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The Works' Archive is a new ImagineWiki project designed to group together and categorize articles that are no longer being edited. These articles will be cleaned up and separated from new or regularly maintained content.

The submissions processEdit

To submit an article for archiving, please visit the submissions page and create a new level 3 heading at the top of the page with a link to the article in the header. If you have multiple articles up for archiving, instead write a header briefly, in a couple of words, describing the group ("the [x] article group") and list the articles that are to be archived (or, alternatively, provide a link to a category). Below the header and/or list, write your reasons for submission using the criteria codes below (example: "Meets A, C"). Below everything create a level four section labeled "voting". Save the page.

The community will decide whether the article(s) are archived through a majority vote. To vote, write either "support [archiving]", "oppose" or leave a brief comment by writing "comment". Please bold these words so that administrators can easily tally votes. If, after one week, not enough votes have been collected an administrator will decide the article or groups fate based on their own judgement.

Criteria for archivingEdit

A. The article has not been edited for more than two months (or 60 days).

Exception: If the article is part of a larger group of articles that is being regularly maintained, consent of the owning user must be sought first.

B. The owner of the article is no longer active.
C. The article is in bad condition (excessive red links, formatting problems, bad grammar/spelling, ect.)
D. The article is a stub (extremely short).

Exception: Not if the article is part of a larger group of articles.

Archived projectsEdit

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