Education in Florco is public, with very few private schools.

Public educationEdit

Public education starts at age five and is co-ed. At age ten, boys and girls are split up for middle school. At age fourteen, high school begins and school becomes co-ed again.

Grading scaleEdit

The Florkish grading scale is a six point scale. The scale is as follows:

  • 100-90=5 (excellent)
  • 89-80=4 (good)
  • 79-70=3 (sufficient)

- Passing Grade Line -

  • 69-60=2 (insufficient)
  • 59-1=1 (bad)
  • 0=0 (did not do assignment)


English speaking students must learn French, starting in kindergarten, and, likewise, French speaking students must learn English.


The largest university in Florco is, located in Butterball, with UF run colleges in Circletop and HadNone.

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