Bagel Bagel Bagel is the great king that controls most of Bageland, a kingdom full of Bagel-people. He is of the Bagel Dynasty, and reigned for an amount of years equal to the circumference of an average bagel in inches.

Genealogy Edit

Bagel Bagel Bagel has an interesting family and ancestry, filled with many delicious bagel people.

Paternal Loop Edit

King Bagel Bagel Bagel's father's side has had a history of timetravel, and as such the ancestry forms a sort of time Bagel. His great grandfather is also his son.

Coronation Edit

Bagel Bagel Bagel was crowned with the Bagel Crown, which was a crown made of old bagels, in a building shaped like a bagel, which was originally built for the storage of bagels. He was crowned by the Cream Cheese Priest, Bagelus the Bagel-Eater. After Bagelus placed the bagel crown upon the now bagel-king Bagel Bagel Bagel, Bagelus stuck his holy staff into Bagel Bagel Bagel, allowing the Bagel people watching the event to head out to the after-party being held in the Royal Bagel Shop.

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