Kenny Orange


Full Name
Kenneth Patrick Orange
Hair Color
Eye Color
Fatjohn Orange (father)
Jarita Alin (stepmother)
John Orange, Jr. (brother)
Mary Ellen Orange (grandmother)
Travis Jozaf Orange (grandfather)
John D'Ormaggie (Fatjohn)
Curtis Kilprus (Fatjohn Adventures)

Kenneth Patrick "Kenny" Orange is a character from the TV series Fatjohn and Fatjohn Adventures. He is played by John D'Ormaggie in Fatjohn and voiced by Curtis Kilprus in Fatjohn Adventures. Kenny is the younger son of Fatjohn.

Description and PersonalityEdit

Kenny Orange is a brown-haired, blue-eyed boy who stands at 5'5". He acts in a childish manner, and he is known for frequently belching and complaining about food being stale ("[BELCH] This cereal is stale!"). He is also a big fan of rap music.

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