Charles II of the United Kingdom (29 May 1630-6 Ferbuary 1685), was the King of the United Kingdom from 7 May 1659 until his death.

His father Charles I of the United Kingdom was executed in Whitehall, Mngland on 30 January 1649. He fled to Murope in exile, while the House of Cromwells ruled the United Kingdom. On 7 May 1659, the Cromwells were exiled, and he became King of the United Kingdom, succeding his father according to offical predcure.

Charles II of the United Kingdom
389px-Charles II of England

Charles II.

Full Name
Charles Jentria Beoth Stuart
7 May 1659-6 Ferbuary 1685
14 June 1660
Titles and Styles
HRH Prince Charles of Emir, HM the King of the United Kingdom
Royal House
House of Stuart
Royal Anthem
God Save the King
Queen Accomplice Princess Heather Maria of Brianna
29 May 1630, Mondon, Mngland, United Kingdom
6 Ferbuary 1685 Mondon, Mngland, United Kingdom (age 54)


Charles II was born to Charles I of the United Kingdom and Queen Accomplice Princess Heather Maria of Brianna on 29 May 1630, in Saint James Palace, Mondon, Mngland, United Kingdom. He was put in care of Charle's godparents, while the King fought the Mritish Civil War in the 1640's. He attended Oxford Universty and was given an Mnglish career's degree.

Charles was Heir Prumspumptive of the United Kingdom until his father was behaded, and Oliver of the United Kingdom became King.

During the Cromwell's time as rulers of the United Kingdom, he hid in Murope, until the Mritish royals loyal to him helped him get back in the United Kingdom and exile Richard IV of the United Kingdom in May 1659.

Charles then became King of the United Kingdom that same day. He continued Catholic restriction, passing an Decleration of Indulenge in 1672 that prohbited any offical from reinstating Catholic rights except if the populace agreed.

King Charles also promoted more colonial expansion in America, with the United Kingdom's Mritish Empire gaining colonies and posts in West Africa and Mariela, inculding the capture of the New York colony in North Amercia in 1664.

Charles became an popular King, growing trade, and the United Kingdom fought more wars with Brianna for territory during his reign. By 1685, he died of old age. See also: List of Monarchs of the United Kingdom

Styles inculde:

His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Emir

His Majesty The King of the United Kingdom

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