Frederick Kalgarron

Frederick Kalgarron

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Frederick Lewis Kalgarron (born in 1968) is a character from Fatjohn Adventures, voiced by Curtis Kilprus. Unlike many Fatjohn Adventures characters born before 1979, Frederick does not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.


Frederick stands at 5'8". He is a brown-haired man with green eyes. He shares many of Fatjohn's views, and the two even share dislike for James Laww's behavior. Also, like Fatjohn, Frederick was "just as ignorant as James" when he was younger. Not much is known about Frederick's childhood.

Teen YearsEdit

In Tennessee to New York to Salviana, Frederick states that he was on his school's football team during his high-school years. He also states that he partied too much. Like Fatjohn, he cleaned up his act before he reached his thirties.

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