Cargo Freeway 2, or CF2, is a cargo and freight tollway in Port Justin, Jill. It was opened in March 2007 and currently manages 89% of all cargo shipped between the Port Justin Industrial Area and the new Terminal E at Port Justin International Airport.


CF2 was started in February 2006 at the Industrial Area. It advances over Highway 626 and then slants southwards through the Brickley Forest. It continues on this straight route for 42.5 miles until it ends at the backside of Terminal E.

For most of the way, CF2 is 10 lanes wide. There are 3 rest stops along the way.

CF2 is a tolled road, and requires cash or a TollPass. There are two toll centers, one near the beginning of the road on the northside, and one near the middle of the freeway. Toll is JD$1.00 through each booth.

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