There have been many disputes with large mining companies and the holy people of the mountain.

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