Fatherboard, or the Great Computer is the universe's most powerful computer. Fatherboard is the brother computer of Motherboard,a slut who got pregnant at 10. and they once had equal power, but when Motherboard was infected with a virus by Hacker. She slept with the Hacker, her baby daddy crack head loser cheating boyfriend .Fatherboard became the most powerful computer, and constant updates have added to his power. Fatherboard currently is developing a computer program to transmit to Motherboard to remove her virus.

Male-personalized supercomputer
  • Telepathic powers
  • Infinite knowledge
  • Interactivity
  • Computer powers
  • Others
Sister Computer
Grand Central, Cyberspace, Animation Sector, Universal Empire
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Justice League
  • Motherboard
  • Cybersquad
  • Fairly Oddparents
  • Power Rangers
  • Numerous other heroes
  • Hacker
  • Enemies of Superman
  • Enemies of Batman
  • Enemies of Oddparents
  • Enemies of other heroes


Around 650,000 years ago, the computer that would come to be known as Fatherboard was built by noted Cyperspace scientist Dr.Harry  Marbles, in coordination with Kryptonian scientist Jor-El and Star Wars engineers. It was orginally known as the Great Computer, because of it's extradionary ablities, on a scientfic level, but the development of Motherboard removed this title, because Motherboard had the same powers as the Computer. In a notebook dated June 5, 34,100 BC, Dr. Marbles refered to the Computer as a "Fatherboard", and thus the name stuck.

Originally, Fatherboard was only a experiment on developing computers far more advanced then Earth ones, developed by Microsoft Windows. Eventually, it became a mini-mega computer, then a megacomputer, and finally, a supercomputer. Over time, Fatherboard also was given a personality, and had a computer-like face and flowing computer arrows like Motherboard on a screen just like MB's.

Fatherboard eventually gained respect from the universal community, finally breaking free of the control of Dr. Marbles and becoming an independent entity, but Marbles remained as technican and chief scientist for both MB and FB.


Around 10,000 BC, Dr. Marbles created a entity named Hacker, a large green cyberborg with intelligence and ablity equal to that of Marbles, but also possessing an independent personality and thought. For the next five thousand years, Hacker served Marbles, Motherboard, and Fatherboard, as like a dog, as he himself put it. Hacker aided Marbles, and was capable of immense physical and mental feats, including telepathy, superstrength, superspeed, x-ray vision, heat vision, super-hearing, flight, superbreath, superbounce, longevity, invulnerablity, and the ablity to go without a energy recharge, as required for a cyberborg. Hacker knew Motherboard's and Fatherboard's technical secrets. C. 8,000 BC, Hacker constructed a cyberboid named Digit to help him in his duties. Digit had a chest that was actually a container designed to hold things of most sizes, could fly, could speed at a fast pace, and work on math problems. Around 5,000 BC, Hacker, who was growing increasingly disobident and discontent to his "overlords" (Marbles, Motherboard, and Fatherboard), finally rebelled against all three, trying to overthrow them as rulers of Cyberspace by shutting down MB and FB and killing Marbles. He stole their Encryptor Chips, but Digit stole them and put them back in. Finally, Motherboard banished Hacker, using her computerized power to sap all of his powers, removing his ablity to not require recharges, and thrunging him into a capsule, banishing him to the Northern Frontier, one of the outermost sites in Cyberchase. However, unbeknownst to them, Hacker had taken Digit with him in the capsule. After building a recharge chair that repowered his energy (but did not give him back his great powers), Hacker constructed Buzz and Delete to help aid in his schemes. Digit became increasingly rebellious and in 1,000 BC, he fled from Hacker, disrupting many of his early projects to take over Cyberchase, and fled back to Motherboard and Fatherboard, informing them that Hacker had survived and was behind the problems they were dealing with. He was welcomed back and for the next thousand years, Cyberspace and the general Universe was at peace. During that time, Palpatine's Villains were either in hiding or dead, and Hacker continued to lurk in the shadows.

Motherboard is infectedEdit

In 0 BC, the entire Universe got wrong. All was fixed after the second big bang, curtosey of the Doctor, but Palpatine's Villains were back, striking at many dimensions and destorying the forces of good. Hacker, now Palpatine's second-in command, broke through Motherboard's defenses and launched a virus against her, which severly weakened her. Fatherboard was forced to upgrade to it's first emergency state in more then a thousand years. These upgrades eventually made Fatherboard the most powerful computer and entity in the universe, superpassing even the Fortress of Solitude and the TARDIS.


Realizing that Motherboard's fate was lost, Fatherboard gradully came to embrace homosexuality. Its partner is as of yet unkown, but it is believed that it is among the high-ranking officials in Palpatine's command.


If you try to you the Fathboard you will be killed via your planet blowing up with meteors. Oh wait that's Sburb nevermind.


Killed Adolf Hitler during the  Medieval Period using Lark's time machine . Surely failed !!!

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