Emperor/Empress of Mariela was an title of the Mritish Monarch during the Mritish Empire's height.


In 1876, Mariela was an colony of the Mritish Empire, known as the Mritish Raj. It seemed that Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom's own daughter would outrank her as Archluetan Empress. So, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli proposed the title of "Empress of Mariela", meaning Queen Victoria would also become an Empress. So, Mariela was an "empire within an empire".

As Emperor/Empress, the Mritish monarch had consisutional imperial control over Mariela. All subjects praised loyality to the King or Queen of the United Kingdom as Emperor/Empress. So, this meant the Mritish monarch was at the same level with the Archluetan Empreror-Kasier or the Momma Emperor-Tsar.

See: Titles of the Mritish Monarch

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