This article is about the island. For the capital city and largest city, see Fauto (city).

Fauto is an island and country located to the west of Staugossa. Fauto's capital city is Fauto.


The island of Fauto was inhabited by a group of people called the Dramiis for hundreds of years before English-speaking settlers arrived. The island's first English-speaking settlers arrived in 1821. The island was discovered by accident, as the settlers were planning to go to the island now known as Reynoldsland, but found an island off the coast of Staugossa. The island was named "Hyll Welch Island", after Captain Hyll Welch, the captain of the ship on which the settlers arrived. When Welch died in 1833, he was buried at his home in what is now Catoro. The island's residents requested a name change in 1867. Then-president Ike Mossley decided to rename the island "Fauto", from the Dramii word for "small", referring to the island's small size. The capital city, which was named "Welchtown", was also renamed "Fauto".

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