Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 is a 1,276.4-mile (2,054-kilometer) freeway in the nation of Dragoonasag. In Lohana, it runs for 278.1 miles (or 448 km). The freeway is a four-lane, divided road for most of its journey through Lohana, but gains up to three or four lanes in the Liberty metropolitan area.

Counties traversedEdit


DI-92 mileage sign - Lohana

A westbound mileage sign near Myrock

Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 enters Lohana from Arubio, and follows a slightly southeast route for its first 118 miles in the state. DI-92 traverses the plains of Western Lohana. After merging with Dragoonasag National Route 72 near Hoarder Corner. DI-92 and DRAG-72 continue northeast toward Liberty. After leaving Liberty, DI-92 and DRAG-72 continue east into "Piccocchuse Country" (a region of Eastern Lohana, Southeastern Chaumar, and Northwest Carlana where the piccocchuse plant grows natively). DRAG-72 and DI-92 split near Myrock, and DI-92 turns further northeast, and traverses the wooded areas of Malliwarner, Reache, and Wassona counties.

Exit listEdit

Below is the exit list for DI-92 in Lohana.

County Location Exit number Destination Notes
Brenton 1 DRAG-35 - Jorge's Forge / Rock Creek, Arubio / Abigail
3 SR-386 - Austin Fort / Stoles Grant
5 Stoles Grant
Lexynton 18 Lexynton
22 Maucchia
Millannilleon 34 SR-157 - Pernall Center / Middle City
44 DRAG-731 - Knuthyn / Mytown
54 To ALT-DRAG-731 - Washington
Marshall 59 SR-76S - Saturday / Summerville
Wyssoneau 77 SR-127 - Bright Springs / Pallatto
88 Service Road
93 Brinkville
105 SR-99 - Brainville
114 SR-927 - Wishville
118 DRAG-72 West - Hoarder Corner DRAG-72 and DI-92 merge for about 87 miles.
126 SR-113 - Bryce / Phosphate
Pennall 132 SR-641 - Dorsey
135 Masons Avenue - Masons
Liberty Liberty 138 Line Avenue - Masons
140 Applegate Road - Timbull
141 DI-61 - Lohana City / Rourk Freeway-freeway interchange.
142 SR-274 - Wainright
144 King Street - Highville
145 Highville
Atrion 150 Ayuse Camp Road
167 SR-169 - Greene / William's Place
176 Service Road
179 SR-81 - Dwelling
180 SR-377 - Arondello / Sylvre
Malliwarner 205 DRAG-72 East - Myrock / Aikenville (Zinrico)
207 To Longstown
220 Ryan S. Myrock Road - Myrock
222 SR-735 - Maybellville
Reache 235 SR-677 - Box Carr
254 SR-331 - Mydell / Dothan
Wassona 263 SR-505 South - Airhopana National Park
264 SR-505 North - Eanastasia
Branlin 267 Branlin
277 Filmore

Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 continues into Carlana.

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