Merzim is a senior member of the Confederacy of Fugatives from Justice.

Full name
Merzim (not much else to it!)
CIO (Chief intelligence officer)
approximatly 70ish
daggers, sword-stick, pistol
Theft, break in, concealing weaponry, smuggling, murder, larceny, extortion poaching, jailbreak,, defying law enforcement, illegal weapon carrying, blackmail
Other titles
CEO, Buisinessman, teacher, convict

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Merzim was barely able to get through college before he was drafted. During the War, he rose to the rank of Corporal, but declined any further commissions. During the later stages of the war, he swindled the Army out of an amount equivalent to about $500,000. Almost imediatley afterward, he fled the country and joined the CFJ.\


Shortly after, Merzim directed a war against the main protectors of Munglasia, Groland, and Quexial, the Guardians. Using a newly created weapon he succeded in turning on of their own against them. That one used it's powers to eliminate all the others, and Merzim departed shortly afterward.

Assassin troubleEdit

(coming later)

Personality Edit

Merzim is cold, cruel, sadistic, and a really intelligent guy.

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