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Cycle 1Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Meaghan Brooke Moe Moe Alexandra Moe Brooke Rebecca Moe
2 Diana Allison Allison Rebecca Rebecca Diana Moe Moe Rebecca
3 Allison Rebecca Alexandra Diana Brooke Brooke Rebecca Brooke
4 Tara Sara Rebecca Alexandra Allison Alexandra Diana
5 Rebecca Moe Diana Allison Diana Rebecca Alexandra
6 Alexandra Meaghan Brooke Brooke Moe Allison
7 Brooke Diana Sara Sara
8 Moe Alexandra Meaghan
9 Sara Tara

Cycle 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Anne Laura Danielle Jessica Anne Tara Anne Tara Anne
2 Tara Cass Anne Meaghan Cass Anne Tara Anne Tara
3 Jessica Stephanie Tara Tara Meaghan Danielle Jessica Cass
4 Meaghan Tara Jessica Danielle Danielle Cass Cass Jessica
5 Stephanie Danielle Laura Anne Tara Jessica Danielle
6 Danielle Anne Meaghan Cass Jessica Meaghan
7 Laura Jessica Cass Laura
8 Cass Meaghan Stephanie
9 Marianna Marianna

Cycle 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Monique Liz Vanessa Monique Charlotte Charlotte Vanessa Rachel Rachel
2 Taryn Rachel Abby Vanessa Vanessa Rachel Rachel Vanessa Charlotte
3 Abby Leslie Rachel Abby Abby Vanessa Monique Charlotte Vanessa
4 Leslie Charlotte Leslie Charlotte Monique Monique Charlotte Monique
5 Vanessa Vanessa Monique Rachel Rachel Abby Abby
6 Charlotte Abby Charlotte Liz Liz
7 Alison Monique Liz Leslie
8 Rachel Taryn Taryn
9 Liz Alison

Cycle 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Mara Karen Wilhelmina Karen Mara Tatianna Wilhelmina Wilhelmina Leah
2 Tatianna Moya Mara Katie Tatianna Leah Leah Leah Mara
3 Katie Mara Leah Leah Karen Karen Mara Mara Wilhelmina
4 Leah Katie Katie Tatianna Leah Wilhelmina Karen Karen
5 Wilhelmina Grace Tatianna Mara Wilhelmina Mara Tatianna
6 Grace Tatianna Karen Moya Moya Moya
7 Karen Wilhelmina Moya Wilhelmina Katie
8 Kassandra Leah Grace
9 Moya Kassandra

Cycle 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Marianna Jennifer Jennifer Yvette Marianna Marianna Yvette Tori Jennifer
2 Candice Yvette Tori Tori Yvette Yvette Tori Jennifer Tori
3 Tori Candice Heather Jennifer Jennifer Ramona Marianna Marianna
4 Heather Daisy Yvette Ramona Ramona Tori Jennifer Yvette
5 Amy Ramona Ramona Marianna Tori Jennifer Ramona
6 Ramona Heather Daisy Heather Heather
7 Daisy Tori Marianna Daisy
8 Yvette Marianna Candice
9 Jennifer Amy

Cycle 6Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jordan Jordan Taylor Taylor Jordan Taylor Taylor Kara Kara
2 Kara Ashley Kara Jordan Marie Jordan Kara Jordan Jordan
3 Nicky Nicky Marie Sophie Susan Marie Jordan Taylor
4 Marie Sophie Sophie Kara Taylor Kara Marie
5 Nicole Marie Susan Susan Kara Susan
6 Ashley Taylor Nicky Marie Sophie Sophie
7 Taylor Kara Jordan Nicky
8 Susan Susan Ashley
9 Sophie Nicole

Cycle 7Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Morgan Jess Kelly Sinead Sinead Sinead Sinead Kimberly Michaela
2 Jess Michaela Michaela Kelly Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Michaela Kimberly
3 Kelly Kelly Sinead Hannah Renata Michaela Michaela Sinead
4 Sinead Sinead Morgan Renata Hannah Morgan Renata
5 Hannah Hannah Renata Morgan Morgan Renata Morgan
6 Renata Morgan Hannah Kimberly Michaela Hannah
7 Claire Renata Kimberly Michaela Kelly
8 Michaela Kimberly Jess
9 Kimberly Claire

Cycle 8 - All StarsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Rebecca Tara Rebecca Yvette Kimberly Taylor Rebecca Taylor Kimberly
2 Tara Vanessa Yvette Rebecca Yvette Kimberly Taylor Kimberly Taylor
3 Cass Jordan Vanessa Vanessa Taylor Yvette Kimberly Rebecca
4 Vanessa Sinead Kimberly Tara Vanessa Tara Tara
5 Yvette Yvette Jordan Taylor Tara Rebecca Yvette
6 Jordan Kimberly Tara Kimberly Rebecca Vanessa
7 Taylor Taylor Taylor Jordan
8 Sinead Rebecca Sinead
9 Kimberly Cass

Cycle 9Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kathleen Ebony Rin Kathleen Katherine Ebony Ebony Bette Rin
2 Natalie Katherine Ebony Ebony Kathleen Bette Katherine Ebony Ebony
3 Gisele Bette Bette Rin Ebony Kathleen Rin Rin Bette
4 Katherine Rin Katherine Gisele Rin Katherine Bette Katherine
5 Bette Gisele Kathleen Katherine Bette Rin Kathleen
6 Ebony Natalie Gisele Bette Gisele
7 Brittney Kathleen Rhiannon Rhiannon
8 Rhiannon Rhiannon Natalie
9 Rin Brittney

Cycle 10 - Winners EditionEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Moe Jennifer Anne Leah Rachel Rachel Kimberly Kimberly Rachel
2 Anne Kara Kara Moe Jennifer Kimberly Jennifer Moe Kimberly
3 Rachel Anne Jennifer Kimberly Moe Moe Rachel Rachel Moe
4 Leah Rachel Rachel Rachel Kara Jennifer Moe Jennifer
5 Jennifer Rin Leah Jennifer Kimberly Kara Kara
6 Kara Leah Kimberly Anne Leah Leah
7 Michaela Moe Moe Kara Anne
8 Kimberly Kimberly Rin
9 Rin Michaela

Cycle 11Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kelly Christina Trish Christina Jane Christina Christina Christina Daniela
2 Trish Kelly Daniela Daniela Daniela Jane Jane Daniela Christina
3 Joss Kassandra Michele Trish Ashley Daniela Daniela Jane Jane
4 Ashley Ashley Kelly Michele Trish Ashley Ashley
5 Jane Jane Christina Jane Christina Trish
6 Michele Michele Jane Ashley Michele
7 Christina Trish Ashley Kelly
8 Kassandra Daniela Kassandra
9 Daniela Joss

Cycle 12Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Chantelle Shannon Cathryn Sarah Sarah Chantelle Sherri Sherri Sarah
2 Snow Chantelle Sarah Snow Cathryn Snow Sarah Sarah Sherri
3 Laura Laura Snow Imogen Chantelle Sherri Cathryn Chantelle Chantelle
4 Sherri Imogen Sherri Chantelle Snow Cathryn Chantelle Cathryn
5 Imogen Sarah Chantelle Cathryn Sherri Sarah Snow
6 Cathryn Cathryn Shannon Sherri Imogen
7 Sarah Snow Imogen Shannon
8 Cassie Sherri Laura
9 Shannon Cassie

Cycle 13Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Corinne Sue Corinne Sue Corinne Corinne Sue Sue Corinne
2 Emily Lisa Amanda Lena Lisa Breanne Lisa Corinne Sue
3 Amanda Emily Lena Corinne Sue Sue Corinne Lisa
4 Charlie Corinne Lisa Breanne Amanda Lisa Breanne
5 Nicole Breanne Breanne Lisa Breanne Amanda
6 Sue Nicole Sue Amanda Lena
7 Breanne Lena Nicole Nicole
8 Lisa Amanda Emily
9 Lena Charlie

Cycle 14Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kristin Kelsey Natalie Natalie Janelle Natalie Bianca Zahra Zahra
2 Janelle Tamika Bianca Lee Bianca Bianca Janelle Bianca Bianca
3 Bianca Janelle Janelle Bianca Kelsey Zahra Zahra Natalie
4 Kelsey Lee Lee Kelsey Zahra Lee Natalie Janelle
5 Jordana Natalie Kelsey Zahra Lee Janelle Lee
6 Tamika Bianca Zahra Janelle Natalie Kelsey
7 Lee Zahra Jordana Jordana
8 Zahra Kristin Kristin
9 Natalie Jordana Tamika

Cycle 15Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Selita Bernadette Mariam Selita Viktorya Madison CeCe Viktorya Selita Selita
2 Madison Madison Viktorya Brooklyn Madison Selita Selita Selita Vikrotya Madison
3 Viktorya Chloe Madison Bernadette Emma Emma Madison CeCe Madison Viktorya
4 CeCe Emma Selita Viktorya Bernadette Bernadette Emma Madison CeCe
5 Emma Viktorya Brooklyn CeCe Selita CeCe Viktorya Emma
6 Bernadette Selita Emma Madison CeCe Viktorya Bernadette
7 Brooklyn CeCe Bernadette Emma Brooklyn
8 Mariam Brooklyn CeCe Mariam
9 Chloe Mariam Chloe
10 Dakoda Dakoda

Cycle 16 - All Stars 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alexandra Snow Lisa Lisa Natalie Lisa Natalie Natalie Alexandra Lisa
2 Ebony Natalie Madison Natalie Lisa Madison Ebony Lisa Lisa Alexandra
3 Snow Ebony Natalie Ebony Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Natalie
4 Lisa Viktorya Kathleen Alexandra Ebony Ebony Lisa Ebony
5 Natalie Alexandra Alexandra Madison Janelle Janelle Janelle
6 Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Madison Natalie Madison
7 Bianca Lisa Snow Kathleen Kathleen
8 Madison Kathleen Ebony Snow
9 Viktorya Madison Viktorya
10 Kathleen Bianca

Cycle 17Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Maddox Kerline Kerline Maddox Maddox Kerline Karoline Maddox Kerline Danielle
2 Danielle Danielle Karoline Kylee Kerline Maddox Maddox Karoline Danielle Kerline
3 Kerline Kayla Kym Kym Karoline Danielle Kerline Danielle Karoline
4 Karoline Mindy Maddox Kayla Danielle Karoline Danielle Kerline Maddox
5 Kayla Kym Kylee Karoline Kym Kym Kym
6 Melissa Melissa Danielle Danielle Kayla Kayla
7 Kylee Kylee Kayla Kerline Kylee
8 Kym Maddox Melissa Melissa
9 Georgia Karoline Mindy
10 Mindy Georgia

Cycle 18Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Brittany Elle Divad Divad Divad Divad Tanja Tanja Divad Divad
2 Gigi Porscha Mako Porscha Ashley Elle Elle Mako Tanja Tanja
3 Divad Mako Gigi Mako Porscha Tanja Mako Divad Mako
4 Mako Brittany Tanja Elle Elle Ashley Divad Elle
5 Porscha Gigi Brittany Ashley Tanja Mako Ashley
6 Tanja Eric Ashley Tanja Mako Porscha Porscha
7 Ainslie Divad Porscha Gigi Gigi
8 Eric Tanja Elle Brittany
9 Ashley Ashley Eric
10 Elle Ainslie

Cycle 19Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Andrea Yolanda Dominique Sam Yolanda Dominique Emanuelle Emanuelle Emanuelle Sam
2 Dominique Johanna Emanuelle Liza Kellie Emanuelle Sam Yolanda Sam Emanuelle
3 Kellie Dominique Jaja Andrea Sam Andrea Dominique Sam Yolanda
4 October Sam Sam Emanuelle Emanuelle Sam Yolanda Dominique
5 Sam Kellie Liza Yolanda Andrea Yolanda Andrea
6 Emanuelle Liza Andrea Kellie Dominique Kellie
7 Liza Emanuelle Kellie Dominique Liza
8 Johanna Andrea Yolanda Jaja
9 Yolanda Jaja Johanna
10 Jaja October

Cycle 20 - Second ChanesEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lena Gisele Katie Katie Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Lena Lena
2 Katie Lena Michele Michele Lena Katie Jess Katie Katie Katie
3 Shannon Michele Lena Lena Imogen Lena Lena Lena Shannon
4 Jess Katie Shannon Leslie Jess Leslie Katie Jess
5 Leslie Kassandra Leslie Shannon Katie Jess Leslie
6 Imogen Jess Gisele Imogen Leslie Imogen
7 Michele Shannon Jess Jess Michele
8 Gisele Leslie Imogen Gisele
9 Kassandra Imogen Kassandra
10 Kelly Kelly

Cycle 21 - Winners Edition 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Daniela Sam Sam Sarah Sarah Lena Sam Divad Selita Selita
2 Sarah Lena Divad Sam Sam Corinne Selita Selita Sam Sam
3 Corinne Divad Lena Corinne Selita Divad Divad Sam Divad
4 Zahra Sarah Corinne Lena Lena Selita Lena Sarah
5 Selita Zahra Zahra Selita Divad Sarah Sarah Lena
6 Lisa Danielle Selita Danielle Corinne Sam Corinne
7 Danielle Selita Danielle Divad Danielle
8 Divad Corinne Sarah Zahra
9 Sam Daniela Daniela
10 Lena Lisa

Cycle 22Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Nicole Soren Beatrix Whitney Soren Nicole Tammy Tammy Nicole Tammy
2 Sierra Monet Nicole Nicole Whitney Tammy Whitney Whitney Tammy Nicole
3 Monet Nicole Monet Sierra Sierra Monet Nicole Nicole Whitney
4 Beatrix Whitney Soren Monet Tammy Beatrix Sierra Sierra
5 Tammy Beatrix Camille Tammy Monet Sierra Beatrix
6 Camille Sierra Tammy Soren Beatrix Whitney Monet
7 Julia Camille Sierra Beatrix Nicole Soren
8 Whitney Tammy Whitney Camille
9 Soren Julia Julia
10 April Apirl

Cycle 23Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 KellyiRae Haileigh Jina KellyiRae Willa Joy Megan Joy KellyiRae Megan
2 Haileigh Jina Megan Joy Jina Megan Willa KellyiRae Megan KellyiRae
3 Helene Joy Haileigh Megan Megan Willa Joy Willa Willa
4 Jina KellyiRae Willa Helene Joy KellyiRae KellyiRae Megan Joy
5 Megan Megan Helene Jina KellyiRae Jina Jina
6 Alyse Helene Alyse Haileigh Haileigh Haileigh
7 Willa Willa Joy Willa Helene
8 Joy Margaret KellyiRae Alyse
9 Margaret Alyse Margaret
10 Adrianne Adrianne

Cycle 24 - All Stars 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Maddox Maddox Kym Mako Joy Nicole Shannon Nicole Shannon Shannon
2 Joy Kym Whitney Maddox Nicole Kym Nicole Shannon Nicole Nicole
3 Kym Shannon Tanja Shannon Tanja Shannon Joy Kym Kym
4 Tanja Nicole Joy Whitney Maddox Maddox Kym Joy
5 Mako Tanja Nicole Tanja Kym Joy Tanja
6 Emanuelle Whitney Mako Joy Mako Tanja Maddox
7 Shannon Emanuelle Shannon Kym Shannon Mako
8 Jess Joy Emanuelle Nicole Whitney
9 Nicole Mako Maddox Emanuelle
10 Whitney Jess

Cycle 25Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Meredith Audrey Michelle Audrey Meredith Roslyn Karri Karri Roslyn Roslyn
2 Victoria Karri Karri Michelle Audrey Karri Roslyn Michelle Michelle Michelle
3 Rita Rita Audrey Rachael Roslyn Crystal Michelle Roslyn Karri
4 Michelle Roslyn Crystal Crystal Rachael Michelle Rachael Rachael
5 Crystal Michelle Rita Roslyn Karri Meredith Crystal Crystal
6 Audrey Victoria Meredith Meredith Crystal Roslyn Meredith
7 Karri Meredith Rachael Karri Michelle Audrey
8 Roslyn Rachael Roslyn Rita
9 Kamila Crystal Victoria
10 Rachael Kamila

Cycle 26Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Hilary Nancy Sydney Linda Linda Elisabeth Nancy Sydney Noira Sydney
2 Nancy Hilary Hilary Noira Sydney Nancy Linda Noira Sydney Linda
3 Meaghan Sydney Fay Sydney Noira Linda Sydney Hilary Linda Noira
4 Natasha Elisabeth Noira Hilary Nancy Hilary Noira Linda Hilary
5 Linda Fay Nancy Nancy Hilary Noira Hilary Nancy
6 Sydney Meaghan Meaghan Fay Elisabeth Sydney Elisabeth
7 Viv Noira Elisabeth Elisabeth Fay
8 Elisabeth Linda Linda Meaghan
9 Fay Viv Viv
10 Noira Natasha

Cycle 27Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kris Afsar Maicie Jinetta Jinetta Denise Maicie Ainsley Maicie
2 Lauren Maicie Denise Afsar Afsar Maicie Ainsley Maicie Ainsley
3 Jinetta Kristine Ainsley Maicie Jinetta Afsar Denise Afsar
4 Denise Ainsley Lauren Ainsley Kristine Jinetta Afsar Denise
5 Afsar Jinetta Afsar Denise Ainsley Ainsley Jinetta
6 Maicie Lauren Jinetta Kristine Maicie Kristine
7 Kristine Denise Kristine Lauren
8 Ainsley Courtenay Courtenay
9 Courtenay Kris

Cycle 28Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Orianne Molly Annaliese Annaliese Ashlee Ashlee Martine Ashlee Orianne Ashlee Martine
2 Molly Amber Amber Jai Sun Molly Ashlee Orianne Ashlee Martine Ashlee
3 Amber Jai Sun Ashlee Martine Orianne Orianne Annaliese Martine Orianne
4 Cate Cate Orianne Molly Orianne Martine Molly Martine Annaliese
5 Theresa Annaliese Jai Martine Jai Annaliese Annaliese Molly
6 Annaliese Sun Ashlee Orianne Molly Jai Jai
7 Ashlee Martine Molly Sun Annaliese Sun
8 Jai Ashlee Martine Amber
9 Martine Orianne Cate
10 Sun Theresa

Cycle 29Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Noreen Noreen Opal Rosemary Kristen Opal Rosemary Kristen Kristen Opal Kristen
2 Cassy Opal Brittany Julie Jessi Brittany Brittany Opal Rosemary Kristen Opal
3 Genevieve Cassy Rosemary Kristen Rosemary Kristen Opal Brittany Opal Rosemary
4 Lizzy Rosemary Julie Opal Brittany Jessi Kristen Rosemary Brittany
5 Jessi Genvieve Cassy Jessi Opal Rosemary Jessi
6 Kristen Kristen Jessi Brittany Julie Julie
7 Julie Brittany Genevieve Genevieve Genevieve
8 Opal Jessi Kristen Cassy
9 Rosemary Julie Noreen
10 Brittany Lizzy

Cycle 30Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Samantha Rachelle Rachelle Samantha Anastasia Anastasia Rachelle Anastasia Anastasia Rachelle Rachelle
2 Rihanna Kelley Kaitlin Rachelle Samantha Kaitlin Rihanna Rihanna Rachelle Rihanna Rihanna
3 Robin Samantha Noreen Anastasia Noreen Rachelle Anastasia Rachelle Rihanna Anastasia
4 Noreen Anastasia Tiffany Rihanna Rihanna Noreen Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany
5 Jennifer Rhianna Samantha Noreen Kaitlin Rihanna Noreen Noreen
6 Tiffany Jennifer Anastasia Kaitlin Rachelle Tiffany Kaitlin
7 Alexia Tiffany Robin Tiffany Tiffany Samantha Samantha
8 Rachelle Kaitlin Kelley Kelley Kelley
9 Kaitlin Robin Rihanna Robin
10 Kelley Noreen Jennifer
11 Anastasia Alexia

Cycle 31Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alisson Danni Danni Alisson Zack Alisson Marjorie Marjorie Marjorie Alisson Alisson
2 Nathalie Heidi Lara Lara Alisson Braxton Danni Danni Danni Marjorie Marjorie
3 Nary Zack Jill Danni Braxton Zack Braxton Alisson Alisson Danni
4 Braxton Lara Zack Marjorie Danni Marjorie Zack Zack Zack
5 Helena Nathalie Alisson Heidi Heidi Lara Alisson Braxton
6 Lara Alisson Helena Zack Lara Danni Lara
7 Zack Marjorie Marjorie Jill Marjorie Heidi
8 Jill Braxton Braxton Braxton Jill
9 Heidi Helena Heidi Helena
10 Danni Jill Nathalie
11 Marjorie Nary

Cycle 32 - Winners Edition 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tammy Kristen Rachelle Tammy Tammy Tammy Rachelle Rachelle Tammy Rachelle
2 Megan Rachelle Sydney Rachelle Alisson Rachelle Martine Tammy Rachelle Tammy
3 Shannon Alisson Alisson Megan Roslyn Alisson Alisson Alisson Alisson
4 Roslyn Megan Tammy Sydney Rachelle Megan Tammy Martine
5 Sydney Tammy Kristen Alisson Megan Martine Megan
6 Maicie Martine Martine Martine Martine Roslyn
7 Martine Sydney Roslyn Roslyn Sydney
8 Kristen Shannon Megan Kristen
9 Rachelle Roslyn Shannon
10 Alisson Maicie

Cycle 33Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jihe Lucie Lucie Lindsay Jihe Jihe Leeanna Leeanna Lucie Jihe Leeanna
2 Marnie Nadia Nadia Katia Leeanna Leeanna Lucie Jihe Leeanna Lucie Jihe
3 Katia Shavonne Katia Leeanna Katia Lindsay Lindsay Lucie Jihe Leeanna Lucie
4 Keesha Liberty Leeanna Nadia Lindsay Liberty Katia Katia Katia
5 Nadia Leeanna Jannah Jihe Nadia Katia Jihe Lindsay
6 Rachel Lindsay Lindsay Liberty Liberty Lucie Liberty
7 Liberty Jihe Keesha Lucie Lucie Nadia
8 Shavonne Jannah Liberty Jannah Jannah
9 Jannah Katia Jihe Keesha
10 Lucie Keesha Shavonne
11 Leeanna Marnie
12 Lindsay Rachel

Cycle 34 - All Stars 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Michelle Braxton Braxton Rosemary Braxton Braxton Noira Ashlee Rosemary Ashlee Rosemary
2 Marjorie Lucie Jihe Braxton Lucie Marjorie Rosemary Braxton Ashlee Rosemary Ashlee
3 Noira Jihe Rosemary Michelle Noira Jihe Marjorie Rosemary Braxton Braxton
4 Braxton Rosemary Ashlee Lucie Ashlee Rosemary Braxton Noira Noira
5 Zack Ashlee Noira Noira Rosemary Noira Ashlee Marjorie
6 Lara Zack Lucie Ashlee Marjorie Ashlee Lucie
7 Ashlee Lara Marjorie Jihe Jihe Lucie Jihe
8 Annaliese Marjorie Zack Marjorie Michelle
9 Rosemary Noira Michelle Zack
10 Jihe Michelle Lara
11 Lucie Annaliese

Cycle 35Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tristynn Adrianna Rylea Tristynn Adrianna Rylea Dawn Dawn Tristynn Rylea Rylea
2 JoJo Rylea Tristynn Dawn Dawn Dawn Rylea Rylea Adrianna Adrianna Adrianna
3 Laury Ava Ava Ava Danyelle Adrianna Adrianna Tristynn Rylea Tristynn
4 Danyelle Danyelle Adrianna Rylea Rylea Tristynn Tristynn Adrianna Dawn
5 Ava Alexia Danyelle Adrianna Alexia Alexia Alexia
6 Sophie Sophie Alexia Alexia Tristynn Danyelle
7 Rylea JoJo JoJo Danyelle Ava
8 Dawn Dawn Dawn JoJo
9 Adrianna Tristynn Sophie
10 Alexia Laury

Cycle 36Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lacey Elizabeth Steph Steph Lacey Steph Elizabeth Steph Lacey Lacey Lacey
2 Allie Steph Lacey Sophie Lisi Amandine Amandine Amandine Steph Amandine Amandine
3 Suzy Allie Sophie Lacey Amandine Laury Steph Lacey Amandine Steph
4 Jessica Amandine Laury Laury Elizabeth Elizabeth Laury Laury Laury
5 Amandine Sophie Amandine Suzy Steph Lacey Lacey Elizabeth
6 Cameron Laury Lisi Lisi Laury Sophie Sophie
7 Elizabeth Suzy Cameron Elizabeth Suzy Lisi
8 Jacki Jessica Suzy Amandine Sophie Suzy
9 Steph Lacey Elizabeth Allie Allie
10 Lisi Lisi Allie Cameron
11 Cameron Jessica
12 Jacki

Cycle 37 - LegacyEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Cass Maddox Rin Whitney Cass Whitney Cass Whitney
2 Sinead Rin Cass Maddox Whitney Cass Whitney Cass
3 Jordan Sinead Sinead Rin Rin Maddox Maddox
4 Rin Snow Whitney Sinead Maddox Rin
5 Snow Cass Snow Cass Sinead
6 Maddox Jordan Maddox Snow
7 Kelly Whitney Jordan
8 Whitney Kelly

Cycle 38Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Niece Isla Courtney Niece Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Niece Courtney Shaina Rory Rory
2 Maira Rory Niece Shaina Niece Shaina Niece Courtney Shaina Courtney Shaina Shaina
3 Kennedy Courtney Kennedy Courtney Alycia Niece Shaina Rory Niece Rory Courtney
4 Isla Gillian Isla Rory Courtney Courtney Courtney Shaina Rory Niece
5 Stacey Stacey Gillian Bonita Rory Rory Rory Kennedy Kennedy
6 Gillian Niece Alycia Kennedy Shaina Bonita Bonita
7 Shaina Alycia Bonita Alycia Bonita Alycia
8 Rory Bonita Shaina Gillian Gillian
9 Bonita Kennedy Rory Isla
10 Alycia Shaina Stacey
11 Courntey Maira

Cycle 39Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Melanie Catie Katie Rachel Rachel Melanie Rachel Catie Rachel
2 Daja Melanie Palmer Daja Catie Rachel Melanie Rachel Catie
3 Kelleigh Cassie Toya Palmer Daja Catie Catie Melanie
4 Catie Kelleigh Rachel Catie Palmer Palmer Palmer
5 Veronica Daja Daja Cassie Melanie Daja
6 Rachel Toya Cassie Melanie Cassie
7 Cassie Rachel Melanie Toya
8 Toya Palmer Kelleigh
9 Palmer Veronica

Cycle 40 - Second Chances 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Soren Liberty Liberty Soren Shavonne Nary Shavonne Kelley Isla Kelley Kelley Kelley
2 Audrey Nary Shavonne Nary Kelley Isla Nary Shavonne Shavonne Shavonne Shavonne Shavonne
3 Jinetta Kelley Nary Shavonne Jill Audrey Kelley Audrey Nary Nary Nary
4 Isla Audrey Kelley Isla Nary Shavonne Audrey Nary Kelley Isla
5 Sun Jai Jai Liberty Soren Jill Jill Isla Audrey
6 Jai Soren Audrey Jinetta Isla Kelley Isla Jill
7 Shavonne Isla Jill Kelley Liberty Soren Soren
8 Robin Jinetta Isla Jill Audrey Liberty
9 Kelley Jill Soren Audrey Jinetta
10 Jill Shevonne Jinetta Jai
11 Nary Sun Sun
12 Liberty Robin

Cycle 41 - Boys Vs. GirlsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Zeus Zeus Alvin Viv Jessica Hayden Jessica Hayden Jessica Jessica Jessica
2 Hayden Jessica Bridgette Hayden Hayden Zeus Zeus Morgan Hayden Morgan Morgan
3 Alvin Morgan Jessica Zeus Viv Wu Morgan Jessica Morgan Hayden
4 Ishmael Hayden Viv Alvin Wu Viv Wu Zeus Zeus
5 Wu Viv Wu Wu Zeus Morgan Hayden Wu
6 Morgan Alvin Zeus Morgan Morgan Jessica Viv
7 Bridgette Wu Hayden Jessica Alvin
8 Jessica Hadilah Morgan Bridgette
9 Hadilah Bridgette Hadilah
10 Viv Ishmael

Cycle 42 - Guys Vs. Girls 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Mariah Mariah Colton Phillippe Greg Greg Phillippe Phillippe Colton Phillippe Greg
2 Lauralee Greg Greg Maryenne Colton Alex Alex Alex Phillippe Greg Phillippe
3 Jade Colton Mariah Jade Phillippe Phillippe Colton Colton Greg Colton
4 Maryenne Maryenne Phillippe Greg Maryenne Colton Greg Greg Alex
5 Chrystina Phillippe Nick Alex Alex Mariah Mariah
6 Nick Jade Alex Mariah Mariah Maryenne
7 Greg Lauralee Jade Colton Jade
8 Colton Alex Maryenne Nick
9 Phillippe Nick Lauralee
10 Alex Chrystina

Cycle 43 - Winners Edition 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Leeanna Rory Rosemary Rosemary Rosemary Rosemary Greg Rory Greg Greg Greg
2 Rosemary Rylea Lacey Greg Greg Rory Rosemary Whitney Whitney Rory Rory
3 Rylea Rachel Jessica Rory Rory Greg Whitney Greg Rory Whitney
4 Lacey Leeanna Greg Whitney Whitney Rylea Rylea Rosemary Rosemary
5 Whitney Rosemary Rachel Rachel Rylea Whitney Rory Rylea
6 Rory Greg Rylea Jessica Rachel Rachel
7 Rachel Jessica Whitney Rylea Jessica
8 Kelley Whitney Rory Lacey
9 Jessica Lacey Leeanna
10 Greg Kelley

Cycle 44 - All StarsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Courtney Phillippe Courtney Courtney Kennedy Kennedy Niece Niece Niece Phillippe Courtney Courtney
2 Niece Shaina Adrianna Hayden Hayden Niece Hayden Phillippe Phillippe Niece Niece Niece
3 Philippe Hayden Steph Steph Phillippe Adrianna Adrianna Courtney Courtney Courtney Phillippe
4 Hayden Steph Phillippe Phillippe Adrianna Phillippe Courtney Kennedy Hayden Hayden
5 Kennedy Courtney Niece Niece Niece Steph Kennedy Hayden Kennedy
6 Adrianna Tristynn Wu Wu Steph Courtney Phillippe Adrianna
7 Steph Wu Shaina Kennedy Courtney Hayden Steph
8 Shaina Adrianna Tristynn Shaina Shaina Shaina
9 Wu Kennedy Hayden Adrianna Wu
10 Tristynn Niece Kennedy Tirstynn
11 Colton Colton Colton
12 Zeus Zeus

Cycle 45Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1234567 8910
1 Sabrina Zoe Jessica Ziggy Sabrina Ashleigh Ashleigh Jessica Adele Adele Sabrina
2 Adele Jessica Ashleigh Michelle Tiffany Jessica Sabrina Ashleigh Sabrina Sabrina Adele
3 Ashleigh Michelle Adele Tiffany Ashleigh Sabrina Jessica Adele Jessica Jessica
4 Jessica Adele Zoe Ashleigh Adele Adele Adele Sabrina Ashleigh
5 Tiffany Paula Ziggy Adele Michelle Tiffany Tiffany
6 Ziggy Ashleigh Sabrina Jessica Jessica Michelle
7 Zoe Sabrina Michelle Sabrina Ziggy
8 Paula Tiffany Tiffany Zoe
9 Michelle Ziggy Paula
10 Ruby Ruby

Cycle 46Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1234567 8910
1 Olivia Maya Amelia Natalie Natalie Stella Laela Penelope Natalie Penelope Penelope
2 Amelia Laela Rebecca Laela Rebecca Natalie Penelope Natalie Penelope Stella Stella
3 Abigail Abigail Penelope Penelope Laela Laela Maya Laela Stella Natalie
4 Rebecca Rebecca Natalie Stella Penelope Maya Natalie Stella Laela
5 Laela Stella Laela Rebecca Stella Rebecca Stella Maya
6 Natalie Amelia Jasmine Amelia Maya Penelope Rebecca
7 Penelope Natalie Maya Maya Amelia
8 Maya Jasmine Stella Jasmine
9 Stella Penelope Abigail
10 Jasmine Olivia

Cycle 47Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1234567 8910
1 Gilda Nonica Nonica Nonica Jasmine Hannah Nonica Nonica Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine
2 Jody Peyton Jasmine Ebonee Hannah Jasmine Peyton Peyton Nonica Nonica Nonica
3 Hannah Jasmine Ebonee Hannah Nonica Peyton Jasmine Hannah Hannah Hannah
4 Elise Gilda Jody Ramone Ramone Gilda Hannah Jasmine Peyton
5 Peyton Halle Peyton Jasmine Peyton Nonica Gilda
6 Nonica Hannah Gilda Gilda Gilda Ramone
7 Halle Ebonee Ramone Peyton Ebonee
8 Jasmine Ramone Hannah Jody
9 Ramone Jody Halle
10 Ebonee Elise

Cycle 48Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Fox Amelie Yana Francine Francine Yana Yana Blair Yana Francine Francine
2 Amelie Yana Francine Wynonna Wynonna Cassandra Francine Yana Wynonna Yana Yana
3 Mags Mags Cassandra Yana Cassandra Wynonna Wynonna Francine Francine Wynonna
4 Jaida Laura Fox Mags Yana Blair Cassandra Wynonna Blair
5 Blair Fox Amelie Blair Blair Mags Blair Cassandra
6 Yana Francine Mags Amelie Mags Francine Mags
7 Cassandra Cassandra Wynonna Cassandra Amellie
8  Laura Wynonna Blair Fox
9 Wynonna Blair Laura
10 Francine Jaida

Cycle 49Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1234567 8910
1 Winny Rosie Tanya Christie Tanya Monique Kourtney Tanya Christie Kourtney Christie
2 Sima Monique Kourtney Tanya Christie Christie Lauren Kourtney Kourtney Christie Kourtney
3 Tanya Tamar Rosie Lauren Monique Lauren Tanya Christie Tanya Tanya
4 Lauren Christie Christie Monique Lauren Winny Monique Lauren Lauren
5 Rosie Lauren Winny Winny Kourtney Kourtney Christie Monique
6 Monique Tanya Tamar Rosie Winny Tanya Winny
7 Christie Kourtney Lauren Kourtney Rosie
8 Kourtney Sima Monique Tamar
9 Jojean Jojean Sima
10 Tamar Winny

Cycle 50 - Golden AnniversaryEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Moe Divad Kimberly Moe Kimberly Braxton Kimberly Braxton Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly
2 Kimberly Braxton Moe Kimberly Greg Greg Greg Kimberly Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca
3 Vanessa Lisa Greg Yvette Moe Kimberly Braxton Rebecca Greg Greg
4 Yvette Kimberly Braxton Braxton Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Greg Braxton
5 Lisa Greg Divad Divad Braxton Moe Moe
6 Natalie Rebecca Vanessa Greg Divad Divad
7 Divad Vanessa Yvette Rebecca Yvette
8 Rebecca Yvette Rebecca Vanessa
9 Braxton Moe Lisa
10 Greg Natalie

Cycle 51Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1234567 8910
1 Safira Aimee Lenee Amanda Aimee Lenee Alexis Ann Aimee Alexis Ann
2 Amanda Jojean Amanda Brittany Amanda Alexis Amanda Amanda Ann Ann Alexis
3 Jojean Ann Ann Lenee Ann Aimee Aimee Aimee Alexis Aimee
4 Brittany Lenee Aimee Alexis Alexis Amanda Ann Alexis Amanda
5 Lenee Cristabel Brittany Aimee Lenee Ann Lenee
6 Cristabel Amanda Safira Ann Safira Safira
7 Ann Safira Alexis Safira Brittany
8 Aimee Alexis Cristabel Cristabel
9 Alexis Brittany Jojean
10 Caroline Caroline

Cycle 52Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jordin Annemarie Annemarie Athena Kiko Annemarie Kiko Kiko Annemarie Annemarie
2 Drina Sierra Sierra Celina Jordin Celina Athena Annemarie Kiko Kiko
3 Kiko Kiko Athena Sierra Annemarie Athena Annemarie Athena Athena
4 Hanna Hanna Celina Kiko Sierra Kiko Celina Celina
5 Sierra Jordin Kiko Jordin Celina Sierra Sierra
6 Celina Athena Hanna Hanna Athena Jordin
7 Jesinta Celina Jordin Annemarie Hanna
8 Athena Jesinta Jesinta
9 Annemarie Drina

Cycle 53Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Danielle Danielle Martaine Danielle Katarina Martaine Martaine Martaine Joyce Joyce
2 Katarina Martaine Danielle Francesca Francesca Laura Francesca Francesca Francesca Francesca
3 Joyce Katarina Francesca Martaine Laura Katarina Danielle Joyce Martaine
4 Velma Joyce Velma Katarina Joyce Danielle Joyce Danielle
5 Shira Velma Laura Laura Danielle Joyce Laura
6 Martaine Laura Katarina Joyce Martaine Francesca Katarina
7 Louise Shira Joyce Velma
8 Francesca Francesca Shira
9 Laura Louise

Cycle 54 All Stars 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Adele Martaine Adele Danielle Danielle Amanda Amanda Danielle Danielle Wynonna Wynonna
2 Natalie Adele Amanda Tanya Amanda Danielle Tanya Wynonna Wynonna Amanda Amanda
3 Maya Aimee Tanya Amanda Martaine Wynonna Danielle Amanda Amanda Danielle
4 Peyton Tanya Peyton Wynonna Wynonna Tanya Wynonna Tanya
5 Cassandra Danielle Danielle Martaine Adele Martaine Martaine
6 Wynonna Amanda Wynonna Adele Tanya Adele
7 Tanya Peyton Martaine Maya Maya
8 Amanda Ashleigh Maya Peyton
9 Aimee Wynonna Ashleigh
10 Athena Maya Aimee
11 Martaine Athena
12 Ashleigh Cassandra
13 Danielle Natalie


Cycle 55Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Brooke Lindsay Jina Lindsay Bernadette Orianne Jina Orianne Orianne Orianne Orianne
2 Diana Diana Lindsay Orianne Dawn Jina Sherri Sherri Sherri Sherri Sherri
3 Karen Jina Bette Diana Jina Dawn Orianne Bernadette Jina Jina
4 Lindsay Bernadette Sherri Bernadette Orianne Bernadette Dawn Jina Bernadette
5 Orianne Dawn Karen Dawn Diana Diana Bernadette Dawn
6 Bette Bette Orianne Jina Sherri Sherri Diana
7 Dawn Karen Dawn Sherri Lindsay Lindsay
8 Sherri Sherri Diana Bette
9 Bernadette Brooke Bernadette Karen
10 Jina Orianne Brooke
11 Ronette Ronette

Cycle 56Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Amber Shylicia Amber Amber Jaime Shylicia Jaime Nicole Nicole
2 Shylicia Amber Arielle Shylicia Nicole Jaime Nicole Jaime Jaime
3 Nicole Jaime Ashlyn Jaime Ashlyn Amber Amber Amber
4 Sylvia Nicole Sylvia Arielle Shylicia Nicole Shylicia
5 Ashlyn Sylvia Jaime Nicole Amber Ashlyn
6 Jaime Ashlyn Nicole Ashlyn Arielle
7 Becky Rosalie Shylicia Sylvia
8 Rosalie Arielle Rosalie
9 Arielle Becky

Cycle 57Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Glennadine Glennadine Margaret Ivy Margaret Jessica Haly Haly Haly
2 Haly Jessica Andrea Margaret Alexandria Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea
3 Ivy Margaret Alexandria Jessica Haly Margaret Margaret Margaret
4 Jessica Andrea Ivy Andrea Andrea Haly Jessica
5 Andrea Sandrine Jessica Alexandria Jessica Alexandria
6 Margaret Haly Haly Haly Ivy
7 Sandrine Alexandria Glennadine Glennadine
8 Alexandria Ivy Sandrine
9 Kayle Kayle

Cycle 58 - Winners Edition 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Courtney Kimberly Courtney Annemarie Orianne Kimberly Kimberly Orianne Wynonna Ann Annemarie Annemarie
2 Sabrina Annemarie Christie Wynonna Annemarie Jasmine Ann Wynonna Annemarie Orianne Orianne Orianne
3 Penelope Christie Wynonna Haly Christie Orianne Jasmine Jasmine Ann Annemarie Ann
4 Jasmine Orianne Francine Ann Ann Courtney Annemarie Ann Orianne Wynonna
5 Francine Francine Annemarie Kimberly Kimberly Annemarie Wynonna Kimberly Jasmine
6 Christie Wynonna Jasmine Orianne Wynonna Ann Orianne Annemarie Kimberly
7 Kimberly Jasmine Ann Christie Jasmine Wynonna Courtney
8 Ann Penelope Kimberly Courtney Courtney Christie
9 Annemarie Haly Orianne Jasmine Haly
10 Joyce Sabrina Haly Francine
11 Wynonna Ann Penelope
12 Orianne Courtney Sabrina
13 Nicole Joyce
14 Haly Nicole

Cycle 59Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Karly Charee Chelsea Socha Stephanie Socha Stephanie Stephanie Mikaela Mikaelah
2 Mary Ann Charmaine Socha Mikaelah Socha Mikaelah Chelsea Charmaine Socha Socha
3 Charee Brielle Stephanie Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Socha Mikaelah Charmaine
4 Brielle Stephanie Mikaelah Stephanie Charee Charee Charmaine Socha Stephanie
5 Chelsea Chelsea Charmaine Brielle Mikaelah Charmaine Mikaelah Chelsea
6 Stephanie Mary Ann Brielle Charee Charmaine Stephanie Charee
7 Socha Socha Charee Charmaine Brielle
8 Mikaelah Karly Mary Ann Mary Ann
9 Charmaine Mikaelah Karly
10 Natasha Natasha

Cycle 60 - Second Chances 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alex Winny Hannah Winny Sierra Francesca Hannah Hannah Laela Sierra Sierra
2 Ziggy Hannah Sierra Safira Winny Hannah Winny Mags Hannah Winny Winny
3 Tiffany Laela Winny Sierra Hannah Yana Laela Laela Winny Laela Laela
4 Stella Safira Stella Mags Laela Stella Sierra Sierra Sierra Hannah
5 Laela Yana Mags Laela Mags Laela Mags Francesca Francesca
6 Hannah Stella Francesca Hannah Stella Winny Francesca Winny Mags
7 Safira Tiffany Laela Yana Yana Mags Yana
8 Winny Francesca Yana Francesca Francesca Sierra Stella
9 Sierra Sierra Tiffany Stella Safira
10 Mags Mags Safira Tiffany
11 Yana Ziggy Ziggy
12 Francesca Alex

Cycle 61 - UnderdogsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Blair CeCe Ziggy Meaghan Bonita Bonita Meaghan Meaghan Bonita Safira Michele
2 Ivy JoJo JoJo Jess Michele Michele CeCe Bonita Michele Michele Safira
3 Ziggy Keesha Safira Michele Jess Jess Bonita Safira Safira Bonita
4 Keesha Ivy Bonita Safira CeCe CeCe Safira Michele Meaghan
5 Meaghan Jess CeCe Ziggy Safira Safira Michele Jess
6 Safira Bonita Keesha Bonita Meaghan Meaghan Jess CeCe
7 Bonita Ziggy Michele Keesha Ziggy Ziggy
8 Michele Meaghan Meaghan CeCe Keesha
9 Jess Safira Jess JoJo
10 CeCe Michele Ivy
11 JoJo Blair

Cycle 62Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tatianna Katherine Cassilda Katherine Katherine Ashli Cassilda Katherine Holly Katherine
2 Julie Cassilda Holly Holly Ashli Erin Holly Teresa Katherine Holly
3 Erin Holly Julie Ashli Holly Cassilda Teresa Ashli Teresa
4 Mallory Ashli Katherine Julie Cassilda Teresa Ashli Holly Ashli
5 Cassilda Mallory Ashli Cassilda Teresa Katherine Katherine Cassilda
6 Holly Erin Teresa Teresa Erin Holly Erin
7 Katherine Teresa Mallory Erin Julie
8 Ashli Rebecca Erin Mallory
9 Rebecca Julie Rebecca
10 Teresa Tatianna

Cycle 63Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Victoria Ellenore Alanna Svetlanna Monica Monica Alanna Jennie Ellenore Marissa Marissa Jennie
2 Tori Svetlanna Monica Monica Jennie Svetlanna Jennie Monica Alanna Jennie Jennie Marissa
3 Jessica Avari Jennie Jennie Alanna April Marissa Marissa Jennie Ellenore Ellenore
4 Michelle Jennie Marissa Ellenore Avari Jennie April Alanna Marissa Svetlanna
5 Alanna April April April Ellenore Alanna Ellenore Ellenore Svetlanna Alanna
6 Avari Michelle Ellenore Marissa Svetlanna Marissa Svetlanna Svetlanna Monica
7 Ellenore Tori Svetlanna Avari April Ellenore Monica April
8 Jennie Marissa Avari Michelle Marissa Avari
9 Marissa Monica Tori Alanna Michelle
10 April Victoria Michelle Tori
11 Svetlanna Alanna Victoria
12 Monica Jessica

Cycle 64Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Trisha Ami O. Carolina Candace Ami O. Ami O. Daphnie Diane Diane Diane Ami O. Ami O.
2 Jillian Diane Petra Laura Diane Laura Ami O. Amy R. Amy R. Candace Candace Candace
3 Amber Laura Ami O. Ami O. Candace Candace Laura Laura Ami O. Amy R. Diane Diane
4 Carolina Petra Amy R. Daphnie Emerald Amy R. Diane Candace Candace Ami O. Amy R.
5 Petra Amy R. Emerald Amy R. Amy R. Emerald Amy R. Ami O. Laura
6 Daphnie Candace Daphnie Emerald Laura Daphnie Candace Daphnie
7 Emerald Emerald Laura Petra Daphnie Diane Emerald
8 Ami O. Daphnie Diane Diane Carolina Carolina
9 Diane Carolina Amber Carolina Petra
10 Candace Amber Candace Amber
11 Laura Jillian Jillian
12 Amy R. Trisha

Cycle 65Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Whitney Cassandra Rachelle Cassandra Cristina Kim Cassandra Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna
2 Claudia Kim Lilianna Samantha Rachelle Jenna Samantha Rachelle Rachelle Rachelle Rachelle
3 Danielle Lilianna Jenna Kim Kim Rachelle Jenna Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
4 Samantha Jenna Claudia Jenna Samantha Samantha Kim Samantha Samantha
5 Cassandra Cristina Whitney Rachelle Cassandra Cristina Rachelle Kim
6 Jenna Maddy Cassandra Cristina Lilianna Cassandra Cristina
7 Lilianna Rachelle Samantha Lilianna Jenna Lilianna
8 Cristina Samantha Kim Claudia Claudia
9 Maddy Whitney Cristina Whitney
10 Rachelle Claudia Maddy
11 Kim Danielle

Cycle 66 - All Stars 6Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ashli Ami Socha Jennie Ami Jennie Alanna Socha Socha Alanna Socha Ami
2 Shylicia Candace Charee Ami Candace Margaret Charee Ami Margaret Ami Ami Socha
3 Andrea Socha Ami Haly Alanna Socha Socha Margaret Alanna Socha Alanna
4 Haly Charee Margaret Candace Socha Charee Candace Jennie Ami Margaret
5 Socha Margaret Alanna Charee Charee Alanna Margaret Candace Candace
6 Katherine Katherine Candace Socha Haly Ami Jennie Alanna Jennie
7 Margaret Jennie Jennie Alanna Jennie Candace Ami Charee
8 Jennie Haly Shylicia Katherine Margaret Haly
9 Ami Andrea Haly Margaret Katherine
10 Candace Alanna Katherine Shylicia
11 Alanna Shylicia Andrea
12 Charee Ashli

Cycle 67Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kleo Jameka Miranda Miranda Magdalena Magdalena Jameka Shannon Shannon Jameka
2 Melissa Maci Magdalena Maci Virginia Maci Virigina Jameka Jameka Shannon
3 Lisse Shannon Jameka Jameka Shannon Jameka Magdalena Magdalena Magdalena
4 Jameka Magdalena Viriginia Magdalena Maci Shannon Shannon Virginia
5 Miranda Miranda Maci Shannon Miranda Virginia Maci
6 Magdalena Lisse Shannon Virginia Jameka Miranda
7 Virginia Melissa Lisse Lisse
8 Shannon Virginia Melissa
9 Maci Kleo

Cycle 68Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jennalee Gabriela Nala Alexis Martina Alexis Nala Courtney Courtney
2 Kristin Courtney Alexis Kristin Gabriela Martina Martina Nala Nala
3 Tasia Martina Kristin Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Martina
4 Alexis Jennalee Gabriela Gabriela Nala Nala Alexis
5 Martina Nala Martina Nala Alexis Gabriela
6 Nala Alexis Courtney Martina Kristin
7 Gabriela Kristin Jennalee Jennalee
8 Courtney Tanner Tanner
9 Tanner Tasia

Cycle 69Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Paisley Natalie Leona Lianne Rachel Angelina Angelina Natalie Angelina Kymberli Kymberli Natalie
2 Cassidy Sarah Rachel Kymberli Rebeckah Heather Natalie Sarah Natalie Rebeckah Natalie Kymberli
3 Fantasia Angelina Fantasia Heather Angelina Kymberli Kymberli Kymberli Rebeckah Natalie Rebeckah
4 Lianne Lianne Sarah Rachel Heather Natalie Rachel Rebeckah Kymberli Angelina
5 Sarah Kymberli Rebeckah Rebeckah Natalie Rachel Sarah Angelina Sarah
6 Leona Fantasia Heather Natalie Sarah Rebeckah Rebeckah Rachel
7 Rebeckah Rachel Lianne Sarah Lianne Sarah Heather
8 Rachel Rebeckah Natalie Fantasia Kymberli Lianne
9 Angelina Heather Angelina Angelina Fantasia
10 Natalie Cassidy Kymberli Leona
11 Kymberli Leona Cassidy
12 Heather Paisley

Cycle 70 - Winners Edition 6Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Mikaelah Jameka Jenna Jennie Ami Natalie Jameka Jennie Courtney Jennie Jennie
2 Sierra Courtney Ami Natalie Jenna Courtney Courtney Courtney Jennie Jameka Jameka
3 Michele Jennie Mikaelah Ami Natalie Jameka Jenna Natalie Jameka Courtney
4 Katherine Natalie Natalie Jameka Courtney Jennie Jennie Jameka Natalie
5 Jennie Jenna Katherine Jenna Jameka Jenna Natalie Jenna
6 Ami Ami Jennie Courtney Jennie Ami Ami
7 Jenna Katherine Jameka Katherine Katherine
8 Jameka Michele Courtney Mikaelah
9 Courtney Mikaelah Michele
10 Natalie Sierra

Cycle 71Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Julienne Adrianne Liza Adrianne Terri Paige Christine Paige Mary Mary Christine Mary
2 Emily Christine Julienne Christine Liza Lorraine Lorraine Adrianne Paige Terri Mary Christine
3 Chanel Terri Terri Lorraine Mary Terri Paige Mary Christine Christine Terri
4 Brittany Mary Mary Terri Lorraine Christine Adrianne Terri Terri Paige
5 Paige Lorraine Christine Liza Christine Mary Terri Christine Adrianne
6 Adrianne Paige Lorraine Mary Adrianne Adrianne Mary Lorraine
7 Liza Julienne Adrianne Paige Paige Liza Liza
8 Mary Liza Paige Chanel Chanel
9 Terri Brittany Chanel Julienne
10 Lorraine Chanel Brittany
11 Christine Emily

Cycle 72Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sinead Corynne Jennifer Ciara Kara Josephine Ciara Daniele Josephine Josephine Jennifer Josephine
2 Tara Josephine Ciara Daniele Josephine Kara Marni Josephine Kara Jennifer Josephine Jennifer
3 Corynne Manri Marni Kara Daniele Ciara Kara Jennifer Jennifer Kara Kara
4 Drew Jacquelin Kara Drew Ciara Manri Josephine Marni Marni Marni
5 Daniele Kara Sinead Marni Marni Jennifer Jennifer Kara Daniele
6 Jennifer Jennifer Josephine Jennifer Jennifer Daniele Daniele Ciara
7 Ciara Ciara Jacquelin Corynne Drew Corynne Corynne
8 Josephine Sinead Drew Sinead Corynne Drew
9 Kara Daniele Daniele Josephine Sinead
10 Jacquelin Drew Corynne Jacquelin
11 Marni Tara

Cycle 73Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Vivian Jules Caroline Tiena Caroline Misty Jules Misty Misty Misty
2 Hannah Caroline Jules Krista Jules Caroline Caroline Caroline Caroline Caroline
3 Nicole Misty Misty Misty Misty Tiena Misty Jules Jules
4 Chloe Tiena Krista Jules Tiena Jules Tiena
5 Jules Chloe Tiena Caroline Krista Krista
6 Caroline Hannah Hannah Chloe Chloe
7 Misty Nicole Chloe Hannah
8 Tiena Krista Nicole
9 Krista Vivian

Cycle 74Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Karen Selena Selena Rebecca Jayne Jayne Camille Rebecca Rebecca
2 Marylisa Camille Camille Kendal Rebecca Selena Jayne Camille Camille
3 Kendal Kendal Mia Jayne Camille Rebecca Rebecca Jayne
4 Maura Jayne Maura Maura Kendal Camille Selena
5 Selena Mia Jayne Selena Selena Kendal
6 Rebecca Marylisa Rebecca Camille Maura
7 Camille Rebecca Kendal Mia
8 Mia Maura Marylisa
9 Jayne Karen

Cycle 75Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kristy Fernanda Kelly Kelly Thyara Reaghan Thyara Fernanda Kelly Thyara Reaghan Kelly
2 Maria Ashley Taryn Reaghan Kelly Fernanda Reaghan Reaghan Thyara Kelly Kelly Reaghan
3 Mikayla Kristy Thyara Fernanda Ashley Kristy Taryn Kelly Reaghan Reaghan Thyara
4 Fernanda Taryn Tannis Ashley Fernanda Kelly Fernanda Thyara Fernanda Fernanda
5 Reaghan Thyara Reaghan Thyara Taryn Taryn Kelly Taryn
6 Kelly Kelly Ashley Kristy Reaghan Thyara Kristy
7 Taryn Mikayla Fernanda Mikayla Kristy Ashley
8 Thyara Maria Mikayla Taryn Mikayla
9 Dorothie Tannis Kristy Tannis
10 Ashley Reaghan Maria
11 Tannis Dorothie

Cycle 76Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sherry Susie Sherry Taymoore Lori Taymoore Naomi Naomi Lori Lori Lori Brianna Lori
2 Leah Naomi Naomi Susie Brianna Brianna Lori Susie Brianna Brianna Brianne Lori Brianna
3 Rachael Taymoore Brianna Brianna Taymoore Naomi Ciera Lori Naomi Taymoore Naomi Naomi
4 Jephanne Sara Taymoore Sara Ciera Lori Brianna Ciera Ciera Naomi Taymoore
5 Ciera Brianna Lori Lori Naomi Kelsie Susie Taymoore Taymoore Ciera
6 Kelsie Kelsie Sara Ciera Kelsie Ciera Taymoore Brianna Susie
7 Susie Rachael Ciera Naomi Susie Susie Kelsie
8 Sara Sherry Susie Kelsie Sara Sara
9 Naomi Ciera Kelsie Sherry Sherry
10 Taymoore Lori Rachael Rachael
11 Brianna Jephanne Jephanne
12 Lori Leah

Cycle 77 All Stars 7Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Virginia Thyara Marni Krista Camille Marni Ciara Thyara Ciara Angelina Thyara Marni
2 Reaghan Krista Ciara Jameka Krista Thyara Marni Marni Thyara Thyara Marni Thyara
3 Jameka Naomi Thyara Marni Angelina Ciara Jameka Angelina Angelina Marni Angelina
4 Martina Mary Virginia Virginia Naomi Krista Camille Jameka Marni Ciara Ciara
5 Angelina Natalie Camille Martina Ciara Angelina Krista Ciara Krista
6 Natalie Jameka Martina Naomi Thyara Jameka Thyara Krista Jameka
7 Mary Angelina Mary Camille Marni Virginia Angelina Camille
8 Paige Camille Naomi Mary Virginia Camille Virginia
9 Thyara Martina Krista Thyara Jameka Naomi
10 Ciara Reaghan Natalie Angelina Mary
11 Marni Marni Angelina Ciara Martina
12 Krista Ciara Jameka Natalie
13 Naomi Virginia Reaghan
14 Camille Paige

Cycle 78Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sarah Julianna Tessa Aditi Brittanie Aditi Tallah Aditi Brittanie Tallah Aditi Aditi
2 Ruth Tessa Julianna Brittanie Tallah Julianna Brittanie Julianna Julianna Aditi Tallah Tallah
3 Evangeline Tallah Sarah Tessa Ruth Brittanie Aditi Tallah Tessa Julianna Julianna
4 Casey Aditi Tallah Julianna Aditi Tallah Julianna Tessa Aditi Brittanie
5 Brittanie Evangeline Ruth Sarah Sarah Tessa Tessa Brittanie Tallah Tessa
6 Tessa Fran Aditi Evangeline Evangeline Evangeline Evangeline Evangeline
7 Julianna Jacqueline Evangeline Tallah Tessa Ruth Ruth
8 Aditi Ruth Brittanie Ruth Julianna Sarah
9 Jacqueline Sarah Jacqueline Jacqueline
10 Fran Brittanie Fran
11 Tallah Casey

Cycle 79Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Itsy Perstefanie Laurelai Laurelai Rhi Perstefanie Laurelai Rhi Perstefanie Perstefanie
2 Aria Kimone Kimone Perstefanie Laurelai Rhi Gail Gail Gail Gail
3 Kimone Rhi Rhi Giana Perstefanie Gail Perstefanie Perstefanie Rhi
4 Tara Megan Gail Kimone Giana Giana Rhi Laurelai
5 Megan Gail Aria Tara Gail Laurelai Giana
6 Laurelai Giana Giana Gail Kimone Kimone
7 Perstefanie Tara Tara Rhi Tara
8 Giana Laurelai Perstefanie Aria
9 Gail Aria Megan
10 Rhi Itsy

Cycle 80 - Second Chances 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ashli Kara Kara Terri Terri Shannon Kelly Tiena Terri Shannon Shannon Shannon
2 Holly Tiena Rachelle Tiena Selena Tiena Selena Shannon Kara Kara Kara Kara
3 Svetlanna Svetlanna Terri Svetlanna Rachelle Selena Kara Kelly Shannon Tiena Tiena
4 Ciera Shannon Ciera Shannon Kara Kara Tiena Terri Tiena Terri
5 Rachelle Terri Kelly Selena Shannon Kelly Shannon Kara Kelly
6 Shannon Rachelle Ashli Ciera Tiena Svetlanna Terri Selena
7 Terri Kelly Svetlanna Kelly Kelly Terri Svetlanna
8 Kara Jules Selena Kara Svetlanna Rachelle
9 Jules Selena Shannon Rachelle Ciera
10 Tiena Ciera Tiena Ashli
11 Selena Ashli Jules
12 Kelly Holly

Cycle 81 - Winners Edition 7Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Mary Marni Kelly Perstefanie Kelly Perstefanie Lori Kelly Lori Lori
2 Josephine Lori Misty Misty Shannon Lori Kelly Lori Kelly Kelly
3 Misty Kelly Lori Kelly Misty Misty Shannon Misty Misty
4 Rebecca Mary Shannon Lori Perstefanie Kelly Misty Shannon
5 Kelly Perstefanie Marni Aditi Lori Shannon Perstefanie
6 Lori Josephine Aditi Marni Marni Marni
7 Marni Shannon Josephine Shannon Aditi
8 Aditi Misty Perstefanie Josephine
9 Perstefanie Aditi Mary
10 Shannon Rebecca

Cycle 82Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Christina Steffie Christina Jacky Steffie Christina Sarita Sarita Christina
2 Bethany Sarita Jacky Bethany Jacky Sarita Steffie Christina Sarita
3 Nora Christina Steffie Angela Sarita Steffie Christina Steffie
4 Nichole Angela Katurah Christina Angela Jacky Jacky
5 Sarita Bethany Angela Sarita Christina Angela
6 Steffie Katurah Sarita Steffie Bethany
7 Angela Jacky Bethany Katurah
8 Katurah Nichole Nichole
9 Jacky Nora

Cycle 83Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Chanel Jennifer Victoria Victoria Catherine Rachel Rachel Rebecca Taylor Mandi Rachel Taylor
2 Rachel Victoria Mandi Taylor Charlotte Mandi Taylor Taylor Mandi Taylor Taylor Rachel
3 Victoria Cameron Charlotte Rebecca Rachel Charlotte Charlotte Rachel Rebecca Rachel Mandi
4 Jennifer Catherine Taylor Catherine Mandi Rebecca Catherine Charlotte Rachel Rebecca
5 Mandi Charlotte Jennifer Mandi Rebecca Victoria Rebecca Mandi Charlotte
6 Catherine Sharlie Sharlie Cameron Taylor Catherine Mandi Catherine
7 Brittani Elisabetta Rachel Sharlie Jennifer Taylor Victoria
8 Taylor Chanel Cameron Charlotte Victoria Jennifer
9 Cameron Rachel Catherine Jennifer Sharlie
10 Rebecca Mandi Rebecca Rachel Cameron
11 Charlotte Rebecca Elisabetta Elisabetta
12 Elisabetta Taylor Chanel
13 Sharlie Brittani

Cycle 84Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jenn Ari Jaclyn Jenn Marijana Jaclyn Alice Alice Alice Alice Jaclyn Alice
2 Raylene Alice Elena Alice Danielle Ari Marijana Taja Ari Marijana Alice Jaclyn
3 Noni Elena Taja Ari Alice Sofi Jaclyn Marijana Jaclyn Jaclyn Marijana
4 Carlotta Jaclyn Ari Jaclyn Sofi Marijana Taja Jaclyn Marijana Ari
5 Danielle Jenn Jenn Sofi Jenn Taja Sofi Ari Taja
6 Alice Danielle Danielle Elena Taja Alice Ari Sofi
7 Ari Jamie Jamie Taja Ari Jenn Jenn
8 Jaclyn Taja Marijana Danielle Jaclyn Danielle
9 Elena Sofi Sofi Marijana Elena
10 Taja Raylene Alice Jamie
11 Sofi Marijana Raylene
12 Marijana Noni Noni
13 Jamie Carlotta

Cycle 85Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Eryn Margo Margo Marina Sheena Thalia Thalia Sheena Sheena Sheena Sheena Sheena
2 Korinna Alyssa Carol Kayla Cassi Margo Sheena Thalia Marina Thalia Thalia Thalia
3 Hazel Hazel Marina Thalia Thalia Carol Carol Marina Cassi Cassi Cassi
4 Spruce Thalia Sinead Carol Marina Sheena Cassi Cassi Thalia Marina
5 Carol Sheena Sheena Cassi Carol Cassi Margo Carol Carol
6 Sinead Eryn Kayla Sheena Alyssa Alyssa Marina Margo
7 Margo Cassi Thalia Sinead Sinead Marina Alyssa
8 Alyssa Kayla Alyssa Alyssa Margo Sinead
9 Kayla Sinead Cassi Margo Kayla
10 Marina Marina Hazel Hazel
11 Cassi Korinna Eryn Eryn
12 Thalia Carol Korinna
13 Sheena Spruce

Cycle 86Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alinka Alexandra Lenora Lenora Jil Kira Lenora Jami Kira Kira
2 Georgia Kerri Jami Jami Kira Alexandra Jami Kira Jami Jami
3 Kerri Lenora Alexandra Jil Jami Lenora Kira Lenora Lenora
4 Lenora Jami Jil Alexandra Lenora Jami Alexandra Alexandra
5 Jami Kira Baylee Kerri Alexandra Jil Jil
6 Jil Jil Kira Kira Kerri
7 Alexandra Baylee Kerri Baylee
8 Kira Alinka Alinka
9 Baylee Georgia

Cycle 87 - Guys vs. Girls 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Perri Amber Chrystal Chrystal Roofus Clark Constance Chrystal Clark Amber Clark Chrystal
2 Fiji Chrystal Alexandre Roofus Clark Amber Chrystal Clark Roofus Clark Chrystal Clark
3 Amber Fiji Paige Clark Ryan Sam Amber Amber Chrystal Chrystal Amber
4 Paige Constance Sam Constance Sam Constance Clark Roofus Amber Roofus
5 Constance Alexandre Ryan Paige Alexandre Roofus Roofus Constance Constance
6 Chrystal Ryan Amber Sam Chrystal Ryan Sam Sam
7 Sam Sam Constance Ryan Constance Chrystal Ryan
8 Ryan Paige Fiji Alexandre Amber Alexandre
9 Alexandre Roofus Clark Amber Paige
10 Roofus Clark Roofus Fiji
11 Clark Gino Gino
12 Gino Perri

Cycle 88 - All Stars 8Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tallah Christina Christina Mandi Tallah Rhi Rachel Clark Clark Rachel Clark Clark
2 Brittanie Roofus Clark Christina Rachel Roofus Roofus Rachel Roofus Mandi Rachel Rachel
3 Rhi Clark Mandi Rachel Mandi Christina Clark Mandi Mandi Clark Mandi
4 Jami Rachel Jami Thalia Rhi Tallah Mandi Christina Rachel Roofus
5 Clark Mandi Rhi Roofus Clark Clark Christina Roofus Christina
6 Christina Jaclyn Tallah Tallah Roofus Mandi Tallah Tallah
7 Mandi Jami Thalia Clark Thalia Rachel Rhi
8 Rachel Rhi Brittanie Jami Christina Thalia
9 Jaclyn Brittanie Rachel Rhi Jami
10 Ari Tallah Roofus Brittanie
11 Thalia Thalia Jaclyn
12 Roofus Chrystal
13 Chrystal Ari

Cycle 89Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Justice Jessica Justice Chloe Allyson Jasmina Chloe Allyson Allyson
2 Chloe Jasmina Jasmina Sadi Chloe Allyson Jessica Chloe Chloe
3 Allyson Justice Chloe Jessica Jessica Jessica Allyson Jessica
4 Laura Sadi Kyle Jasmina Jasmina Chloe Jasmina
5 Kyle Chloe Allyson Allyson Justice Justice
6 Jasmina Allyson Jessica Justice Sadi
7 Jessica Dalia Sadi Kyle
8 Sadi Kyle Dalia
9 Dalia Laura

Cycle 90Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ashlee Becky Amberly Tiara Tiara Brandy Lauriann Filomena Filomena Tatianna Filomena
2 Nicole Tatianna Lauriann Amberly Roxi Lauriann Tatianna Brandy Tatianna Filomena Tatianna
3 Becky Amberly Tiara Nicole Brandy Filomena Tiara Tatianna Tiara Tiara
4 Roxi Brandy Filomena Tatianna Filomena Tatianna Filomena Tiara Brandy
5 Amberly Roxi Lizzy Filomena Nicole Nicole Brandy Lauriann
6 Tiara Lizzy Brandy Roxi Tatianna Tiara Nicole
7 Filomena Lauriann Roxi Becky Lauriann Amberly
8 Sabine Filomena Tatianna Lauriann Amberly Roxi
9 Lauriann Ashlee Becky Brandy Becky
10 Lizzy Tiara Nicole Lizzy
11 Brandy Nicole Ashlee
12 Tatianna Sabine

Cycle 91Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kassy Rudy Rudy Katia Katia Katia Rudy Katia Katia
2 Annika Christine Katia Paulina Rudy Armani Christine Rudy Rudy
3 Merry Katia Annika Rudy Paulina Christine Katia Christine
4 Paulina Armani Christine Armani Armani Rudy Armani
5 Nelly Nelly Kassy Christine Christine Paulina
6 Katia Paulina Paulina Annika Annika
7 Rudy Kassy Armani Kassy
8 Armani Annika Nelly
9 Christine Merry

Cycle 92Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tamera Ashanti Cora Lauren Lauren Cora Cora Cora Ashanti
2 Danyelle Stephanie Ashanti Cora Cora Ashanti Ashanti Ashanti Cora
3 Cat Cora Cat Cat Ashanti Cat Lauren Lauren
4 Lauren Britney Stephanie Tamera Stephanie Lauren Cat
5 Priya Tamera Lauren Stephanie Cat Stephanie
6 Ashanti Cat Priya Ashanti Tamera
7 Stephanie Priya Tamera Priya
8 Britney Lauren Britney
9 Cora Danyelle

Cycle 93Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Corynne B. Corynne B. Alexandrea Nicolette Corinne K. Alexandrea Courtenay Alexandrea Kellyann Kellyann
2 Corinne K. Corinne K. Nicolette Selina Karmin Kellyann Kellyann Kellyann Alexandrea Alexandrea
3 Kellyann Courtenay Kellyann Karmin Kellyann Karmin Alexandrea Karmin Karmin
4 Laurna Alexandrea Shara Corinne K. Nicolette Corinne K. Karmin Courtenay
5 Selina Karmin Courtenay Kellyann Courtenay Courtenay Corinne K.
6 Alexandrea Selina Selina Alexandrea Alexandrea Nicolette
7 Nicolette Shara Karmin Courtenay Selina
8 Shara Nicolette Corinne K. Shara
9 Karmin Kellyann Corynne B.
10 Courtenay Laurna

Cycle 94Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Winter Martha Ashley Kinga Kinga Kinga Susannah Martha Kinga
2 Ashley Kinga Kinga Sarah Susannah Martha Kinga Kinga Martha
3 Sarah Winter Winter Martha Martha Susannah Martha Susannah
4 Kelli Karole Martha Susannah Winter Winter Winter
5 Martha Susannah Sarah Kelli Sarah Sarah
6 Daizy Sarah Susannah Winter Kelli
7 Susannah Ashley Kelli Ashley
8 Karole Kelli Karole
9 Kinga Daizy

Cycle 95Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Leigh Krissilyn Cristin Nani Cristin Sierrah Nani Nani Cristin Krissilyn Nani Krissilyn
2 Taryn Sierrah Krissilyn Lira Krissilyn Nani Kendra Krissilyn Nani Nani Krissilyn Nani
3 Kendra Lira Emily Libby Nani Krissilyn Krissilyn Cristin Emily Cristin Cristin
4 Sierrah Nani Charity Emily Emily Emily Emily Kendra Krissilyn Emily
5 Madeleine Kendra Lira Kendra Kendra Kendra Cristin Emily Kendra
6 Cristin Madeleine Kendra Madeleine Sierrah Madeleine Sierrah Sierra
7 Charity Emily Libby Sierrah Lira Cristin Madeleine
8 Krissilyn Libby Madeleine Krissilyn Madeleine Lira
9 Lira Charity Nani Cristin Libby
10 Nani Leigh Sierrah Charity
11 Libby Cristin Leigh
12 Emily Taryn

Cycle 96Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Bre Bianca Krystian Bianca Krystian Krystian Bianca Bianca Sonora Shelby Bianca
2 Bianca Shelby Sonora Chrissy Shelby Bianca Shelby Sonora Shelby Bianca Shelby
3 Ryann Darrah Bre Shelby Sonora Shelby Krystian Krystian Bianca Sonora
4 Chrissy Ryann Chrissy Bre Chrissy Sonora Sonora Shelby Krystian
5 Sonora Natalie Darrah Sonora Ryann Chrissy Chrissy
6 Krystian Krystian Ryann Ryann Bianca Ryann
7 Darrah Bre Shelby Krystian Bre
8 Shelby Chrissy Bianca Darrah
9 Natalie Sonora Natalie
10 Anita Anita

Cycle 97Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Hope Annalis Hope Koryna Arti Arti Yesenia Tasia Arti Eliza Annalis Tasia Eliza Tasia
2 Tayla Tasia Arti Arti Koryna Annalis Eliza Eliza Koryna Annalis Koryna Koryna Tasia Eliza
3 Yesenia Arti Eliza Tasia Tasia Roxanne Tasia Annalis Eliza Tasia Eliza Eliza Koryna
4 Jessica Bambie Koryna Bambie Annalis Koryna Roxanne Koryna Annalis Koryna Tasia Annalis
5 Arti Koryna Yesenia Roxanne Roxanne Hope Annalis Roxanne Tasia Arti Arti
6 Bambie Yesenia Roxanne Hope Tayla Eliza Koryna Arti Roxanne
7 Eliza Hope Tasia Eliza Eliza Yesenia Arti Yesenia
8 Roxanne Max Annalis Tayla Yesenia Tasia Hope
9 Tasia Eliza Bambie Annalis Hope Tayla
10 Annalis Roxanne Max Yesenia Bambie
11 Max Jessica Jessica Max
12 Koryna Tayla

Cycle 98Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Natasha Zo Maritzi Cori Jennylee Kelley Cori Kelley Cori Zo Jillian Cori
2 Lynzi Gemma Kelley Jillian Jillian Maritzi Jillian Zo Zo Jillian Cori Jillian
3 Chayne Cori Jennylee Jennylee Cori Zo Zo Jillian Kelley Cori Zo
4 Steph Jillian Jillian Kelley Zo Jillian Jennylee Cori Jillin Kelley
5 Cori Jennylee Chayne Zo Chayne Cori Kelley Jennylee Jennylee
6 Jennylee Maritzi Cori Gemma Kelley Jennylee Maritzi
7 Jillian Steph Gemma Maritzi Maritzi Chayne
8 Kelley Kelley Steph Chayne Gemma
9 Maritzi Natasha Zo Steph
10 Gemma Chayne Natasha
11 Zo Lynzi

Cycle 99 - All Stars 9Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tiara Lauren Zo Winter Martha Cristin Zo Martha Nani Corinne Zo Corinne Zo
2 Brandy Sonora Lauren Sonora Courtenay Nani Corinne Corinne Zo Zo Corinne Zo Corinne
3 Rudy Cristin Cristin Courtenay Winter Zo Courtenay Winter Winter Winter Nani Nani
4 Lauren Brandy Martha Nani Corinne Martha Nani Lauren Martha Nani Winter
5 Eliza Winter Courtenay Christin Nani Winter Lauren Nani Corinne Martha
6 Corinne Rudy Eliza Zo Rudy Courtenay Martha Zo Lauren
7 Courtenay Tiara Nani Martha Eliza Lauren Cristin Courtenay
8 Martha Nani Tiara Rudy Lauren Corinne Winter Cristin
9 Winter Zo Corinne Corinne Zo Eliza Eliza
10 Nani Martha Winter Eliza Cristin Rudy
11 Cristin Courtenay Sonora Lauren Sonora
12 Sonora Corinne Rudy Tiara
13 Zo Eliza Brandy

Cycle 100 - Best of the BestEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Whitney Orianne Greg Vanessa Kimberly Kimberly Meaghan Wynonna Kimberly Wynonna Kimberly Wynonna
2 Mandi Wynonna Kimberly Meaghan Vanessa Cass Wynonna Meaghan Wynonna Meaghan Wynonna Kimberly
3 Orianne Greg Meaghan Mandi Mandi Michele Cass Orianne Meaghan Kimberly Meaghan Meaghan
4 Maddox Kimberly Wynonna Wynonna Meaghan Mandi Michele Maddox Cass Cass Cass
5 Greg Maddox Orianne Cass Michele Orianne Orianne Cass Orianne Orianne
6 Moe Michele Maddox Greg Greg Meaghan Maddox Kimberly Maddox
7 Kimberly Annemarie Annemarie Annemarie Wynonna Maddox Vanessa Michele
8 Michele Moe Mandi Orianne Cass Vanessa Kimberly Vanessa
9 Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Maddox Maddox Wynonna Greg
10 Wynonna Mandi Cass Michele Orianne Greg Mandi
11 Meaghan Cass Michele Kimberly Annemarie
12 Annemarie Meaghan Moe Moe
13 Cass Lisa Lisa
14 Lisa Whitney

Cycle 101 - Second Chances 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jillian Kellyann Cassi Lauriann Koryna Kellyann Sonora Koryna Alexandre Sonora Koryna Sonora
2 Jennifer Lauriann Jennylee Ari Jennylee Koryna Koryna Sonora Sonora Koryna Sonora Koryna
3 Victoria Karmin Sonora Kellyann Lauriann Lauriann Alexandre Kellyann Koryna Kellyann Kellyann
4 Ari Alexandre Kellyann Jennylee Ari Ari Ari Lauriann Kellyann Alexandre
5 Cassi Arti Alexandre Cassi Sonora Alexandre Kellyann Alexandre Lauriann
6 Sonora Sonora Ari Alexandre Cassi Sonora Lauriann Ari
7 Alexandre Jillian Arti Sonora Alexandre Jennylee Jennylee
8 Lauriann Cassi Lauriann Koryna Kellyann Cassi
9 Kellyann Jennifer Koryna Arti Arti
10 Karmin Koryna Karmin Karmin
11 Arti Ari Jillian
12 Koryna Jennylee Jennifer
13 Jennylee Victoria

Cycle 102Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Christina Kinga Filomena Christina Kellyann Filomena Kinga Kellyann Kinga Christina Filomena Kellyann
2 Taylor Kellyann Kellyann Kellyann Krissilyn Kira Kellyann Christina Filomena Filomena Kellyann Filomena
3 Alice Kira Wynonna Filomena Filomena Christina Filomena Kinga Kellyann Kellyann Christina
4 Sheena Cori Kira Taylor Kinga Kellyann Kira Wynonna Christina Kinga
5 Kira Christina Zo Cori Cori Cori Wynonna Filomena Wynonna
6 Chrystal Krissilyn Taylor Kira Kira Kinga Christina Kira
7 Clark Filomena Kinga Kinga Wynonna Wynonna Cori
8 Allyson Bianca Christina Krissilyn Christina Krissilyn
9 Filomena Taylor Krissilyn Wynonna Taylor
10 Katia Tasia Cori Zo
11 Ashanti Zo Tasia
12 Kellyann Wynonna Bianca
13 Kinga Alice
14 Kissilyn Sheena
15 Bianca Chrystal
16 Tasia Clark
17 Cori Allyson
18 Zo Katia
19 Wynonna Ashanti
20 Sonora Sonora

Cycle 103Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Cienna Summer Erica Sydney Rebecca Rhiannon Lauren Sammi Sammi Alexandria Rhiannon Lauren Lauren
2 Claire Sammi Cienna Sammi Lauren Cienna Alexandria Lauren Lauren Rhiannon Cienna Cienna Cienna
3 Summer Sydney Lauren Alexandria Sammi Lauren Cienna Alexandria Rihannon Cienna Lauren Rhiannon
4 Sydney Erica Alexandria Erica Cienna Alexandria Rebecca Rhiannon Cienna Lauren Alexandria
5 Paige Cienna Sammi Summer Rhiannon Erica Rhiannon Cienna Alexandria Sammi
6 Bella Rebecca Paige Cienna Sydney Sammi Sammi Rebecca
7 Lauren Rhiannon Rhiannon Rhiannon Erica Rebecca Erica
8 Alexandria Claire Rebecca Lauren Alexandria Sydney
9 Erica Paige Sydney Rebecca Summer
10 Sammi Alexandria Summer Paige
11 Rhiannon Lauren Claire
12 Rebecca Bella

Cycle 104Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Catie Leona Sarah Aria Dylan Aria Dylan Emmaline Angela Dylan Dylan Dylan
2 Sarah Marianna Leona Georgina Marianna Angela Emmaline Georgina Dylan Angela Emmaline Emmaline
3 Emmaline Aria Angela Laura Angela Dylan Angela Dylan Emmaline Emmaline Angela
4 Judy Laura Aria Emmaline Emmaline Georgina Aria Angela Georgina Georgina
5 Aria Catie Georgina Angela Georgina Marianna Leona Aria Aria
6 Laura Georgina Marianna Kassie Kassie Emmaline Georgina Leona
7 Dylan Dylan Emmaline Marianna Leona Leona Marianna
8 Kassie Sarah Laura Leona Aria Kassie
9 Angela Angela Kassie Dylan Laura
10 Leona Kassie Dylan Sarah
11 Marianna Emmaline Catie
12 Georgina Judy

Cycle 105Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Cymone Susan Amberly Arin Carla Allison Carla Arin Charlotte Carla Charlotte Charlotte
2 Allison Esther Billy Amberly Billy Charlotte Billy Charlotte Arin Arin Arin Arin
3 Susan Carla Cymone Lillian Arin Carla Charlotte Allison Billy Charlotte Carla
4 Arin Charlotte Allison Billy Lillian Arin Lillian Carla Carla Billy
5 Carla Lillian Arin Charlotte Charlotte Lillian Arin Billy Allison
6 Regan Arin Charlotte Carla Allison Cymone Allison Lillian
7 Billy Billy Susan Hiranthi Cymone Billy Cymone
8 Lillian Cymone Hiranthi Cymone Amberly Amberly
9 Esther Amberly Carla Allison Hiranthi
10 Charlotte Allison Lillian Susan
11 Amberly Hiranthi Esther
12 Hiranthi Regan*

Cycle 106Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Brittany Danielle Danielle Sierra Rachel Laura Danielle Laura Laura Korinne Laura Laura
2 Sara Laura Natalie Rachel Nichole Brittany Korinne Nichole Korinne Danielle Danielle Danielle
3 Ashley Nichole Korinne Laura Jessica Nichole Jessica Rachel Nichole Laura Korinne
4 Laura Ashley Nichole Nichole Laura Korinne Nichole Danielle Danielle Nichole
5 Rachel Sierra Ashley Brittany Korinne Jessica Rachel Korinne Rachel
6 Natalie Brittany Sierra Danielle Brittany Danielle Laura Jessica
7 Danielle Natalie Brittany Jessica Sierra Rachel Brittany
8 Sierra Korinne Rachel Natalie Danielle Sierra
9 Korinne Regan Jessica Korinne Natalie
10 Jessica Rachel Laura Ashley
11 Nichole Jessica Regan
12 Regan Sara

Cycle 107Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Raja Reece Diane Brooklyn Caleigh Diane Jenna Diane Jenna Annalee Brooklyn Brooklyn
2 Kristine Brooklyn Annalee Kristine Jenna Annalee Reece Jenna Annalee Brooklyn Annalee Annalee
3 Diane Annalee Kristine Annalee Brooklyn Jenna Brooklyn Brooklyn Diane Jenna Jenna
4 Sheila Caleigh Caleigh Diane Annalee Reece Caleigh Annalee Brooklyn Diane
5 Casi Diane Sheila Reece Reece Brooklyn Annalee Caleigh Caleigh
6 Brooklyn Jenna Reece Caleigh Kristine Caleigh Diane Reece
7 Natasha Natasha Jenna Sheila Diane Kristine
8 Shell Sheila Natasha Jenna Sheila
9 Jenna Kristine Brooklyn Natasha
10 Reece Casi Casi
11 Caleigh Shell
12 Annalee Raja

Cycle 108Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sabra Anamaria Ana Elly Andrea Tobie Nancy Tobie Nancy Anamaria Teah Anamaria Anamaria
2 Melania Tobie Tobie Ana Elly Melania Anamaria Nancy Kylie Tobie Tobie Teah Teah
3 Angel Teah Teah Ksenia Charmaine Andrea Kylie Teah Teah Anamaria Tobie
4 Ana Maria Ksenia Anamaria Charmaine Kylie Teah Andrea Tobie Nancy Nancy
5 Ana Elly Therese Melania Teah Nancy Ana Elly Anamaria Anamaria Kylie
6 Teah Nancy Andrea Tobie Anamaria Kylie Teah Andrea
7 Andrea Kylie Kylie Kylie Ana Elly Tobie Ana Elly
8 Ksenia Charmaine Nancy Anamaria Teah Charmaine
9 Charmaine Andrea Therese Nancy Andrea Melanie
10 Nancy Ana Elly Ksenia Melania Ksenia
11 Therese Sabra Charmaine Therese
12 Kylie Melania Sabra
13 Tobie Angel

Cycle 109Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sabina Kelly Chantele Ambreal Ambreal Poppie Ambreal Cortnie Cortnie Cortnie Ambreal Cortnie
2 Lauren Poppie Poppie Cortnie Kari Belinda Cortnie Belinda Ambreal Sabina Cortnie Ambreal
3 Chantele Sabina Ambreal Lauren Belinda Sabina Sabina Sabina Sabina Ambreal Sabina
4 Stacie Ambreal Cortnie Poppie Cortnie Cortnie Belinda Poppie Poppie Poppie
5 Kari Belinda Stacie Belinda Poppie Ambreal Kari Ambreal Belinda
6 Kelly Chantele Simi Simi Sabina Chantele Poppie Kari
7 Simi Lauren Lauren Sabina Lauren Kari Chantele
8 Ambreal Simi Sabina Kelly Simi Simi
9 Poppie Kari Kelly Chantele Chantele Lauren
10 Belinda Stacie Kari Kari Kelly
11 Jade Jade Belinda Stacie
12 Cortnie Cortnie Jade
13 Suzi Zuzanna
14 Zuzanna Suzi

Cycle 110 - All Stars 10Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sammi Danielle Arin Georgina Danielle Sammi Annalee Teah Annalee Carla Carla Aria
2 Cienna Cienna Sammi Tobie Teah Carla Aria Georgina Sammi Georgina Aria Carla
3 Georgina Ambreal Carla Sammi Annalee Cienna Sammi Aria Carla Aria Sammi Sammi
4 Aria Sammi Aria Carla Arin Danielle Danielle Sammi Georgina Sammi Georgina
5 Arin Teah Annalee Danielle Cienna Georgina Carla Annalee Aria Annalee
6 Carla Arin Tobie Aria Sammi Annalee Teah Carla Teah
7 Danielle Georgina Danielle Teah Aria Teah Georgina Danielle
8 Korinne Aria Korinne Annalee Carla Aria Cienna
9 Annalee Korinne Cienna Cienna Georgina Arin
10 Jenna Carla Georgina Arin Tobie
11 Tobie Annalee Teah Korinne
12 Teah Tobie Ambreal
13 Ambreal Jenna

Cycle 111Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Rhonda Seara Sahar Seara Heather Emma Seara Tasha Angelia Alexis Seara Sahar Sahar
2 Chelsea Angelia Emma Nina Tasha Alexis Tasha Alexis Sahar Seara Angelia Seara Seara
3 Minte Tara Angelia Sahar Sahar Seara Abbie Emma Alexis Sahar Sahar Angelia
4 Emma Nina Tasha Emma Abbie Angelia Emma Angelia Seara Angelia Alexis
5 Riley Alexis Tara Tasha Alexis Heather Angelia Seara Tasha Tasha
6 Seara Minte Seara Angelia Emma Abbie Alexis Sahar Emma
7 Tasha Rhonda Nina Abbie Seara Sahar Sahar Abbie
8 Sahar Heather Heather Heather Angelia Tasha Heather
9 Abbie Sahar Alexis Alexis Nina
10 Heather Emma Abbie Tara
11 Alexis Tasha Minte
12 Nina Abbie Rhonda
13 Tara Chelsea
14 Angelia Riley

Cycle 112Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Patricia Amy Hannah Mikayla Annabelle Lorie Lorie Christena Mikayla Mikayla Talia Lorie
2 Mikayla Talia Lorie Dani Amy Hannah Annabelle Mikayla Lorie Talia Lorie Talia
3 Dory Dani Dani Christena Dani Annabelle Hannah Talia Talia Lorie Mikayla
4 Amy Lorie Katarzyna Dory Christena Christena Mikayla Lorie Annabelle Annabelle
5 Christena Cheri Mikayla Annabelle Talia Mikayla Talia Annabelle Christena
6 Cheri Christena Annabelle Hannah Lorie Talia Christena Hannah
7 Lorie Dory Talia Talia Mikayla Dani Dani
8 Hannah Hannah Dory Amy Hannah Amy
9 Katarzyna Annabelle Amy Lorie Dory
10 Annabelle Mikayla Christena Katarzyna
11 Talia Katarzyna Cheri
12 Dani Patricia

Cycle 113 - Winners Edition 9Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lauren Brooklyn Anamaria Brooklyn Laura Laura Dylan Brooklyn Dylan Laura Laura
2 Dylan Laura Lorie Laura Aria Dylan Lorie Dylan Brooklyn Dylan Dylan
3 Charlotte Lorie Lauren Sahar Dylan Aria Laura Lorie Laura Brooklyn
4 Laura Anamaria Sahar Anamaria Sahar Lorie Brooklyn Laura Lorie
5 Brooklyn Cortnie Laura Lorie Brooklyn Anamaria Aria Aria
6 Anamaria Aria Aria Aria Lorie Brooklyn Anamaria
7 Cortnie Sahar Dylan Dylan Anamaria Sahar
8 Aria Lauren Brooklyn Lauren
9 Sahar Dylan Cortnie
10 Lorie Charlotte

Cycle 114Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tanna Ashly Kyle Krista Ashly Kyle Penelope Penelope Savannah Savannah Penelope Ashly
2 Savannah Sissy Candice Mabel Penelope Ashly Ashly Kyle Kyle Ashly Ashly Penelope
3 Noelle Harriet Penelope Ashly Savannah Mabel Mabel Harriet Penelope Penelope Savannah
4 Krista Penelope Krista Savannah Kyle Harriet Kyle Savannah Ashly Kyle
5 Mabel Candice Savannah Noelle Harriet Candice Harriet Ashly Harriet
6 Kyle Noelle Noelle Candice Candice Savannah Savannah Mabel
7 Candice Kyle Harriet Kyle Mabel Penelope Candice
8 Penelope Krista Mabel Penelope Krista Krista
9 Ashly Mabel Ashly Harriet Noelle
10 Harriet Savannah Sissy Sissy
11 Sissy Tanna

Cycle 115Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Bridget Natalie Bridget Kassandra Natalie Katy Natalie Katy Marina Marina Corinne Corinne Corinne
2 Connie Kassandra Marina Katy Kelly Kelly Kassandra Natalie Corinne Corinne Natalie Natalie Natalie
3 Rey Kelly Kelly Bridget Connie Marina Corinne Corinne Katy Kassandra Kassandra Kassandra
4 Katy Corinne Tahan Kelly Corinne Kassandra Marina Marina Natalie Natalie Marina
5 Samantha Marina Corinne Connie Kassandra Natalie Katy Kelly Kassandra Katy
6 Corinne Bridget Katy Corinne Marina Corinne Kelly Kassandra Kelly
7 Natalie Estele Rey Natalie Katy Bridget Bridget
8 Kelly Rey Natalie Rey Bridget Connie
9 Kassandra Connie Kassandra Marina Rey
10 Estele Tahan Connie Tahan
11 Tahan Katy Estele
12 Marina Samantha

Cycle 116 - First Generation ReduxEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Liz Jessica Corinne Alexandra Ramona Tatianna Tara Bette Tara Bette Michaela Corinne Tara
2 Tatianna Marie Ramona Tatianna Corinne Tara Corinne Tatianna Bette Michaela Tara Tara Corinne
3 Ramona Michaela Tara Corinne Alexandra Ramona Tatianna Michaela Corinne Tara Corinne Michaela
4 Corinne Jane Jane Michaela Sue Bette Michaela Tara Michaela Corinne Bette
5 Alexandra Tara Jessica Bette Bette Michaela Bette Corinne Tatianna Tatianna
6 Bette Bette Tatianna Ramona Michaela Corinne Ramona Ramona Ramona
7 Sue Corinne Sue Jane Tara Alexandra Alexandra
8 Jane Sue Michaela Sue Tatianna Sue
9 Tara Alexandra Bette Tara Jane
10 Michaela Ramona Alexandra Jessica
11 Marie Tatianna Marie
12 Jessica Liz

Cycle 117 - Second Generation ReduxEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jordana Porscha Dominique Dominique Janelle Porscha Dominique Imogen Janelle Dominique Dominique Dominique Dominique
2 Kayla Yolanda Jordana Yolanda Dominique Yolanda Yolanda Porscha Porscha Janelle Yolanda Yolanda Yolanda
3 Janelle Jordana Yolanda Janelle Imogen Janelle Kayla Janelle Yolanda Yolanda Janelle Janelle
4 Bianca Beatrix Janelle Kayla Kayla Dominique Imogen Yolanda Dominique Porscha
5 Karoline Janelle Kayla Porscha Porscha Kayla Janelle Dominique Imogen
6 Kerline Dominique Karoline Karoline Beatrix Karoline Porscha Kayla
7 Dominique Imogen Beatrix Beatrix Karoline Imogen Karoline
8 Yolanda Kayla Gigi Imogen Yolanda Beatrix
9 Beatrix Kerline Imogen Jordana Jordana
10 Imogen Gigi Porscha Gigi
11 Porscha Karoline Kerline
12 Gigi Bianca

Cycle 118Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tricia Soffi Adriana Lyza Adela Soffi Adriana Clare Lindsey Lindsey Adela Adela
2 Candice Amie Amanda Amie Amie Veronica Adela Lindsey Adela Adriana Adriana Adriana
3 Veronica Amanda Soffi Adela Soffi Clare Veronica Adriana Adriana Adela Lindsey
4 Lyza Clare Tobias Soffi Adriana Adela Soffi Adela Soffi Soffi
5 Tobias Veronica Adela Veronica Veronica Lindsey Lindsey Soffi Clare
6 Lindsey Adriana Lyza Adriana Clare Adriana Clare Veronica
7 Amie Candice Clare Clare Lindsey Amie Amie
8 Amanda Adela Lindsey Lindsey Lyza Lyza
9 Soffi Lindsey Amie Amanda Amanda
10 Clare Tobias Veronica Tobias
11 Adriana Lyza Candice
12 Adela Tricia

Cycle 119Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Candice Meagan Rex Kim J. Sandra Meagan Meagan Shaylene Rex Rex Cristine Cristine
2 Sandra Kim J. Valerie Rex Rex Kirstie Kirstie Cristine Chance Cristine Rex Rex
3 Cheyenne Shaylene Shaylene Kirstie Shaylene Kim J. Rex Chance Cristine Chance Chance
4 Shaylene Cristine Chance Cristine Cristine Cristine Chance Meagan Shaylene Kirstie Kirstie
5 Valerie Sandra Kirstie Chance Meagan Shaylene Valerie Kiristie Kirstie Shaylene
6 Mallory Kirstie Candice Meagan Kim J. Chance Cristine Rex Meagan
7 Rex Chance Cheyenne Valerie Kirstie Rex Shaylene Valerie
8 Chance Kim I. Kim J. Shaylene Valerie Valerie Kim J.
9 Kirstie Cheyenne Meagan Candice Chance Sandra
10 Meagan Candice Sandra Sandra Candice
11 Cristine Rex Cristine Cheyenne
12 Kim I. Valerie Kim I.
13 Kim J. Mallory

Cycle 120 - Second Chances 6Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Leona Katy Tasha Billy Tobie Tobie Allison Allison Harriet Harriet Billy Tobie
2 Hiranthi Nichole Tobie Harriet Leona Billy Harriet Tobie Tobie Billy Tobie Billy
3 Allison Nancy Harriet Tasha Billy Allison Billy Harriet Billy Tobie Harriet
4 Billy Billy Leona Tobie Allison Leona Tasha Billy Allison Allison
5 Nichole Kyle Katy Leona Hiranthi Tasha Leona Leona Leona
6 Tobie Harriet Billy Katy Tasha Hiranthi Tobie Tasha
7 Nancy Tasha Nancy Hiranthi Harriet Harriet Hiranthi
8 Poppie Leona Hiranthi Allison Katy Katy
9 Tasha Allison Allison Kyle Kyle
10 Harriet Tobie Kyle Nancy
11 Kyle Hiranthi Nichole
12 Katy Poppie

Cycle 121 - All Stars 11Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Abbie Marina Lindsey Seara Soffi Kassandra Natalie Seara Seara Natalie Kirstie Soffi Soffi
2 Seara Natalie Kassandra Kirstie Valerie Kirstie Kirstie Valerie Soffi Soffi Seara Kirstie Kirstie
3 Mikayla Valerie Bridget Natalie Natalie Seara Seara Kirstie Valerie Kirstie Soffi Seara
4 Marina Kassandra Kirstie Soffi Kassandra Soffi Marina Soffi Natalie Seara Natalie
5 Valerie Soffi Soffi Lindsey Seara Marina Valerie Kassandra Kirstie Valerie
6 Natalie Bridget Natalie Bridget Bridget Valerie Soffi Natalie Kassandra
7 Kassandra Abbie Valerie Marina Marina Natalie Kassandra Marina
8 Bridget Rex Seara Valerie Kirstie Bridget
9 Soffi Kirstie Marina Kassandra Lindsey
10 Lindsey Lindsey Abbie Abbie
11 Rex Seara Rex
12 Kirstie Mikayla

Cycle 122Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lauren Raina Lauren Lauren Annica Raina Rafaela Jessyca Jessyca Jessyca Annica Annica Annica
2 Fatima Annica Rafaela Marco Rafaela Guadalupe Lauren Annica Raina Lauren Rafaela Rafaela Rafaela
3 Rose Vanessa Liana Guadalupe Raina Jessyca Liana Rafaela Rafaela Annica Jessyca Jessyca
4 Jessyca Rafaela Fatima Raina Jessyca Annica Annica Liana Annica Rafaela Lauren
5 Guadalupe Lauren Raina Jessyca Marco Rafaela Jessyca Raina Lauren Raina
6 Julia Liana Rose Fatima Liana Lauren Raina Lauren Liana
7 Rafaela Fatima Annica Annica Guadalupe Liana Guadalupe
8 Raina Rose Jessyca Liana Lauren Marco
9 Annica Marco Guadalupe Rafaela Fatima
10 Marco Jessyca Marco Rose
11 Liana Guadalupe Vanessa
12 Vanessa Julia

Cycle 123Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Gina Ciely Gina Ceri Airica Airica Airica Jasmeen Jasmeen Latoya Jasmeen Siobhan Jasmeen
2 Caroline Airica Roberta Jordin Siobhan Ceri Siobhan Latoya Siobhan Siobhan Siobhan Jasmeen Airica
3 Roberta Mae Jordin Jasmeen Ceri Siobhan Latoya Ceri Airica Airica Latoya Airica Airica
4 Ciely Gina Ceri Latoya Karyn Jasmeen Mae Karyn Latoya Jasmeen Airica Latoya
5 Airica Katharine Airica Siobhan Jasmeen Mae Ceri Siobhan Ceri Ceri Ceri
6 Ceri Jasmeen Latoya Karyn Mae Jordin Karyn Airica Karyn
7 Jordin Siobhan Mae Ciely Latoya Latonya Jasmeen Mae
8 Jasmeen Jordin Jasmeen Airica Gina Karyn Jordin
9 Latoya Ceri Siobhan Mae Jordin Gina
10 Karyn Karyn Karyn Gina Ciely
11 Katharine Roberta Ciely Roberta
12 Mae Latoya Katharine
13 Siobhan Caroline

Cycle 124Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kerry Ann Adrianne Kylee Katarzyna Milly Milly Kylee Milly Kenora Jenni Kylee Jenni Milly
2 Ola Kerry Ann Alisa Kerry Ann Kylee Jenni Kenora Katarzyna Jenni Milly Milly Milly Jenni
3 Marsia Kylee Jenni Kylee Adrianne Katarzyna Jenni Kenora Kylee Kylee Jenni Kylee
4 Rachelle Polly Kenora Kenora Katarzyna Adrianne Milly Kylee Milly Kenora Kenora
5 Milly Jenni Rachelle Jenni Kenora Kylee Adrianne Jenni Katarzyna
6 Katarzyna Milly Katarzyna Marsia Alisa Kenora Katarzyna Adrianne
7 Kenora Kenora Milly Alisa Kerry Ann Kerry Ann Kerry Ann
8 Alisa Rachelle Marsia Adrianne Jenni Alisa
9 Kylee Alisa Kerry Ann Milly Marsia
10 Jenni Marsia Adrianne Rachelle
11 Polly Katarzyna Polly
12 Adrianne Ola

Cycle 125 - Winners Edition 10Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ashly Cristine Cristine Corinne Tara Cristine Soffi Tara Soffi Soffi Soffi Soffi
2 Corinne Ashly Dominique Tobie Ashly Jasmeen Tara Jasmeen Tara Cristine Tara Tara
3 Tara Soffi Tara Tara Dominique Soffi Jasmeen Cristine Dominique Tara Cristine
4 Dominique Adela Ashly Soffi Jasmeen Adela Dominique Dominique Cristine Dominique
5 Adela Corinne Adela Jasmeen Adela Dominique Adela Soffi Jasmeen
6 Cristine Jasmeen Corinne Cristine Corinne Tara Cristine Adela
7 Tobie Annica Soffi Ashly Soffi Ashly Ashly
8 Soffi Tara Jasmeen Adela Cristine Corinne
9 Annica Dominique Tobie Dominique Tobie
10 Jasmeen Tobie Annica
11 Milly Milly

Cycle 126Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Monica Carrie Lindsay Trinidad Tiffany Trinidad Trinidad Melissa Lindsay Trinidad Lindsay Trinidad Trinidad
2 Andrea Osha Tiffany Lindsay Lindsay Osha Tiffany Trinidad Osha Osha Melissa Melissa Melissa
3 Osha Amanda Melissa Corynne Corynne Melissa Melissa Lindsay Melissa Lindsay Trinidad Lindsay
4 Amanda Corynne Andrea Carrie Osha Corynne Corynne Tiffany Trinidad Melissa Osha
5 Melissa Melissa Osha Melissa Melissa Amanda Amanda Corynne Tiffany Tiffany
6 Corynne Miranda Corynne Amanda Trinidad Tiffany Lindsay Osha Corynne
7 Tiffany Chellie Amanda Tiffany Amanda Lindsay Osha Amanda
8 Lindsay Tiffany Chellie Chellie Carrie Carrie
9 Carrie Lindsay Carrie Osha Chellie
10 Miranda Trinidad Trinidad Andrea
11 Trinidad Andrea Miranda
12 Chellie Monica

Cycle 127Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Wray Yuliya Brittany Rachel Bre Bre Brittany Rachel Bre Bre Rachel Bre
2 Kate Rachel Susanne Katrine Erika Erika Anouk Brittany Kate Rachel Bre Rachel
3 Yuliya Katrine Wray Anouk Wray Rachel Bre Bre Anouk Anouk Anouk
4 Brittany Carol Anouk Wray Rachel Brittany Rachel Kate Rachel Kate
5 Fabia Bre Katrine Bre Kate Wray Kate Anouk Brittany
6 Rachel Erika Erika Brittany Brittany Kate Wray Wray
7 Anouk Susanne Rachel Kate Anouk Anouk Erika
8 Susanne Wray Bre Erika Susanne Susanne
9 Katrine Brittany Yuliya Susanne Katrine
10 Bre Kate Kate Yuliya
11 Erika Anouk Carol
12 Carol Fabia

Cycle 128 - Third Generation ReduxEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Joy Brittany Afsar Afsar Afsar Joy Jai Ainsley Brittany Ainsley Ainsley Ainsley Ainsley
2 Willa Jessi Joy Willa Noira Noira Brittany Jessi Jessi Afsar Brittany Afsar Afsar
3 Brittany Ainsley Ainsley Jai Brittany Jai Jessi Afsar Ainsley Brittany Afsar Brittany
4 Audrey Jai Jessi Jessi Ainsley Brittany Ainsley Brittany Afsar Jessi Jessi
5 Noira Martine Audrey Joy Jessi Ainsley Joy Jai Jai
6 Linda Noira Willa Noira Joy Afsar Afsar Joy
7 Hilary Linda Jai Brittany Martine Jessi Noira
8 Ainsley Afsar Brittany Martine Jai Martine
9 Afsar Willa Martine Ainsley Willa
10 Martine Joy Noira Audrey
11 Jai Audrey Linda
12 Jessi Hilary

Cycle 128Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kristen Natasha Mischele Tauren Kristen Tauren Natasha Jaymee Natasha Mischele Natasha Jaymee
2 Veronica Krissy Jaymee Mischele Jaymee Jaymee Cassilda Mischele Tauren Jaymee Jaymee Natasha
3 Tia Tauren Cassilda Natasha Cassilda Kristen Alison Tauren Mischele Natasha Mischele
4 Mischele Alison Alison Krissy Alison Cassilda Mischele Cassilda Jaymee Tauren
5 Shayne Kristen Natasha Jaymee Krissy Natasha Jaymee Natasha Cassilda
6 Tauren Jaymee Kristen Shayne Mischele Alison Tauren Alison
7 Krissy Cassilda Krissy Cassilda Natasha Mischele Kristen
8 Natasha Veronica Shayne Alison Tauren Krissy
9 Alison Shayne Veronica Kristen Shayne
10 Rhiana Mischele Tauren Veronica
11 Cassilda Tia Tia
12 Jaymee Rhiana

Cycle 129 - Fourth Generation ReduxEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Samantha Melanie Ava Heidi Heidi Kennedy Kennedy Ava Amandine Amandine Amandine Amandine
2 Kaitlin Ava Amandine Alycia Amandine Palmer Palmer Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
3 Danni Tiffany Kennedy Amandine Alycia Samantha Alycia Alycia Palmer Alycia Alycia
4 Heidi Amandine Samantha Ava Samantha Ava Amandine Palmer Alycia Palmer
5 Nadia Alycia Tiffany Kennedy Danni Alycia Ava Amandine Ava
6 Ava Kennedy Danni Palmer Ava Amandine Samantha Samantha
7 Amandine Nadia Melanie Danni Palmer Heidi Heidi
8 Alycia Samantha Alycia Melanie Kennedy Danni
9 Palmer Palmer Palmer Samantha Melanie
10 Melanie Heidi Heidi Tiffany
11 Tiffany Danni Nadia
12 Kennedy Kaitlin

Cycle 130Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tanya Cassidy Jolie Jolie Renee Renee Olivia Olivia Natalie Renee Tanya Irena Olivia
2 Kell Ashna Tanya Renee Irena Irena Irena Jolie Olivia Tanya Olivia Natalie Irena
3 Cassidy Kell Renee Tanya Tanya Olivia Natalie Natalie Irena Irena Irena Olivia Natalie
4 Patricia Paulina Natalie Rachael Jolie Rachael Cassidy Irena Renee Natalie Natalie Tanya
5 Olivia Patricia Cassidy Irena Kell Cassidy Jolie Tanya Jolie Olivia Renee
6 Natalie Irena Kell Olivia Rachael Jolie Rachael Cassidy Tanya Jolie
7 Rachael Natalie Irena Cassidy Natalie Natalie Renee Renee Cassidy
8 Renee Olivia Patricia Kell Olivia Tanya Tanya Rachael
9 Crystal Jolie Olivia Patricia Cassidy Kell
10 Daniele Tanya Rachael Natalie Patricia
11 Jolie Renee Ashna Ashna
12 Irena Crystal Paulina
13 Paulina Rachael Crystal
14 Ashna Daniele

Cycle 131Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Claudia Stephanie Shorty Paula Shorty Stephanie Paula Paula Stephanie Shorty Stephanie
2 Ana Kristen Ana Brittany Paula Brittany Stephanie Danielle Shorty Stephanie Shorty
3 Marilysse Danielle Danielle Shorty Brittany Paula Shorty Stephanie Danielle Danielle
4 Brittany Shorty Brittany Ana Danielle Kristen Kristen Shorty Paula
5 Andrea Andrea Paula Claudia Ana Shorty Danielle Kristen
6 Stephanie Claudia Kristen Kristen Kristen Danielle Brittany
7 Kristen Brittany Andrea Danielle Stephanie Ana
8 Danielle Paula Stephanie Stephanie Claudia
9 Paula Ana Claudia Andrea
10 Shorty Marilysse Marilysse
11 Belinda Belinda

Cycle 132 - All Stars 12Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jolie Kylee Anouk Anouk Anouk Corynne Anouk Ceri Ceri Katarzyna Katarzyna Anouk Ceri
2 Irena Ceri Katarzyna Ceri Ceri Tiffany Ceri Tiffany Corynne Corynne Ceri Ceri Anouk
3 Ceri Jenni Tiffany Jolie Corynne Anouk Tiffany Katarzyna Anouk Anouk Anouk Katarzyna
4 Latoya Corynne Latoya Tiffany Tiffany Ceri Kylee Kylee Katarzyna Ceri Corynne
5 Airica Katarzyna Corynne Kylee Katarzyna Kylee Katarzyna Anouk Tiffany Tiffany
6 Kylee Airica Jolie Osha Kylee Jenni Corynne Corynne Kylee
7 Katarzyna Osha Ceri Corynne Jenni Katarzyna Jenni
8 Jenni Anouk Osha Jenni Jolie Jolie
9 Osha Tiffany Kylee Katarzyna Osha
10 Corynne Latoya Jenni Latoya
11 Tiffany Irena Irena
12 Anouk Jolie Airica
13 Kate Tauren
14 Tauren Kate

Cycle 133 - Legends Vs. LearnersEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kristynn Moe Rebecca Rebecca Corynne Meaghan Corynne Cass Kristynn Kristynn Moe Moe Moe
2 Hannah Rebecca Kati Cass Kati Moe Kristynn Corynne Moe Moe Corynne Kristynn Kristynn
3 Britney Kristynn Meaghan Yanice Cass Rebecca Cass Kristynn Cass Cass Kristynn Corynne
4 Yanice Yanice Kristynn Meaghan Meaghan Kristynn Meaghan Moe Corynne Corynne Cass
5 Kati Montana Moe Moe Rebecca Corynne Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca
6 Montana Meaghan Hannah Corynne Kristynn Cass Moe Meaghan Meaghan
7 Cass Cass Montana Kati Yanice Kati Kati
8 Corynne Jasmine Yanice Montana Moe Yanice
9 Moe Corynne Cass Kristynn Montana
10 Rebecca Hannah Corynne Hannah
11 Jasmine Kati Jasmine
12 Meaghan Britney

Cycle 134Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Catrina Sarah Charlene Cassandra Sarah Sarah Lola Charlene Charlene Charlene Charlene Cassandra
2 Melody Lola Franky Brandi Franky Cassandra Sarah Sarah Lola Cassandra Lola Sarah
3 Charlene Bethani Sarah Bethani Cassandra Charlene Molly Cassandra Cassandra Lola Cassandra Charlene
4 Molly Cassandra Molly Lola Catrina Lola Cassandra Molly Molly Sarah Sarah Lola
5 Kayci Summer Bethani Catrina Lola Summer Charlene Franky Sarah Molly
6 Sarah Franky Kayci Franky Charlene Molly Bethani Lola Franky
7 Summer Molly Cassandra Charlene Bethani Bethani Franky Bethani
8 Brandi Kayci Catrina Summer Summer Franky Summer
9 Abigail Abigail Brandi Molly Molly Catrina
10 Cassandra Brandi Summer Sarah Brandi
11 Bethani Charlene Lola Kayci
12 Franky Catrina Abigail
13 Lola Melody

Cycle 135Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kim Rebeckah Victoria Rebeckah Victoria Shelly Abi Victoria Rebeckah Vivain Victoria
2 Lianne Vivian Vivian Shelly Rebeckah Vivian Victoria Vivian Vivian Victoria Vivian
3 Vivian Shelly Kim Victoria Shelly Abi Vivian Shelly Victoria Rebeckah
4 Valerie Victoria Valerie Valerie Abi Valerie Rebeckah Rebeckah Shelly
5 Victoria Valerie Lianne Lianne Valerie Victoria Shelly Abi
6 Shelly Lianne Shelly Vivian Vivian Rebeckah Valerie
7 Rebeckah Kim Rebeckah Abi Lianne
8 Rosaline Trina Abi Kim
9 Abi Abi Trina
10 Trina Rosaline

Cycle 136 - All Winners 11Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Trinidad Ainsley Olivia Bre Ainsley Amandine Olivia Ainsley Amandine Amandine Ainsley
2 Bre Amandine Amandine Ceri Amandine Ceri Ainsley Jaymee Jaymee Ainsley Amandine
3 Ainsley Bre Ainsley Stephanie Olivia Jaymee Jaymee Amandine Ainsley Jaymee
4 Jaymee Jaymee Moe Moe Moe Ainsley Amandine Olivia Olivia
5 Amandine Olivia Stephanie Jaymee Jaymee Olivia Ceri Ceri
6 Olivia Stephanie Ceri Olivia Bre Moe Moe
7 Stephanie Trinidad Bre Amandine Ceri Bre
8 Ceri Ceri Jaymee Ainsley Stephanie
9 Moe Moe Trinidad
10 Cassandra Cassandra

Cycle 137Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Gwendolyn Jenn Brittanee Elle Tamlah Brittanee Gwendolyn Elle Brittanee Brittanee Prianka Brittanee Brittanee
2 Noa Alexandrea Elle Prianka Jenn Prianka Elle Gwendolyn Elle Prianka Brittanee Elle Elle
3 Tamlah Prianka Jenn Brittanee Brittanee Elle Alexandrea Brittanee Alexandrea Elle Elle Prianka
4 Chantal Brittanee Tamlah Gwendolyn Prianka Tamlah Prianka Alexandrea Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Gwendolyn
5 Brittanee Anastacia Gwendolyn Jenn Alexandrea Gwendolyn Brittanee Prianka Prianka Alexandrea
6 Estefania Calista Chantal Noa Gwendolyn Jenn Jenn Jenn
7 Elle Noa Noa Tamlah Noa Alexandrea Tamlah
8 Alexandrea Chantal Alexandrea Chantal Elle Noa
9 Jenn Gwendolyn Calista Alexandrea Chantal
10 Calista Tamlah Prianka Calista
11 Prianka Elle Anastacia
12 Anastacia Estefania

Cycle 138Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Natalie Britney Sierra Sierra Christobel Sierra Cristy Cristy Cristy
2 Christobel Tatianna Britney Britney Sierra Cristy Christobel Sierra Sierra
3 Nala Cristy Cristy Tatianna Marissa Christobel Sierra Christobel
4 Tatianna Christobel Marissa Cristy Britney Britney Britney
5 Cristy Nala Natalie Marissa Cristy Marissa
6 Marissa Natalie Christobel Christobel Tatianna
7 Shania Sierra Tatianna Natalie
8 Britney Marissa Nala
9 Sierra Shania

Cycle 139 - Fifth Generation ReduxEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Morgan Wu Fox Nonica Ebonee Fox Fox Blair Phillippe Nonica Fox Fox Fox
2 Wu Morgan Ebonee Blair Colton Blair Ashleigh Fox Ebonee Ebonee Ebonee Phillippe Phillippe
3 Colton Nonica Jojean Fox Nonica Wu Blair Ebonee Fox Phillippe Phillippe Ebonee
4 Phillippe Colton Blair Ashleigh Blair Colton Phillippe Colton Nonica Fox Nonica
5 Maryenne Phillippe Colton Maryenne Phillippe Ebonee Ebonee Nonica Colton Colton
6 Ashleigh Ashleigh Nonica Wu Wu Nonic Nonica Phillippe Blair
7 Nonica Blair Phillippe Jojean Maryenne Ashleigh Colton Ashleigh
8 Ebonee Maryenne Ashleigh Ebonee Ashleigh Phillippe Wu
9 Blair Ebonee Maryenne Phillippe Fox Maryenne
10 Fox Fox Wu Colton Jojean
11 Jojean Jojean Morgan
12 Rosie Rosie

Cycle 140 - Second Chances 7Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Rafaela Tanya Britney Wray Rafaela Natalie Shorty Wray Danielle Danielle Natalie Shorty Wray
2 Ciely Natalie Natalie Kenora Shorty Shorty Kenora Kenora Rafaela Kenora Wray Wray Natalie
3 Jenn Renee Danielle Rafaela Natalie Danielle Tanya Rachel Natalie Shorty Danielle Natalie Shorty
4 Siobhan Britney Shorty Shorty Jenn Wray Rachel Danielle Shorty Natalie Shorty Danielle
5 Kenora Wray Jenn Natalie Tanya Tanya Danielle Shorty Wray Wray Kenora
6 Carrie Rafaela Rachel Jenn Wray Rafaela Natalie Natalie Kenora Rafaela
7 Rachel Rachel Tanya Rachel Danielle Rachel Rafaela Rafaela Rachel
8 Wray Shorty Wray Danielle Kenora Kenora Wray Tanya
9 Natalie Danielle Renee Tanya Rachel Jenn
10 Tanya Ciely Kenora Britney Britney
11 Renee Jenn Rafaela Renee
12 Shorty Kenora Ciely
13 Danielle Siobhan
14 Britney  Carrie

Cycle 141 - Redux All StarsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Wu Yolanda Kayla Jai Jai Jai Kayla Afsar Yolanda Yolanda Jai Jai Jai
2 Colton Jessi Yolanda Afsar Afsar Jessi Yolanda Jessi Afsar Jai Jessi Jessi Jessi
3 Corinne Ramona Jessi Imogen Jessi Kayla Afsar Jai Kayla Afsar Afsar Afsar
4 Kayla Jai Jai Jessi Wu Colton Colton Kayla Jessi Jessi Yolanda
5 Ramona Imogen Janelle Ramona Colton Yolanda Jessi Yolanda Jai Kayla
6 Jai Colton Afsar Wu Yolanda Wu Jai Colton
7 Jessi Kayla Imogen Colton Kayla Afsar Wu
8 Afsar Afsar Ramona Kayla Imogen Imogen
9 Janelle Wu Wu Yolanda Ramona
10 Yolanda Corinne Colton Janelle
11 Porscha Janelle Corinne
12 Imogen Porscha

Cycle 142Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Penny Sarita Bianca Laci Simone Laci Gabrielle Sarita Sarita Sarita Sarita Sarita
2 Erin Stacia Lauren Gabrielle Laci Simone Simone Stacia Simone Laci Simone Simone
3 Haley Simone Stacia Sarita Haley Sarita Haley Haley Haley Simone Laci
4 Laci Penny Gabrielle Lauren Sarita Haley Stacia Simone Laci Haley
5 Sarita Bianca Laci Bianca Gabrielle Gabrielle Laci Laci Stacia
6 Lauren Haley Elise Haley Elise Lauren Sarita Gabrielle
7 Bianca Elise Penny Simone Stacia Stacia Lauren
8 Gabrielle Lacey Sarita Elise Lauren Elise
9 Celene Erin Simone Stacia Bianca
10 Simone Lauren Haley Penny
11 Elise Gabrielle Erin
12 Stacia Celene

Cycle 143 - All Stars 13Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kristynn Haley Salli Abi Haley Charlene Laci Laci Lola Abi Abi Sierra
2 Lola Charlene Lola Prianka Abi Prianka Prianka Lola Sierra Sierra Sierra Abi
3 Sarah Prianka Abi Sierra Sierra Laci Sierra Abi Abi Lola Lola
4 Charlene Shelly Laci Lola Shelly Sierra Lola Prianka Laci Laci
5 Abi Elle Charlene Sarah Laci Haley Abi Sierra Prianka
6 Shelly Abi Haley Laci Lola Abi Halley Haley
7 Laci Sarah Sarah Shelly Charlene Lola Charlene
8 Elle Laci Shelly Haley Prianka Shelly
9 Prianka Lola Prianka Charlene Sarah
10 Sierra Kristynn Sierra Salli
11 Haley Salli Elle
12 Salli Sierra Kristynn

Cycle 144 - Power to the PublicEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kristen Tera Maddie Crystal Megan Maddie Brook Isolina Salli Isolina
2 Maddie Megan Salli Salli Salli Megan Salli Megan Isolina Salli
3 Isolina Crystal Ashley Maddie Crystal Brook Megan Salli Megan
4 Stefanie Salli Crystal Brook Maddie Isolina Isolina Brook
5 Crystal Brook Megan Tera Brook Salli Maddie
6 Megan Maddie Tera Isolina Isolina Crystal
7 Ashley Ashley Isolina Megan Tera
8 Tera Stefanie Brook Ashley
9 Brook Isolina Stefanie
10 Salli Kristen

Cycle 145Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Dana Empathy Charley Veronica Parvati Laura Charley Parvati Charley Charley Veronica Veronica
2 Allie I. Thereese Laura Laura Charley Parvati Laura Maryn Veronica Veronica Charley Charley
3 Ally J. Dana Dana Kelly Laura Veronica Maryn Veronica Maryn Laura Laura
4 Monica Parvati Kelly Thereese Veronica Dana Veronica Charley Laura Maryn
5 Veronica Maryn Maryn Maryn Dana Charley Dana Laura Parvati
6 Laura Laura Parvati Parvati Kelly Kelly Parvati Dana
7 Charley Veronica Thereese Charley Allie I. Maryn Kelly
8 Empathy Charley Empathy Allie I. Maryn Allie I.
9 Thereese Allie I. Veronica Dana Thereese
10 Parvati Kelly Allie I. Empathy
11 Kelly Ally J. Ally J.
12 Maryn Monica

Cycle 146Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Paloma Clare Paloma Ruby Clare Stephanie Tahlia Ruby Paloma Stephanie Tahlia Stephanie
2 Dianne Stephanie Ruby Johanna Ruby Paloma Rae Paloma Stephanie Tahlia Stephanie Tahlia
3 Ross Paloma Ross Clare Monet Tahlia Ruby Rae Tahlia Paloma Paloma
4 Johanna Breanna Rae Tahlia Rae Johanna Palmona Tahlia Ruby Ruby
5 Monet Ann Stephanie Monet Paloma Rae Stephanie Stephanie Rae
6 Clare Ruby Tahlia Ross Stephanie Ruby Clare Clare
7 Stephanie Johanna Breanna Stephanie Johanna Clare Johanna
8 Breanna Ross Clare Paloma Tahlia Monet
9 Ruby Monet Monet Rae Ross
10 Rae Rae Johanna Breanna
11 Tahlia Tahlia Ann
12 Ann Dianne

Cycle 147 - All Winners 12Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Brittanee Stephanie Veronica Sarita Isolina Isolina Jai Sarita Isolina Isolina
2 Cristy Veronica Sarita Jai Jai Sarita Sarita Jai Jai Jai
3 Fox Fox Jai Veronica Sarita Stephanie Isolina Isolina Sarita
4 Wray Isolina Isolina Stephanie Veronica Jai Veronica Veronica
5 Jai Brittanee Wray Fox Wray Veronica Stephanie
6 Sarita Sierra Sierra Wray Stephanie Wray
7 Sierra Sarita Fox Isolina Fox
8 Isolina Jai Stephanie Sierra
9 Veronica Wray Brittanee
10 Stephanie Cristy

Cycle 148Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Carrynn Nicole Lysse Joni Castealia Stephen Courtenie Castealia Stephen Lysse Stephen Stephen
2 Ciera Mia Joni Stephen Stephen Lysse Joni Courtenie Lysse Stephen Castealia Castealia
3 Jenna Lysse Courtenie Castealia Courtenie Castealia Lysse Stephen Castealia Castealia Lysse
4 Nicole Joni Jenna Jenna Nicole Courtenie Nicole Joni Courtenie Courtenie
5 Julia Carrynn Nicole Courtenie Joni Ciera Stephen Lysse Joni
6 Stephen Castealia Stephen Ciera Ciera Joni Castealia Nicole
7 Castealia Rosalie Carrynn Lysse Lysse Nicole Ciera
8 Rosalie Jenna Castealia Carrynn Jenna Jenna
9 Courtenie Courtenie Ciera Nicole Carrynn
10 Joni Stephen Mia Mia
11 Lysse Ciera Rosalie
12 Mia Julia

Cycle 149Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Khiara Bianca Jera River Brielle Bianca Jera Bianca Kirsten River River
2 Sharon Rebecca Kirsten Brielle Kirsten River Kirsten River Brielle Kirsten Kirsten
3 Chantel Kirsten Brielle Jera River Kirsten Bianca Brielle River Brielle
4 River Jera Khiara Rebecca Jera Brielle River Kirsten Bianca
5 Bianca Lonna Lonna Khiara Bianca Jera Brielle Jera
6 Rebecca Brielle Rebecca Bianca Rebecca Rebecca
7 Jera River River Kirsten Khiara
8 Kirsten Khiara Bianca Lonna
9 Lonna Chantel Chantel
10 Brielle Sharon

Cycle 150 - LegendsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ciera Greg Vanessa Kimberly Moe Corynne Soffi Vanessa Soffi Moe Soffi Greg Moe
2 Corynne Orianne Soffi Ainsley Wynonna Vanessa Moe Greg Greg Kimberly Greg Moe Greg
3 Orianne Ceri Rebecca Moe Corynne Soffi Greg Kimberly Moe Soffi Moe Soffi
4 Vanessa Kimberly Kimberly Corynne Soffi Ceri Corynne Soffi Vanessa Greg Kimberly
5 Ceri Moe Moe Greg Vanessa Greg Kimberly Moe Kimberly Vanessa
6 Greg Vanessa Greg Vanessa Ceri Moe Vanessa Corynne Corynne
7 Kimberly Ainsley Ainsley Ceri Greg Kimberly Ceri
8 Moe Wynonna Ceri Soffi Kimberly Wynonna
9 Wynonna Soffi Wynonna Wynonna Ainsley
10 Ainsley Corynne Corynne Rebecca
11 Rebecca Rebecca Orianne
12 Soffi Ciera

Cycle 151Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Shanna Kelly Elise Andrea Rebecca Gabby Gabby Rebecca Kelly Rebecca Rebecca Kelly
2 Channing Shanna Trenyce Cara Channing Cara Trenyce Gabby Rebecca Trenyce Kelly Rebecca
3 Elise Channing Shanna Gabby Kelly Kelly Rebecca Cara Trenyce Kelly Trenyce
4 Trenyce Elise Cara Ayesha Cara Rebecca Cara Kelly Gabby Gabby
5 Kelly Gina Gabby Rebecca Trenyce Andrea Channing Trenyce Cara
6 Gabby Trenyce Channing Kelly Gabby Trenyce Kelly Channing
7 Cara Andrea Kelly Trenyce Andrea Channing Andrea
8 Rebecca Gabby Rebecca Elise Elise Elise
9 Heather Cara Andrea Channing Ayesha
10 Andrea Ayesha Ayesha Shanna
11 Gina Rebecca Gina
12 Ayesha Heather

Cycle 152Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Allyson Tilly Sabrina Sabrina Alexandra Ciri Katie Sabrina Rachel Tilly Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina
2 Jill Rachel Katie Tilly Ciri Cameron Cameron Rachel Sabrina Ciri Alexandra Tilly Tilly
3 Ciri Ciri Rachel Alexandra Sabrina Emillie Tilly Ciri Tilly Alexandra Tilly Alexandra
4 Cameron Emillie Emillie Rachel Katie Tilly Rachel Cameron Alexandra Sabrina Ciri
5 Emillie Jane Jane Emillie Emillie Katie Sabrina Alexandra Ciri Rachel
6 Mariah Alexandra Cameron Jane Cameron Rachel Alexandra Tilly Cameron
7 Rachel Sabrina Ciri Cameron Tilly Sabrina Ciri Katie
8 Sabrina Allyson Alexandra Ciri Rachel Alexandra Emillie
9 Alexandra Katie Tilly Katie Jane
10 Tilly Jill Allyson Allyson
11 Jane Cameron Jill
12 Katie Mariah

Cycle 153Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Elisha Reagan Camila Alejandra Natalie Camila Alejandra Keera Keera Camila Antonella Camila Camila
2 Lena Keera Valery Antonella Reagan Reagan Antonella Reagan Camila Antonella Keera Keera Keera
3 Arielle Valery Antonella Keera Camila Ariana Keera Alejandra Antonella Reagan Camila Antonella
4 Natalie Natalie Lena Valery Ariana Alejandra Natalie Antonella Reagan Keera Reagan
5 Camila Camila Alejandra Natalie Keera Keera Camila Camila Alejandra Alejandra
6 Valery Arielle Reagan Ariana Alejandra Antonella Reagan Natalie
7 Antonella Lena Natalie Reagan Antonella Natalie Ariana
8 Alejandra Elisha Keera Camila Valery Valery
9 Ariana Alejandra Ariana Lena Lena
10 Khloe Ariana Arielle Arielle
11 Keera Antonella Elisha
12 Reagan Khloe

Cycle 154 - All Stars 14Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Maryn Paloma Tilly Castealia Tilly Kirsten Clare Paloma Tahlia Tilly Paloma Tilly Tahlia
2 Charley Ciri Lysse Paloma Tahlia Castealia Tilly Tahlia Tilly Castealia Tilly Castealia Tilly
3 Laura Lysse Charley Charley Courtenie Courtenie Tahlia Clare Clare Paloma Castealia Tahlia Castealia
4 Tahlia Tahlia Tahlia Clare Ciri Tahlia Paloma Ciri Paloma Tahlia Tahlia Paloma
5 Clare Clare Ciri Ciri Clare Clare Castealia Castealia Castealia Clare Clare
6 Paloma Tilly Clare Tahlia Kirsten Tilly Ciri Tilly Ciri
7 Castealia Cara Cara Lysse Paloma Paloma Courtenie Courtenie
8 Lysse Kirsten Paloma Courtenie Charley Ciri Kirsten
9 Courtenie Charley Kirsten Kirsten Castealia Charley
10 Jera Castealia Castealia Tilly Lysse
11 Kirsten Jera Courtenie Cara
12 Cara Courtenie Jera
13 Tilly Laura
14 Ciri Maryn

Cycle 155Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Nya Samantha Betsy Olive Ciara Betsy Betsy Betsy Nya Jen Betsy Betsy
2 Kayleigh Nya Nya Betsy Nicole Jen Nya Samantha Samantha Betsy Samantha Samantha
3 Abbee Julie Julie Ciara Olive Nicole Samantha Jen Betsy Samantha Jen
4 Samantha Jen Nicole Jen Betsy Nya Nicole Nya Jen Nya
5 Nicole Olive Mika Mika Nya Mika Jen Nicole Nicole
6 Mika Kayleigh Samantha Nicole Mika Samantha Mika Mika
7 Jen Nicole Jen Samantha Jen Ciara Ciara
8 Betsy Mika Ciara Kayleigh Samantha Olive
9 Yesenia Ciara Kayleigh Nya Kayleigh
10 Julie Abbee Olive Julie
11 Ciara Betsy Abbee
12 Olive Yesenia

Cycle 156Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Maude Elisabeth Bethanney Sophie Elisabeth Maude Kiera Bethanney Fransisca Elisabeth Elisabeth Fransisca Fransisca
2 Jessica Sophie Elisabeth Bethanney Elexas Bethanney Sophie Elisabeth Elisabeth Fransisca Bethanney Elisabeth Elisabeth
3 Dana Joy Joy Ilara Kiera Kiera Ilara Fransisca Bethanney Sophie Fransisca Bethanney
4 Fransisca Jessica Sophie Kiera Ilara Ilara Elisabeth Ilara Sophie Bethanney Sophie
5 Vienna Ilara Muade Maude Sophie Fransisca Fransisca Sophie Kiera Kiera
6 Sophie Fransisca Ilara Dana Fransisca Sophie Bethanney Kiera Ilara
7 Kiera Maude Elexas Elexas Maude Joy Maude Maude
8 Aimee Elexas Jessica Elisabeth Bethanney Elisabeth Joy
9 Bethanney Vienna Kiera Joy Joy Elexas
10 Elisabeth Dana Dana Fransisca Dana
11 Joy Bethanney Fransisca Jessica
12 Elexas Kiera Vienna
13 Ilara Aimee

Cycle 157Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kimbra Christie Rebecca Tia Michelle Tess Tess Rebecca Rebecca Suzanne Suzanne
2 Alyce Kimbra Kimbra Tess Tia Danielle Tia Tess Suzanne Tess Tess
3 Rebecca Danielle Tess Suzanne Tess Tia Suzanne Suzanne Tess Rebecca
4 Danielle Michelle Alyce Alyce Suzanne Rebecca Danielle Tia Tia
5 Michelle Alyce Suzanne Michelle Danielle Kimbra Rebecca Danielle
6 Suzanne Tia Tia Danielle Rebecca Suzanne Kimbra
7 Christie Rebecca Michelle Kimbra Kimbra Michelle
8 Tia Suzanne Danielle Rebecca Alyce
9 Jade Tess Christie
10 Tess Jade

Cycle 158Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Janice Pia Kelsey Lesly Lesly Ashley Kelsey Lesly Franny Lesly Kelsey
2 Georgia Monica Ashley Franny Ashley Lesly Alessandra Franny Lesly Kelsey Lesly
3 Stefanie Lesly Monica Pia Monica Franny Franny Alessandra Kelsey Franny
4 Franny Marwa Marwa Alessandra Kelsey Kelsey Ashley Kelsey Alessandra
5 Kelsey Ashley Pia Monica Franny Alessandra Lesly Ashley
6 Ashley Kelsey Janice Kelsey Alessandra Moinca Monica
7 Monica Alessandra Franny Marwa Marwa Marwa
8 Alessandra Franny Alessandra Ashley Pia
9 Pia Janice Lesly Janice
10 Lesly Georgia Georgia
11 Marwa Stefanie

Cycle 159 - All Winners 13Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Stephen Kelly River Stephen River Moe Fransisca Tahlia Moe Tahlia Tahlia Moe
2 River Camila Kelsey Moe Fransisca Stephen Tahlia Moe Tahlia Moe Moe Tahlia
3 Moe Sabrina Tahlia Fransisca Stephen Betsy Betsy Betsy Stephen Stephen Stephen
4 Kelly Tahlia Fransisca Betsy Betsy Tahlia Stephen Stephen Fransisca Fransisca
5 Sabrina Moe Stephen River Tahlia River Moe Fransisca Betsy
6 Camila River Betsy Camila Kelsey Fransisca River
7 Tahlia Kelsey Moe Tahlia Moe Kelsey
8 Betsy Betsy Kelly Kelsey Camila
9 Fransisca Fransisca Camila Kelly
10 Suzanne Stephen Sabrina
11 Kelsey Suzanne

Cycle 160 - Winner Warfare Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Rachel Lori Jennie Jennie Rachel Rachelle Kellyann Lori Kellyann Jennie Kellyann Laura Laura Kellyann
2 Selita Jennie Lori Lori Rachelle Greg Lori Jennie Rachelle Kellyann Laura Jennie Kellyann Laura
3 Rachelle Moe Greg Soffi Kellyann Rachel Laura Rachel Rachel Rachelle Rachel Kellyann Jennie
4 Greg Kellyann Kellyann Kellyann Lori Jennie Rachelle Laura Laura Laura Jennie Rachel
5 Annemarie Greg Annemarie Laura Jennie Annemarie Rachel Rachelle Lori Rachel Rachelle
6 Jennie Annemarie Rachel Rachel Laura Lori Jennie Kellyann Jennie Lori
7 Lori Laura Laura Annemarie Soffi Laura Greg Greg
8 Kellyann Rachelle Rachelle Greg Annemarie Kellyann Annemarie
9 Laura Selita Soffi Rachelle Greg Soffi
10 Soffi Soffi Selita Moe Moe
11 Ainsley Ainsley Moe Selita
12 Isolina Rachel Ainsley
13 Moe Isolina

Cycle 161Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sandra Alasia Brooke Christine Geri Catie Christine Brooke Christine Christine Brooke Brooke
2 Sienna Catie Catie Fantasia Alasia Jane Brooke Geri Brooke Brooke Alasia Alasia
3 Candice Christine Jane Catie Fantasia Alasia Geri Christine Alasia Alasia Christine
4 Shandi Geri Sienna Alasia Sandra Fantasia Jane Alasia Geri Geri
5 Christine Shandi Geri Brooke Christine Geri Catie Jane Jane
6 Brooke Fantasia Fantasia Sienna Catie Brooke Alasia Catie
7 Jane Sandra Shandi Jane Jane Christine Fantasia
8 Catie Brooke Sandra Geri Brooke Sandra
9 Alasia Nicola Christine Sandra Sienna
10 Nicola Sienna Alasia Shandi
11 Fantasia Jane Nicola
12 Geri Candice

vCycle 162Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tamina Alanna Lily Misha Cerah Ally Lily Lily Lily Brody Lily Brody Brody
2 Ally Brody Brody Alanna Jacqueline Brody Tamina Brody Ally Ally Brody Lily Lily
3 Sarita Misha Ally Brody Misha Alanna Alanna Alanna Misha Lily Ally Ally
4 Nicole Crystal Alanna Tamina Alanna Tamina Misha Misha Alanna Alanna Alanna
5 Jacqueline Ally Misha Jacqueline Lily Misha Ally Ally Brody Misha
6 Brody Lily Tamina Lily Brody Jacqueline Brody Tamina
7 Alanna Jacqueline Sarita Cerah Tamina Lily Jacqueline
8 Misha Nicole Jacqueline Ally Ally Cerah
9 Crystal Tamina Nicole Sarita Sarita
10 Lily Sarita Cerah Nicole
11 Tamar Cerah Crystal
12 Cerah Tamar

Cycle 163Edit

4Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Daja Cecille Allison Athena Allison Alina Maysoon Alina Kelly Alina Ashley Alina
2 Alina Alina Ashley Maysoon Kelly Ashley Ashley Maysoon Maysoon Ashley Alina Ashley
3 Heather Maysoon Kelly Daja Ashley Cecille Cecille Ashley Alina Maysoon Maysoon
4 Allison Athena Jessica Jessica Athena Maysoon Kelly Cecille Ashley Kelly
5 Kelly Kelly Alina Allison Alina Allison Allison Kelly Cecille
6 Athena Daja Athena Alina Cecille Daja Alina Allison
7 Cecille Nicole Maysoon Kelly Daja Kelly Daja
8 Maysoon Allison Daja Cecille Maysoon Athena
9 Ashley Ashley Cecille Ashley Jessica
10 Jessica Jessica Nicole Nicole
11 Leah Leah Leah
12 Nicole Heather

Cycle 164Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Christina Mattine Beccy Candace Annie Tatianna Cheyenne Mattine Trine Cheyenne Cheyenne Mattine
2 Sheena Beccy Mattine Mattine Cheyenne Christina Mattine Annie Cheyenne Mattine Mattine Cheyenne
3 Trine Sheena Trine Christina Trine Mattine Tatianna Trine Tatianna Tatianna Tatianna
4 Tatianna Cheyenne Whitnee Beccy Tatianna Trine Annie Tatianna Mattine Trine
5 Cheyenne Trine Cheyenne Trine Whitnee Cheyenne Trine Cheyenne Annie
6 Whitnee Annie Tatianna Cheyenne Mattine Annie Beccy Beccy
7 Annie Whitnee Christina Annie Christina Beccy Christina
8 Mattine Christina Sheena Whitnee Beccy Whitnee
9 Mischelle Candace Candace Tatianna Candace
10 Candace Mischelle Annie Sheena
11 Jadeline Tatianna Mischelle
12 Beccy Jadeline

Cycle 165 - All Stars 15Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jen Tatianna Tia Tia Franny Maysoon Samantha Samantha Samantha Geri Maysoon Lily Maysoon
2 Nya Lesly Franny Lily Maysoon Lily Geri Maysoon Lily Lily Lily Samantha Lily
3 Samantha Tess Tess Maysoon Geri Samantha Lily Geri Kiera Maysoon Samantha Maysoon Samantha
4 Kiera Jen Kiera Geri Lesly Kiera Kiera Lily Lesly Kiera Geri Geri
5 Tia Geri Lesly Tess Tess Lesly Tia Lesly Maysoon Samantha Kiera
6 Tess Samantha Samantha Jen Lily Tia Lesly Kiera Geri Lesly
7 Lesly Kiera Nya Franny Tia Geri Maysoon Tia
8 Franny Lily Jen Lesly Kiera Tess Tess
9 Ashley Franny Maysoon Kiera Samantha Franny
10 Maysoon Tia Lily Samantha Jen
11 Geri Nya Geri Nya
12 Lily Maysoon Tatianna
13 Tatianna Ashley

Cycle 166 - Second Chances 8Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Keera Elise Alejandra Channing Beccy Channing Reagan Antonella Elise Reagan Elise Elise
2 Cerah Reagan Ayesha Cerah Reagan Katie Antonella Katie Reagan Alejandra Alejandra Alejandra
3 Reagan Channing Katie Katie Ayesha Elise Alejandra Alejandra Katie Elise Reagan
4 Ariana Katie Reagan Beccy Elise Alejandra Beccy Beccy Beccy Katie
5 Antonella Brielle Beccy Ayesha Antonella Beccy Elise Reagan Alejandra Beccy
6 Brielle Daja Cerah Reagan Katie Ayesha Channing Elise Antonella
7 Alejandra Ayesha Antonella Alejandra Cerah Antonella Katie Channing
8 Ciara Ciara Ciara Ciara Alejandra Reagan Ayesha
9 Ayesha Antonella Daja Antonella Channing Cerah
10 Elise Cerah Elise Elise Ciara
11 Channing Alejandra Channing Daja
12 Katie Beccy Brielle
13 Daja Ariana
14 Beccy Keera

Cycle 167Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jemmy Darrah Tania Tania Tania Tania Tania Sundae Sundae Tania
2 Sarah Lisa Lisa Sundae Sundae Lisa Annaliese Annaliese Tania Sundae
3 Lisa Piper Annaliese Lo Annaliese Piper Lisa Tania Annaliese
4 Tania Tania Sarah Darrah Lisa Annaliese Sundae Lisa
5 Darrah Sarah Lo Annaliese Piper Sundae Piper
6 Annaliese Annaliese Piper Piper Darrah Darrah
7 Lo Sundae Sundae Lisa Lo
8 Kendra Kendra Darrah Darah
9 Sundae Lo Kendra
10 Piper Jemmy

Cycle 168Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Megan Rei Michelle Betty Casie Betty Betty Michelle Rei Amanda Amanda Amanda
2 Kelly Betty Amanda Amanda Rei Amanda Rei Betty Michelle Rei Betty Betty
3 Randi Britney Charlotte Michelle Charlotte Michelle Casie Rei Betty Betty Rei
4 Lindsay Casie Megan Britney Britney Lindsay Amanda Amanda Amanda Michelle
5 Charlotte Candace Casie Rei Amanda Casie Lindsay Casie Casie
6 Michelle Michelle Betty Kelly Michelle Charlotte Michelle Lindsay
7 Betty Lindsay Lindsay Casie Lindsay Rei Charlotte
8 Candace Amanda Rei Lindsay Betty Britney
9 Amanda Megan Britney Charlotte Kelly
10 Casie Charlotte Kelly Megan
11 Britney Kelly Candace
12 Rei Randi

Cycle 169Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Josie Benny Tatianne Benny Georgina Danielle Danielle Georgina Georgina Georgina Georgina Danielle
2 Maria Melany Danielle Melany Benny Georgina Melany Benny Melany Danielle Danielle Georgina
3 Jory Josie Melany Tatianne Tatianne Benny Georgina Danielle Danielle Benny Benny
4 Benny Danielle Josie Chaela Maria Chaela Maria Melany Benny Melany
5 Tatianne Ulyanna Georgina Danielle Melany Melany Tatianne Maria Maria
6 Melany Georgina Benny Georgina Josie Maria Benny Tatianne
7 Danielle Yaya Chaela Maria Chaela Tatianne Chaela
8 Georgina Tatianne Ulyanna Josie Danielle Josie
9 Chaela Chaela Maria Gennipher Gennipher
10 Ulyanna Gennipher Gennipher Ulyanna
11 Gennipher Maria Yaya
12 Yaya Jory

Cycle 170Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Trista Trista Jacquie Helen Jil Jacquie Jil Helen Trista Dani Dani Dani
2 Andrews Halie Halie Trista Dani Dani Halie Jil Jil Jil Jil Jil
3 Halie Jacquie Helen Jil Trista Jil Dani Jacquie Jacquie Trista Trista
4 Jil Andrews Jasmine Halie Halie Helen Helen Dani Dani Jacquie
5 Rebecca Flicka Trista Jasmine Andrews Flicka Jacquie Trista Helen
6 Dani Helen Dani Flicka Jacquie Trista Trista Halie
7 Neena Neena Jil Dani Helen Halie Flicka
8 Jacquie Jil Andrews Andrews Flicka Andrews
9 Helen Dani Flicka Jacquie Jasmine
10 Flicka Jasmine Rebecca Rebecca
11 Jasmine Rebecca Neena
12 Cimone Cimone

Cycle 171 - All Winners 14Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kellyann Maysoon Mattine Kellyann Dani Maysoon Dani Dani Maysoon Alina Alina Maysoon
2 Brooke Alina Dani Elise Elise Danielle Danielle Danielle Alina Maysoon Maysoon Alina
3 Brody Mattine Kellyann Alina Kellyann Alina Alina Alina Dani Danielle Danielle
4 Alina Elise Maysoon Dani Danielle Kellyann Elise Maysoon Danielle Dani
5 Mattine Brody Danielle Danielle Brody Dani Maysoon Kellyann Kellyann
6 Maysoon Dani Elise Maysoon Maysoon Elise Kellyann Elise
7 Elise Kellyann Brody Mattine Alina Brody
8 Tania Brooke Alina Brody Mattine
9 Amanda Tania Brooke Brooke
10 Danielle Danielle Tania
11 Dani Amanda

Cycle 172 - The Online CycleEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sindi Melania Kally Annamaria Kally Melissa Jordan Annamaria Melissa
2 Saturn Melissa Jordan Saturn Annamaria Jordan Annamaria Melissa Annamaria
3 Melissa Annamaria Annamaria Melissa Melania Annamaria Melissa Jordan
4 Jordan Sadie Melania Jordan Jordan Melania Melania
5 Kally Saturn Melissa Melania Melissa Kally
6 Tish Jordan Sadie Kally Saturn
7 Sadie Kally Saturn Sadie
8 Melania Sindi Sindi
9 Annamaria Tish

Cycle 173 - Gone But Not ForgottenEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sherri Rosemary CeCe Alexandra Rin Imogen Imogen Rin Alexandra Zack Zack Rin
2 Chantelle Zack Bernadette Sinead Alexandra Sinead Rin CeCe Rin Imogen Rin Zack
3 Imogen CeCe Alexandra Rin CeCe CeCe Bernadette Zack Zack Rin Imogen
4 Rin Viktorya Imogen Diana Bernadette Rin Alexandra Imogen Imogen Alexandra
5 Bernadette Alexandra Sinead Imogen Zack Zack Zack Alexandra CeCe
6 Alexandra Sinead Diana Bernadette Sherri Alexandra CeCe Bernadette
7 Zack Bernadette Sherri Sherri Imogen Bernadette Sinead
8 Rosemary Rin Viktorya Zack Sinead Sherri
9 Sinead Imogen Rin CeCe Diana
10 Diana Diana Zack Viktorya
11 Viktorya Sherri Rosemary
12 CeCe Chantelle

Cycle 174Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tenanna Tamera Sera Tamera Cherish Cherish Claudia Josefene Tamera Josefene Josefene Claudia Claudia
2 Grace Shula Shula Brynn Tenanna Tenanna Josefene Cherish Josefene Tamera Claudia Josefene Josefene
3 Claudia Cherish Josefene Sera Claudia Tamera Jordi Tamera Claudia Claudia Tamera Tamera
4 Cynthia Brynn Tenanna Jordi Brynn Brynn Tenanna Brynn Brynn Cherish Cherish
5 Sera Claudia Tamera Shula Josefene Claudia Brynn Claudia Cherish Brynn
6 Shula Jordi Jordi Claudia Sera Jordi Cherish Tenanna Tenanna
7 Tamera Josefene Cherish Tenanna Jordi Josefene Tamera Jordi
8 Cherish Rebecca Brynn Cherish Shula Sera Sera
9 Brynn Tenanna Rebecca Josefene Tamera Shula
10 Rebecca Grace Claudia Rebecca
11 Josefene Sera Grace
12 Jordi Cynthia

Cycle 175 - Legends Vs. Learners 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ciera Mila Corynne Vanessa Mila Kelley Corynne Kelley Mila Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa
2 Alex Shirin Cassity Mila Ceri Sylviana Mila Corynne Corynne Corynne Mila Mila
3 Corynne Vanessa Ceri Ceri Corynne Cassity Vanessa Ceri Vanessa Mila Corynne Corynne
4 Vanessa Lauren Mila Kelley Vanessa Ceri Ceri Vanessa Ceri Ceri
5 Ceri Cassity Ciera Cassity Kelley Corynne Cassity Mila Kelley
6 Kelley Sylviana Kelley Sylviana Lauren Mila Kelley Cassity
7 Sylviana Kelley Vanessa Corynne Sylviana Vanessa Sylviana
8 Cassity Corynne Lauren Ciera Cassity Lauren
9 Mila Ceri Shirin Lauren Ciera
10 Shirin Alex Sylviana Shirin
11 Lauren Ciera Alex
12 Jamie Jamie

Cycle 176 - All Stars 16Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sundae Maria Cassity Trista Maria Benny Maria Maria Maria Mila Sundae Sundae Sundae
2 Mila Sundae Sundae Sundae Jil Trista Sundae Jil Benny Jil Jil Maria Maria
3 Rei Betty Mila Maria Sundae Cherish Cherish Benny Sundae Sundae Maria Jil
4 Betty Benny Rei Mila Cassity Sundae Cassity Maria Jil Maria Mila
5 Casie Cherish Betty Jil Mila Mila Benny Cherish Mila Benny
6 Melany Mila Trista Rei Trista Jil Jil Sundae Cherish
7 Maria Jil Maria Casie Benny Cassity Mila Cassity
8 Benny Melany Cherish Cherish Cherish Maria Trista
9 Jil Casie Benny Benny Casie Casie
10 Cherish Trista Casie Cassity Rei
11 Trista Rei Jil Betty
12 Melania Cassity Melany
13 Cassity Melania

Cycle 177Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Emilee Joanna Emilee Joanna Cay Kelli Joanna Kelli Joanna
2 Kelli Cay Jin Kelli Joanna Joanna Cay Joanna Kelli
3 Zakia Danielle Cay Danielle Jin Jin Kelli Cay
4 Danielle Morgan Kelli Cay Danielle Cay Jin
5 Cay Zakia Danielle Jin Kelli Danielle
6 Michelle Kelli Joanna Zakia Zakia
7 Jin Emilee Zakia Emilee
8 Joanna Jin Morgan
9 Morgan Michelle

Cycle 178Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Crista Shara Sheree Beth Mari Beth Blanche Beth Beth Beth Beth
2 Sandra Sheree Aaron Cassandra Cassandra Kimm Aaron Mari Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
3 Blanche Beth Beth Blanche Kimm Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Mari Mari
4 Mari Rami Kimm Aaron Blanche Blanche Beth Blanche Blanche
5 Rami Mari Cassandra Shara Beth Aaron Mari Aaron
6 Cassandra Cassandra Rami Sheree Aaron Mari Kimm
7 Beth Blanche Shara Kimm Sheree Sheree
8 Shara Sandra Blanche Mari Shara
9 Kimm Aaron Mari Rami
10 Sheree Kimm Sandra
11 Aaron Crista

Cycle 178Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Faith Jordenne Sharnjit Sharnjit Gina Sonny Sharnjit Sharnjit Taramarie Taramarie Sharnjit
2 Jordenne Sharnjit Cheryl Aimy Calie Sharnjit Jordenne Taramarie Sonny Sharnjit Taramarie
3 Aimy Aimy Taramarie Sonny Cheryl Calie Taramarie Gina Sharnjit Sonny
4 Sharnjit Sonny Gina Jordenne Taramarie Jordenne Gina Sonny Gina
5 Cheryl Calie Sonny Calie Sonny Taramarie Sonny Jordenne
6 Sonny Faith Calie Taramarie Jordenne Gina Calie
7 Gina Elena Aimy Cheryl Sharnjit Cheryl
8 Taramarie Gina Faith Gina Aimy
9 Calie Cheryl Jordenne Faith
10 Elena Taramarie Elena
11 Alice Alice

Cycle 179Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Mallory Hermione Hermione Becky Sharon Sharon Sharon Becky Becky Sharon
2 Sarah Liz Sarah Natalie Becky Becky Hana Hermione Sharon Becky
3 Hermione Sharon Natalie Kelsey Natalie Hana Hermione Sharon Hermione
4 Natalie Kelsey Liz Sarah Hana Natalie Becky Hana
5 Hana Becky Hana Sharon Sarah Hermione Natalie
6 Kelsey Sarah Becky Hana Hermione Sarah
7 Sharon Hana Kelsey Hermione Kelsey
8 Lianne Lianne Sharon Liz
9  Becky Natalie Lianne
10 Liz Mallory

Cycle 180 - Second Chances 9Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Annaliese Annaliese Andrews Brynn Lauren Tamera Lauren Tamera Lauren Lauren Lauren Josefene
2 Darrah Jacquie Shula Michelle Darrah Shula Josefene Lauren Josefene Tamera Tamera Tamera
3 Lindsay Josefene Josefene Lauren Kally Lauren Darrah Jacquie Tamera Jacquie Josefene Lauren
4 Michelle Lauren Lauren Tamera Andrews Josefene Jacquie Shula Shula Josefene Jacquie
5 Josefene Brynn Kally Shula Jacquie Darrah Andrews Andrews Jacquie Shula
6 Jacquie Michelle Jacquie Kally Brynn Kally Tamera Josefene Andrews
7 Andrews Kally Lindsay Andrews Tamera Jacquie Shula Darrah
8 Lauren Lindsay Tamera Jacquie Shula Andrews Kally
9 Kally Andrews Michelle Darrah Josefene Brynn
10 Brynn Darrah Darrah Josefene Michelle
11 Shula Shula Brynn Lindsay
12 Tamera Tamera Annaliese
13 Sheree Sheree

Cycle 181Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Denise Para Marquwita Marquwita Paige Jessica Paige Alessandra Para Alessandra Jessica Alessandra Marquwita
2 Para Yeoman Paige Jazzy Jennifer Denise Marquwita Marquwita Alessandra Jessica Marquwita Marquwita Alessandra
3 Ksenyia Jazzy Yeoman Para Jessica Jennifer Jazzy Para Paige Paige Alessandra Jessica
4 Marquwita Denise Jennifer Paige Alessandra Marquwita Alessandra Paige Jessicca Marquwita Paige
5 Patricia Jessica Lindsee Yeoman Para Para Para Jazzy Marquwita Para
6 Jazzy Ksenyia Alessandra Denise Marquwita Jazzy Denise Jessica Jazzy
7 Paige Alessandra Para Alessandra Denise Paige Jessica Denise
8 Yeoman Marquwita Jessica Jessica Yeoman Alessandra Jennifer
9 Alessandra Lindsee Jazzy Jennifer Jazzy Yeoman
10 Jennifer Paige Denise Lindsee
11 Lindsee Jennifer Ksenyia
12 Jessica Patricia

Cycle 182Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Heidy Tessa Jenna Jenna Katie Tessa Heidy Meagan Heidy Jenna Heidy Tessa Tessa
2 Jill Tieona Tessa Cassandra Meagan Cassandra Katie Cassandra Marchelle Meagan Tessa Heidy Heidy
3 Katie Marchelle Jill Tessa Jill Marchelle Meagan Heidy Jenna Heidy Meagan Meagan
4 Jenna Deryl Meagan Katie Tessa Roxi Marchelle Jenna Tessa Tessa Jenna
5 Gillian Roxi Katie Heidy Marchelle Meagan Jenna Marchelle Meagan Marchelle
6 Cassandra Jill Cassandra Roxi Roxi Heidy Tessa Tessa Cassandra
7 Meagan Katie Tieona Jill Jenna Jenna Cassandra Katie
8 Tessa Jenna Heidy Meagan Heidy Katie Roxi
9 Marchelle Meagan Marchelle Marchelle Cassandra Jill
10 Deryl Heidy Deryl Tieona Tieona
11 Roxi Cassandra Roxi Deryl
12 Tieona Gillian

Cycle 183 - SolidificationEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Leah Liberty Alexandra Lauren Tilly Liberty Paloma Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Paloma
2 Imogen Cassity Lauren Katie Paloma Paloma Liberty Tilly Paloma Paloma Paloma Liberty
3 Katie Leah Paloma CeCe Cassity Alexandra Alexandra Cassity Cassity Alexandra Alexandra
4 Tilly Lauren Josefene Cassity Leah Tilly Cassity Paloma Alexandra Cassity
5 CeCe Lena Cassity Leah Lauren Cassity Lauren Alexandra Tilly
6 Lauren Paloma Tilly Liberty Alexandra CeCe Tilly Lauren
7 Cassity Josefene Katie Tilly Liberty Lauren CeCe
8 Alexandra Alexandra CeCe Paloma CeCe Leah
9 Josefene Katie Liberty Alexandra Katie
10 Paloma Tilly Leah Josefene
11 Liberty CeCe Lena
12 Lena Imogen

Cycle 184 - Worst to FirstEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alison Ainslie October Lizzy Kleo Dorothie Perri Perri Perri Lizzy Ronette Perri
2 Joss Lizzy Perri Perri Lizzy Ainslie Spruce Spruce Ainslie Perri Perri Ronette
3 Dakoda Perri Lizzy Ronette Perri Spruce Ainslie Ainslie Ronette Ronette Lizzy
4 Ainslie Joss Ronette Kleo Spruce Perri Ronette Ronette Lizzy Ainslie
5 October Spruce Ainslie Dorothie Ronette October Dorothie Lizzy Spruce
6 Lizzy Dakoda Alison Spruce October Lizzy Lizzy Dorothie
7 Jacki Alison Spruce Ainslie Dorothie Ronette October
8 Ronette Dorothie Joss October Ainslie Kleo
9 Kleo Kleo Kleo Alison Alison
10 Dorothie October Dorothie Joss
11 Spruce Ronette Dakoda
12 Perri Jacki

Cycle 185 - Worst to First 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sabine Ola Fabia Fabia Cimone Celene Celene Ola Celene Cimone Cimone Celene
2 Merry Yesenia Ola Merry Yesenia Yesenia Yesenia Yesenia Cimone Celene Celene Cimone
3 Jory Jadeline Cimone Yesenia Fabia Cimone Cimone Fabia Ola Yesenia Yesenia
4 Brandy Daniele Mallory Cimone Celene Daniele Fabia Cimone Yesenia Ola
5 Mallory Merry Merry Celene Daniele Fabia Daniele Celene Fabia
6 Ola Celene Brandy Ola Mallory Mallory Ola Daniele
7 Fabia Fabia Yesenia Daniele Ola Ola Mallory
8 Daniele Cimone Sabine Sabine Merry Merry
9 Cimone Mallory Daniele Mallory Sabine
10 Celene Brandy Celene Brandy
11 Jadeline Sabine Jadeline
12 Yesenia Jory

Cycle 186Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Joscelyn Joscelyn Caren Nathalee Nici Sierra Nici Sierra Zanya Sierra Nici Sierra
2 Tarrie Sierra Nici Zanya Zanya Caren Zanya Nici Nathalee Nathalee Sierra Nici
3 Wendi Caren Abbigale Sierra Abbigale Nathalee Farrah Farrah Nici Nici Nathalee
4 Farrah Tarrie Sierra Rachelle Caren Joscelyn Caren Nathalee Sierra Zanya
5 Leeza Nathalee Zanya Farrah Farrah Nici Nathalee Zanya Farrah
6 Rachelle Nici Nathalee Caren Nathalee Farrah Sierra Caren
7 Nathalee Rachelle Rachelle Nici Joscelyn Zanya Joscelyn
8 Sierra Leeza Tarrie Abbigale Sierra Abbigale
9 Caren Farrah Joscelyn Joscelyn Rachelle
10 Abbigale Abbigale Farrah Tarrie
11 Zanya Zanya Leeza
12 Nici Wendi

Cycle 187Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Dora Imina Lisa Imina Allison Candy Imina Allison McKenzie Lisa McKenzie Lisa
2 McKenzie Lisa Candy Allison Franchesca McKenzie Candy Imina Lisa McKenzie Lisa McKenzie
3 Lisa Gemma Franchesca Dora Jordan Imina Lisa Lisa Franchesca Imina Imina
4 Rae Jordan Gemma Franchesca Lisa Morgan Allison Candy Imina Franchesca
5 Allison Franchesca Jordan Morgan Candy Lisa McKenzie Franchesca Candy
6 Jordan Rae Morgan Lisa McKenzie Franchesca Franchesa McKenzie Allison
7 Gemma Allison Dora McKenzie Morgan Allison Morgan
8 Candy McKenzie McKenzie Candy Imina Jordan
9 Franchesca Dora Imina Jordan Dora
10 Morgan Morgan Allison Gemma
11 Alexis Candy Rae
12 Imina Alexis

Cycle 188Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Amanda Catherine Meena Katrina Kass Catherine Meena Kass Kass Meena Katrina
2 Rachel Meena Kass Angela Katrina Meena Katrina Katrina Meena Katrina Meena
3 Michelle Cassandra Angela Catherine Meena Cassandra Kass Meena Katrina Kass
4 Cassandra Angela Maria Meena Angela Kass Catherine Catherine Catherine
5 Kass Kass Catherine Maria Rachel Katrina Angela Angela
6 Maria Katrina Katrina Cassandra Catherine Angela Cassandra
7 Alexa Michelle Rachel Kass Cassandra Rachel
8 Katrina Rachel Cassandra Rachel Maria
9 Catherine Maria Amanda Amanda
10 Meena Amanda Michelle
11 Angela Alexa

Cycle 189Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Vivica Analisa Stephanie Rue Laura Vivica Vivica Taylor Laura Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor
2 Amelia Rue Rue Laura Rue Analisa Taylor Stephanie Taylor Analisa Laura Laura Laura
3 Emilee Vasha Vivica Tanner Tanner Taylor Stephanie Rue Analisa Laura Stephanie Stephanie
4 Vasha Shayla Laura Stephanie Stephanie Rue Rue Analisa Rue Stephanie Analisa
5 Taylor Laura Analisa Analisa Analisa Stephanie Laura Vivica Stephanie Rue
6 Annie Emilee Taylor Vivica Taylor Vasha Analisa Laura Vivica
7 Analisa Stephanie Vasha Vasha Vivica Laura Vasha
8 Stephanie Vivica Tanner Taylor Vasha Tanner
9 Tanner Amelia Amelia Emilee Emilee
10 Shayla Taylor Emilee Amelia
11 Laura Tanner Shayla
12 Rue Annie

Cycle 190 - All Winners 15Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Melissa Lisa Joanna Sharon Taylor Marquwita Sharon Taylor Sharnjit Taylor Taylor Sharnjit
2 Rin Taylor Celene Lisa Tessa Sharnjit Celene Marquwita Sharon Sharon Sharnjit Taylor
3 Claudia Perri Sierra Celene Sharnjit Tessa Taylor Sharon Lisa Sharnjit Sharon
4 Vanessa Sharon Taylor Vanessa Rin Lisa Sharnjit Rin Taylor Lisa
5 Sundae Katrina Sharnjit Taylor Perri Taylor Lisa Lisa Marquwita
6 Joanna Sundae Sundae Sundae Marquwita Perri Marquwita Sharnjit Rin
7 Beth Celene Melissa Rin Katrina Joanna Tessa Celene
8 Sharnjit Sierra Katrina Sierra Celene Sharon Rin Tessa
9 Sharon Melissa Marquwita Katrina Sierra Rin Joanna
10 Josefene Joanna Sharon Perri Lisa Celene Perri
11 Marquwita Josefene Lisa Sharnjit Sharon Sierra
12 Tessa Rin Perri Tessa Joanna Katrina
13 Paloma Paloma Vanessa Marquwita Sundae
14 Perri Tessa Josefene Joanna Vanessa
15 Celene Claudia Tessa Josefene
16 Sierra Marquwita Rin Melissa
17 Lisa Sharnjit Paloma
18 Katrina Vanessa Claudia
19 Taylor Beth

Cycle 191Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tabby Rachael Rose Jillian Jo Anne Lilly Lilly Jo Anne Lilly
2 Jillian Kenya Jillian Jo Anne Clementine Jo Anne Clementine Lilly Jo Anne
3 Lilly Lilly Clementine Lilly Rachael Rachael Jo Anne Clementine
4 Clementine Jo Anne Lilly Clementine Lilly Clementine Rachael
5 Jo Anne Rose Jo Anne Kenya Jillian Jillian
6 Zandy Zandy Rachael Rachael Kenya
7 Rose Clementine Kenya Rose
8 Kenya Jillian Zandy
9 Rachael Tabby

Cycle 192 - All Stars 17Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Mari Ola Heidy Heidy Lizzy Heidy Heidy Heidy Jennifer Heidy Jennifer Heidy
2 Taramarie Zanya Jessica Jennifer Laura Jennifer Lizzy Jennifer Jessica Jennifer Heidy Jennifer
3 Candy Mallory Paige Mallory Cimone Taramarie Jennifer Lizzy Taramarie Taramarie Taramarie
4 Laura Jennifer Taramarie Candy Zanya Lizzy Jessica Jessica Heidy Jessica
5 Paige Nici Cimone Taramarie Heidy Jessica Cimone Taramarie Lizzy
6 Jessica Lauren Jennifer Jessica Jennifer Cimone Taramarie Cimone
7 Jennifer Ainslie Candy Nici Jessica Laura Laura
8 Heidy Imina Nici Laura Candy Candy
9 Tieona Cimone Laura Lizzy Taramarie Zanya
10 Liberty Paige Lauren Zanya Mallory Mallory
11 Lauren Jessica Lizzy Ola Nici
12 Lizzy Lizzy Mallory Cimone Ola
13 Ainslie Laura Ola Paige
14 Cimone Heidy Ainslie Lauren
15 Mallory Candy Zanya Ainslie
16 Ola Taramarie Imina
17 Zanya Mari
18 Nici Liberty
19 Jillian Tieona
20 Imina Jillian

Cycle 193Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Blayne Kelsee Tiffany Selena Jacquelyn Roseann Nala Elisabetta Elisabetta Elisabetta Kelsee Roseann Roseann
2 Dierra Kellie Kelsee Kellie Kelsee Tiffany Roseann Kelsee Roseann Kelsee Roseann Elisabetta Elisabetta
3 Selena Dierra Elisabetta Dierra Roseann Elisabetta Kelsee Tiffany Jacquelyn Jacquelyn Elisabetta Kelsee
4 Jacquelyn Tiffany Jacquelyn Jacquelyn Blayne Jacquelyn Jacquelyn Roseann Nala Roseann Jacquelyn
5 Nala Jacquelyn Nala Elisabetta Elisabetta Kellie Kellie Nala Kelsee Nala
6 Kellie Nala Blayne Roseann Tiffany Kelsee Tiffany Jacquelyn Tiffany
7 Roseann Roseann Kellie Nala Nala Nala Elisabetta Kellie
8 Tiffany Blayne Selena Blayne Kellie Blayne Blayne
9 Kelsee Elisabetta Dierra Tiffany Dierra Dierra
10 Kassandra Selena Roseann Kelsee Selena
11 Louise Kassandra Kassandra
12 Elisabetta Louise

Cycle 194Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Elisha Suzette Elisha Axel Jaymie Axel Jaymie Holly Axel Morgan Axel
2 Sariah Holly Brittanya Holly Charmin Jaymie Axel Axel Morgan Axel Morgan
3 Hayley Jaymie Suzette Brittanya Holly Suzette Suzette Morgan Holly Holly
4 Morgan Morgan Axel Suzette Suzette Morgan Morgan Jaymie Jaymie
5 Suzette Charmin Morgan Charmin Elisha Holly Holly Suzette
6 Jaymie Vina Hayley Jaymie Morgan Elisha Elisha
7 Axel Hayley Jaymie Morgan Axel Charmin
8 Charmin Brittanya Charmin Elisha Brittanya
9 Holly Axel Holly Hayley
10 Brittanya Elisha Vina
11 Vina Sariah

Cycle 195Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tamar Madison Tamar Madison Sadie Sophie Tamar Tamar Madison Madison
2 Sarah Lindsay Sarah Lindsay Tamar Madison Lindsay Madison Tamar Tamar
3 Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie Sarah Sadie Sophie Lindsay Lindsay
4 Lindsay Sarah Sadie Tamar Lindsay Lindsay Madison Sophie
5 Madison Sadie Marnie Sophie Sophie Tamar Sadie
6 Sadie Sandy Sophie Sadie Madison Sarah
7 Marnie Marnie Lindsay Sarah Natalie
8 Marla Tamar Madison Marnie
9 Sophie Sophie Sandy
10 Sandy Marla

Cycle 196 - Legends Vs. Learners 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Judy Leah Cimone Soffi Haly Cimone Haly Leah Haly Haly Haly Haly
2 Alexis Cimone Soffi Cass Leah Leah Cass Cass Kristina Leah Kristina Kristina
3 Danielle Rosemarie Alexis Haly Rosemarie Haly Kristina Haly Roesmarie Kristina Leah
4 Heather Danielle Cass Kristina Kristina Rosemarie Rosemarie Kristina Leah Rosemarie
5 Kristina Haly Leah Rosemarie Cass Kristina Cimone Rosemarie Cass
6 Maddam Cass Maddam Cimone Danielle Soffi Leah Cimone
7 Cimone Kristina Kristina Leah Soffi Cass Soffi
8 Soffi Soffi Haly Maddam Cimone Danielle
9 Cass Maddam Rosemarie Danielle Maddam
10 Leah Heather Danielle Alexis
11 Rosemarie Alexis Heather
12 Haly Judy

Cycle 197Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jenney Gennipher Stephanie Gabriela Aloe Leighanne Aloe Aloe Leighanne Leighanne Mirin Aloe
2 Carol Stephanie Gennipher Mirin Nicola Mirin Mirin Mirin Mirin Mirin Aloe Mirin
3 Aloe Gabriela Leighanne Aloe Leighanne Gennipher Gennipher Daley Daley Aloe Leighanne
4 Dianne Carol Aloe Daley Mirin Daley Gabriela Gennipher Aloe Daley
5 Leighanne Mirin Nicola Nicola Gabriela Aloe Daley Leighanne Gennipher
6 Nicola Nicola Gabriela Leighanne Daley Nicola Leighanne Gabriela
7 Gabriela Leighanne Mirin Gennipher Stephanie Gabriela Nicola
8 Gennipher Jenney Dlaley Minte Gennipher Stephanie
9 Stephanie Minte Minte Stephanie Minte
10 Minte Daley Jenney Jenney
11 Daley Aloe Carol
12 Mirin Dianne

Cycle 198Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Allyn Allyn Samm Soenia Anya Joey Anya Norin Kadie Norin Kadie Kadie
2 Helena Norin Soenia Anya Soenia Norin Tatjanna Soenia Norin Soenia Soenia Soenia
3 Sarah Tatjanna Allyn Joey Joey Soenia Soenia Kadie Joey Kadie Norin
4 Samm Kadie Kadie Norin Kadie Anya Norin Anya Soenia Joey
5 Kadie Anya Tatjanna Katty Norin Kadie Kadie Joey Anya
6 Joey Katty Joey Tatjanna Tatjanna Tatkanna Joey Tatjanna
7 Tatjanna Soenia Anya Samm Katty Allyn Allyn
8 Anya Joey Helena Kadie Allyn Katty
9 Vel Vel Norin Allyn Sam
10 Soenia Samm Katty Helena
11 Katty Helena Vel
12 Norin Sarah

Cycle 199Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jayme Laurena Monique Monique Ashlee Ashlee Emma Emma Ashlee Laurena Laurena Ashlee
2 Candice Ashlee Michelle Shawne Monique Laurena Ashlee Monique Laurena Monique Ashlee Laurena
3 Julia Shawne Emma Emma Laurena Monique Kherington Kherington Monique Ashlee Monique
4 Emma Kherington Ashlee Kathy Kathy Shawne Kathy Laurena Emma Emma
5 Michelle Emma Shawne Ashlee Michelle Kathy Laurena Ashlee Kherington
6 Kherington Kathy Kathy Laurena Kherington Kherington Monique Kathy
7 Laurena Jayme Laurena Kherington Shawne Emma Shawne
8 Kathy Monique Kherington Michelle Emma Michelle
9 Ashlee Candice Jayme Candice Candice
10 Shawne Michelle Candice Jayme
11 Monique Julia Julia
12 Alla Alla

Cycle 200 - Best of the Best 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Abi Anouk Leah Leah Prianka Anouk Greg Heidy Corynne Greg Corynne Greg Greg
2 Corynne Abi Anouk Corynne Anouk Heidy Heidy Greg Heidy Corynne Greg Corynne Corynne
3 Lauren Heidy Kara Anouk Leah Greg Kara Anouk Greg Anouk Anouk Anouk
4 Ceri Lauren Prianka Heidy Greg Leah Corynne Prianka Leah Heidy Heidy
5 Prianka Afsar Greg Prianka Corynne Kara Prianka Corynne Anouk Leah
6 Anouk Ainsley Abi Kara Kara Prianka Anouk Leah Prianka
7 Leah Prianka Afsar Greg Heidy Corynne Leah Kara
8 Kara Corynne Heidy Abi Abi Abi
9 Greg Leah Ainsley Ainsley Ainsley
10 Heidy Greg Corynne Afsar
11 Afsar Kara Lauren
12 Ainsley Ceri

Cycle 201 - Second Chances 10Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alessandra Rue McKenzie Kelsee Kristina Clementine Kelsee Kristina Alessandra Kristina Kristina Kelsee
2 Yeoman Jo Anne Kelsee Mirin Alessandra Kristina Clementine Kelsee Clementine Kelsee Kelsee Kristina
3 Roxi Kristina Mirin Clementine Imina Mirin Kristina Mirin Kristina Clementine Clementine
4 Imina McKenzie Kristina Alessandra Rue Kelsee Mirin Alessandra Kelsee Alessandra
5 McKenzie Clementine Imina Jo Anne Mirin Rue Rue Clementine Mirin
6 Rue Alessandra Clementine Imina Kelsee McKenzie Alessandra Rue
7 Analisa Mirin Alessandra Rue Clementine Alessandra McKenzie
8 Jo Anne Yeoman Jo Anne Kristina McKenzie Imina
9 Clementine Imina Yeoman McKenzie Jo Anne
10 Kelsee Kelsee Rue Yeoman
11 Mirin Analisa Analisa
12 Kristina Roxi

Cycle 202 - All Stars 18Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tiffany Monique Elisha Minte Joey Minte Daley Daley Norin Daley Joey Minte
2 Emma Leighanne Joey Joey Elisha Daley Minte Monique Daley Minte Minte Joey
3 Jacquelyn Minte Leighanne Norin Minte Elisha Joey Minte Joey Joey Daley
4 Elisha Daley Tiffany Daley Leighanne Monique Norin Norin Minte Norin
5 Monique Joey Emma Leighanne Monique Leighanne Monique Joey Monique
6 Danielle Danielle Norin Monique Norin Joey Leighanne Leighanne
7 Leighanne Tiffany Minte Emma Daley Norin Elisha
8 Daley Elisha Jacquelyn Elisha Tiffany Tiffany
9 Minte Norin Daley Tiffany Emma
10 Soenia Jacquelyn Monique Jacquelyn
11 Norin Emma Danielle
12 Joey Soenia

Cycle 203Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Chardona Junoit Ryan Ashton Maricela Ryan Junoit Sofee Rizzy Ryan Junoit Ryan Ryan
2 Sofee Maricela Tatrina Ryan Jayde Jayde Maricela Jayde Jayde Jayde Jayde Junoit Junoit
3 Allyson Jayde Junoit Junoit Christina Junoit Rizzy Junoit Maricela Rizzy Ryan Jayde
4 Junoit Sofee Sofee Tatrina Tatrina Maricela Sofee Ryan Junoit Junoit Rizzy
5 Ashton Ashton Maricela Chardona Rizzy Tatrina Jayde Maricela Ryan Maricela
6 Rizzy Allyson Jayde Maricela Ryan Sofee Ashton Rizzy Sofee
7 Tatrina Charonda Christina Rizzy Sofee Ashton Ryan Ashton
8 Ryan Rizzy Allyson Jayde Ashton Rizzy Tatrina
9 Rebecca Christina Rizzy Christina Junoit Christina
10 Christina Tatrina Ashton Sofee Chardona
11 Jayde Ryan Chardona Allyson
12 Maricela Rebecca

Cycle 204 - All Winners 16Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lilly Haly Haly Kadie Minte Kelsee Minte Minte Minte Minte Ashlee Haly Haly Haly
2 Heidy Axel Ashlee Ashlee Haly Minte Heidy Kelsee Haly Aloe Haly Kelsee Minte Minte
3 Roseann Ryan Greg Aloe Heidy Aloe Kelsee Ashlee Kelsee Haly Minte Minte Kelsee
4 Axel Minte Kadie Greg Madison Madison Aloe Greg Aloe Ashlee Kelsee Ashlee
5 Madison Aloe Aloe Kelsee Kadie Greg Kadie Haly Greg Kelsee Aloe
6 Haly Kelsee Heidy Minte Kelsee Kadie Greg Heidy Ashlee Greg
7 Aloe Ashlee Kelsee Heidy Roseann Ashlee Ashlee Aloe Heidy
8 Kadie Greg Madison Haly Aloe Haly Haly Kadie
9 Ashlee Madison Axel Madison Ashlee Heidy Madison
10 Greg Kadie Roseann Roseann Greg Roseann
11 Kelsee Roseann Minte Axel
12 Minte Heidy Ryan
13 Ryan Lilly

Cycle 205Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Irin S. Irin S. Lauren Lauren Irin S. Lauren Caryn Irin S. Paula Alyssa Paula Samantha Paula Lauren
2 Caryn Erin T. Paula Alyssa Judith Paula Lauren Alyssa Lauren Paula Lauren Paula Lauren Paula
3 Stephanie Lauren Bella Caryn Bella Alyssa Irin S. Bella Alyssa Caryn Alyssa Lauren Samantha
4 Samantha Paula Alyssa Samantha Samantha Judith Paula Lauren Samantha Samantha Samantha Alyssa
5 Bella Alyssa Yvette Judith Lauren Bella Bella Caryn Caryn Lauren Caryn
6 Erin T. Caryn Victoria Paula Caryn Victoria Samantha Samantha Irin S. Irin S.
7 Judith Stephanie Judith Irin S. Paula Caryn Victoria Paula Bella
8 Alyssa Bella Erin T. Bella Alyssa Samantha Alyssa Victoria
9 Lauren Judith Caryn Yvette Victoria Irin S. Judith
10 Paula Samantha Samantha Victoria Yvette
11 Sarah Yvette Irin S. Erin T.
12 Yvette Sarah Stephanie
13 Victoria

Cycle 206Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ellena Reeshie Hazel Crystal Christine Ellena Christine Jeanette Hazel Kari Hazel Crystal Jeanette Crystal
2 Hazel Jeanette Jeanette Louisa Crystal Crystal Jeanette Shelby Crystal Jeanette Kari Jeanette Crystal Jeanette
3 Agatha Hazel Ellena Amber Hazel Hazel Kari Christine Kari Crystal Crystal Hazel Hazel
4 Reeshie Louisa Kari Kari Kari Kari Shelby Crystal Jeanette Hazel Jeanette Kari
5 Shelby Christine Christine Ellena Shelby Shelby Crystal Kari Christine Christine
6 Crystal Ellena Amber Christine Jeanette Christine Hazel Hazel Shelby
7 Christine Kari Louisa Shelby Ellena Jeanette Ellena Ellena
8 Amber Agatha Crystal Hazel Louisa Louisa
9 Louisa Amber Shelby Jeanette Amber
10 Jeanette Shelby Reeshie Reeshie
11 Shayne Crystal Agatha
12 Kari Shayne

Cycle 207 - Legends Vs. Learners 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Johna Alexandra Ciri Corinne Ivory Liberty Ciri Cimberly Cimberly Cimberly Cimberly Cimberly
2 Corinne Ebony Alexandra Natalie Liberty Alexandra Alexandra Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty
3 Bailey Cimberly Ebony Ivory Ciri Natalie Natalie Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra
4 Ivory Liberty Natalie Ciri Cimberly Cimberly Cimberly Corinne Natalie Natalie
5 Ebony Ami Ami Ebony Corinne Corinne Liberty Natalie Corinne
6 Cimberly Ciri Liberty Cimberly Ebony Ebony Corinne Ciri
7 Celene Ivory Corinne Liberty Alexandra Ciri Ebony
8 Liberty Johna Ivory Alexandra Natalie Ivory
9 Alexandra Natalie Cimberly Ami Ami
10 Natalie Celene Celene Celene
11 Ciri Corinne Johna
12 Ami Bailey

Cycle 208 - Solidification 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Valery Noira Noira Natalie Natalie Anouk Minte Natalie Kelsee Maysoon Kelsee Kelsee Minte
2 Jai Minte Minte Noira Maysoon Minte Anouk Minte Minte Natalie Minte Minte Kelsee
3 Diana Maysoon Isolina Maysoon Noira Natalie Kelsee Noira Natalie Kelsee Natalie Natalie
4 Natalie Anouk Anouk Jai Minte Noira Jai Kelsee Maysoon Minte Maysoon
5 Minte Valery Diana Kelsee Diana Kelsee Natalie Jai Noira Noira
6 Noira Afsar Afsar Minte Kelsee Maysoon Noira Maysoon Jai
7 Maysoon Kelsee Natalie Diana Jai Jai Maysoon Anouk
8 Kelsee Natalie Kelsee Afsar Anouk Diana
9 Afsar Diana Jai Anouk Afsar
10 Anouk Isolina Maysoon Isolina
11 Isolina Jai Valery
12 Wray Wray

Cycle 209Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Candice Cashmere Jenn R. Anastassia Guadalupe Ja'Nel Estrella Estrella Guadalupe Estrella Ja'Nel Anastassia
2 Sarah Ja'Nel Ja'Nel Ja'Nel Cashmere Anastassia Ja'Nel Jenn R. Anastassia Anastassia Anastassia Ja'Nel
3 Maria Guadalupe Guadalupe Estrella Leslie Cashmere Anastassia Anastassia Estrella Ja'Nel Estrella
4 Ja'Nel Jenn R. Anastassia Sierra Anastassia Jenn R. Jenn R. Guadalupe Ja'Nel Guadalupe
5 Cashmere Anastassia Sierra Leslie Jenn R. Estrella Guadalupe Ja'Nel Jenn R.
6 Guadalupe Sierra Candice Jenn R. Estrella Leslie Cashmere Cashmere
7 Sierra Leslie Estrella Cashmere Sierra Guadalupe Leslie
8 Estrella Estrella Leslie Candice Ja'Nel Sierra
9 Jen T. Maria Maria Guadalupe Candice
10 Jenn R. Jen T. Cashmere Maria
11 Leslie Candice Jen T.
12 Anastassia Sarah

Cycle 210 - All Stars 19Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Junoit Jayde Alyssa Corinne Junoit Jayde Rizzy Junoit Rizzy Junoit Rizzy Rizzy Rizzy
2 Jayde Caryn Hazel Rizzy Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella Junoit Corinne Corinne Junoit Junoit
3 Rizzy Junoit Corinne Junoit Rizzy Rizzy Junoit Rizzy Corinne Rizzy Junoit Corinne
4 Paula Ja'Nel Junoit Irin Corinne Alyssa Hazel Hazel Estrella Estrella Estrella
5 Alyssa Rizzy Irin Alyssa Ja'Nel Hazel Corinne Corinne Hazel
6 Caryn Hazel Estrella Estrella Hazel Junoit Jayde Jayde
7 Irin Alyssa Jayde Jayde Alyssa Corinne Alyssa
8 Hazel Irin Caryn Ja'Nel Jayde Ja'Nel
9 Corinne Paula Ja'Nel Hazel Irin
10 Ja'Nel Corinne Rizzy Caryn
11 Estrella Estrella Paula
12 Victoria Victoria

Cycle 211Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Georgina Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Georgina Kasey Georgina Ruth Charlotte Georgina Mira Mira
2 Stephanie Mira Georgina Rayne Mira Rayne Charlotte Georgina Mira Mira Georgina Georgina
3 Emanda Georgina Rayne Kasey Ruth Charlotte Ruth Rayne Ruth Charlotte Charlotte
4 Ruth Tiphany Kasey Georgina Stephanie Tiphany Kasey Mira Georgina Ruth
5 Rayne Rayne Ruth Tiphany Rayne Mira Mira Charlotte Rayne
6 Mira Rishele Mira Mira Tiphany Ruth Rayne Kasey
7 Tiphany Emanda Emanda Sylvia Charlotte Georgina Tiphany
8 Charlotte Stephanie Tiphany Stephanie Kasey Stephanie
9 Kasey Ruth Stephanie Ruth Sylvia
10 Molli Kasey Sylvia Emanda
11 Sylvia Sylvia Rishele
12 Rishele Molli

Cycle 212Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Shirin Carmichael Kim Tanya Shirin Anna Rebeccah Shirin Miguel Carmichael Rebeccah Rebeccah
2 Kim Tanya Rebeccah Miguel Carmichael Carmichael Anna Miguel Rebeccah Rebeccah Carmichael Carmichael
3 Tanya Lara Shirin Shirin Kim Miguel Carmichael Carmichael Shirin Shirin Shirin
4 Lara Crista Crista Carmichael Tanya Shirin Lara Rebeccah Carmichael Miguel
5 Miguel Rebeccah Tanya Kim Lara Rebeccah Miguel Anna Anna
6 Rosalind Shirin Lara Anna Anna Lara Shirin Lara
7 Carmichael Tess Anna Crista Rebeccah Kim Kim
8 Rebeccah Anna Carmichael Lara Miguel Tanya
9 Tess Kim Miguel Rebeccah Crista
10 Anna Miguel Sisi Sisi
11 Crista Sisi Tess
12 Sisi Rosalind

Cycle 213Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Bleu Shonti Bleu Bleu Miranda McKenna Shonti Catherine Miranda Bleu Catherine Bleu
2 Heather McKenna Anabela Becky Catherine Miranda Bleu Bleu Bleu Catherine Bleu Catherine
3 McKenna Whitney Shonti Anabela Becky Becky Becky Becky Catherine Becky Becky
4 Shonti Becky Becky Heather McKenna Bleu Catherine Shonti Becky Miranda
5 Carlisle Miranda Heather Miranda Anabela Catherine McKenna Miranda Shonti
6 Whitney Heather Miranda McKenna Shonti Shonti Miranda McKenna
7 Catherine Anabela Carlisle Shonti Carlisle Anabela Anabela
8 Susan Leesa McKenna Carlisle Bleu Carlisle
9 Leesa Carlisle Whitney Catherine Heather
10 Miranda Bleu Catherine Whitney
11 Becky Catherine Leesa
12 Anabela Susan

Cycle 214Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jennifer Arianna Lesley Rachael Rachael Angelina Michelle Cindy Cindy Michelle Octavia Rachael Rachael
2 Angelina Cindy Rachael Michelle Jennifer Cindy Jennifer Rachael Rachael Octavia Cindy Cindy Cindy
3 Arianna Sarah Jennifer Jennifer Octavia Lesley Cindy Octavia Michelle Cindy Rachael Octavia
4 Alexie Angelina Octavia Octavia Cindy Michelle Angelina Michelle Octavia Rachael Michelle
5 Simone Jennifer Angelina Cindy Angelina Rachael Rachael Jennifer Jennifer
6 Octavia Michelle Alexie Arianna Lesley Octavia Octavia Angelina
7 Lesley Octavia Cindy Lesley Michelle Jennifer Lesley
8 Rachael Alexie Simone Angelina Arianna Arianna
9 Brandy Simone Michelle Alexie Alexie
10 Michelle Lesley Arianna Simone
11 Sarah Rachael Sarah
12 Cindy Brandy

Cycle 215Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Melinda Janis Tara Macy Queenie Tara Raeven Janis Queenie Raeven Raeven Queenie
2 Venice Raeven Khourtnie Khourtnie Keyona Renee Khourtnie Queenie Raeven Queenie Queenie Raeven
3 Tara Keyona Keyona Renee Khourtnie Khourtnie Janis Keyona Janis Khourtnie Khourtnie
4 Janis Queenie Janis Keyona Renee Raeven Keyona Raeven Khourtnie Janis
5 Macy Venice Queenie Queenie Tara Keyona Renee Khourtnie Keyona
6 Riley Khourtnie Telulah Janis Raeven Janis Queenie Renee
7 Telulah Renee Raeven Tara Telulah Queenie Tara
8 Raeven Macy Macy Raeven Janis Telulah
9 Renee Telulah Venice Telulah Macy
10 Queenie Tara Renee Venice
11 Khourtnie Melinda Melinda
12 Keyona Riley

Cycle 216Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Karen Angie Kelly Karen Colette Colette Steffi Jessie Jessie Colette Jessie Steffi
2 Monica Monet Paislee Colette Angie Angie Margaret Steffi Steffi Steffi Steffi Jessie
3 Monet Leticia Margaret Jessie Jessie Steffi Kelly Colette Margaret Jessie Colette
4 Jessie Kelly Angie Leticia Monet Kelly Jessie Margaret Colette Margaret
5 Colette Colette Leticia Angie Steffi Margaret Colette Angie Angie
6 Leticia Paislee Karen Monet Margaret Jessie Angie Kelly
7 Margaret Jessie Steffi Margaret Leticia Leticia Leticia
8 Kelly Steffi Jessie Steffi Kelly Monet
9 Steffi Monica Monet Kelly Karen
10 Rena Karen Colette Paislee
11 Paislee Margaret Monica
12 Angie Rena

Cycle 217Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Paislee Paislee Elyse Alizee Esme Alizee Paislee Corey Elyse Paislee Corey Corey Paislee
2 Caroline Esme June Elyse Corey Corey Corey Elyse Esme Elyse Elyse Paislee Corey
3 Danielle Morayo Corey Corey June Paislee Elyse Esme Corey Corey Paislee Elyse
4 Morayo June Kristen Kristen Alizee June Kristen Paislee Paislee Esme Esme
5 Sarah Caroline Esme Paislee Paislee Elyse Alizee Kristen Alizee Alizee
6 Rebeckah Danielle Paislee June Kristen Esme Esme Alizee Kristen
7 Elyse Elyse Rebeckah Morayo Elyse Kristen June June
8 Kristen Alizee Alizee Caroline Morayo Morayo
9 Alizee Rebeckah Caroline Esme Caroline
10 Esme Kristen Morayo Rebeckah
11 June Corey Danielle
12 Corey Sarah

Cycle 218 - All Winners 17Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lauren Queenie Bleu Anastassia Queenie Rebeccah Rebeccah Queenie Bleu Anastassia Queenie Rebeccah
2 Crystal Lauren Paislee Rebeccah Bleu Paislee Anastassia Anastassia Paislee Rebeccah Rebeccah Queenie
3 Cimberly Steffi Steffi Mira Steffi Rachael Mira Rebeccah Queenie Queenie Anastassia
4 Minte Cimberly Minte Rachael Rebeccah Bleu Paislee Paislee Anastassia Bleu Bleu
5 Anastassia Rebeccah Anastassia Paislee Cimberly Queenie Bleu Rachael Rebeccah Paislee
6 Rizzy Bleu Queenie Minte Paislee Mira Rachael Bleu Rachael
7 Mira Anastassia Mira Bleu Rachael Anastassia Queenie Mira
8 Rebeccah Paislee Cimberly Queenie Mira Steffi Steffi
9 Bleu Rachael Rachael Cimberly Anastassia Cimberly
10 Rachael Crystal Rebeccah Steffi Minte
11 Queenie Mira Lauren Lauren
12 Steffi Minte Crystal
13 Paislee Rizzy

Cycle 219Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Gisela Felicity Nadya Gisela Mae Serenity Nayda Cherri Nadya London Nadya Cherri Nadya Nadya
2 Nakoda Kimora April Serenity Cher Kimora Cherri Mae Cherri Mae Mae Mae Cherri Cherri
3 Serenity Gisela Jordynn Nadya Cherri Cherri London Cher Cher Cher Cherri Nadya Mae
4 Cher Cherri Cherri Cherri London Mae Mae Nadya Mae Nadya London London
5 Felicity Cher London Mae Kimora Gisela Kimora Kimora London Cherri Cher
6 April Jordynn Mae London Nayda London Cher London Kimora
7 Nadya April Kimora April April Cher Serenity Serenity
8 Kimora Mae Felicity Kimora Gisela Nadya Gisela
9 Brooke Serenity Cher Cher Serenity April
10 London Nakoda Gisela Felicity Felicity
11 Jordynn London Serenity Jordynn
12 Mae Nadya Nakoda
13 Cherri Brooke

Cycle 220 - Second Chances 11Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Miranda Michelle Anabela Anabela Michelle Carmichael Anabela Anabela Anabela Shirin Anabela Carmichael Anabela
2 Jeanette Arianna Catherine Michelle Arianna Michelle Michelle Shirin Shirin Michelle Carmichael Anabela Carmichael
3 Kari Miranda Miguel Kari Catherine Catherine Arianna Carmichael Carmichael Carmichael Shirin Shirin
4 Christine Catherine Shirin Miranda Carmichael Miguel Shirin Catherine Arianna Anabela Mchelle
5 Arianna Jeanette Carmichael Catherine Miguel Shirin Kari Arianna Michelle Arianna
6 Anabela Kari Cashmere Miguel Shirin Anabela Carmichael Michelle Catherine
7 Cashmere Miguel Michelle Christine Anabela Kari Catherine Kari
8 Ruth Carmichael Arianna Shirin Miranda Arianna Miguel
9 Carmichael Anabela Christine Arianna Kari Miranda
10 Shrin Shirin Kari Carmichael Christine
11 Miguel Christine Miranda Cashmere
12 Catherine Cashmere Jeanette
13 Michelle Ruth

Cycle 221 - Gone But Not Forgotten 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Michele Thyara Thyara Michele Zack Winter Tori Michele Winter Thyara Zack Zack Thyara
2 Jacquie Michele Sinead Jojean Jojean Cori Charee Winter Thyara Winter Thyara Thyara Zack
3 Tori Zahra Cori Lucie Charee Thyara Thyara Zack Zack Zack Winter Winter
4 Lucie Jojean Zack Cori Thyara Jojean Zack Tori Tori Michele Michele
5 Zack Charee Lucie Zack Lucie Charee Winter Thyara Michele Tori
6 Cori Socha Tori Winter Winter Zack Michele Jojean Jojean
7 Zahra Tori Winter Tori Tori Tori Jojean Charee
8 Winter Winter Jojean Thyara Michele Michele Cori
9 Sinead Sinead Charee Charee Cori Lucie
10 Thyara Jacquie Zahra Zahra Zahra
11 Socha Cori Michele Sinead
12 Charee Lucie Socha
13 Jojean Zack Jacquie

Cycle 222 - All Stars 20Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Georgina Janis Khourtnie Angie London Angie Cindy Raeven Cindy Cindy Cindy Angie Angie
2 Charlotte Colette McKenna Raeven Raeven Khourtnie Khourtnie Colette Colette Colette Angie Cindy Cindy
3 Shonti Octavia Charlotte Khourtnie Angie Octavia Octavia Khourtnie Angie Angie Khourtnie Khourtnie
4 McKenna Charlotte Angie Jessie Khourtnie Colette London Cindy Octavia Khourtnie Colette
5 Cindy Raeven Octavia London Jessie Cindy Angie Octavia Khourtnie Octavia
6 Octavia Cindy Jessie Colette Cindy London Colette Angie Raeven
7 London Angie Raeven Octavia Colette Raeven Raeven London
8 Khourtnie Jessie London Cindy Charlotte Jessie Jessie
9 Janis McKenna Georgina McKenna Octavia Charlotte
10 Raeven Georgina Cindy Charlotte McKenna
11 Jessie London Colette Georgina
12 Colette Khourtnie Janis
13 Angie Shonti

Cycle 223Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Chicole Suzannah Justin Suzannah Helene Maxene Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Maxene Helene Ashleigh Ashleigh
2 Ashleigh Maxene Helene Ashleigh Ashleigh Brooke Brooke Sherry Helene Ashleigh Suzannah Helene Helene
3 Marina Ashleigh Danielle Sherry Justin Kimmy Sherry Helene Suzannah Suzannah Ashleigh Suzannah
4 Danielle Kimmy Kimmy Helene Maxene Sherry Justin Suzannah Maxene Helene Maxene
5 Kimmy Brooke Brooke Brooke Sherry Helene Suzannah Maxene Justin Justin
6 Maxene Chicole Chicole Chicole Brooke Justin Maxene Justin Sherry
7 Suzannah Rebrecca Ashleigh Maxene Chicole Suzannah Helene Brooke
8 Casper Sherry Maxene Danielle Kimmy Ashleigh Kimmy
9 Rebrecca Danielle Sherry Kimmy Suzannah Chicole
10 Justin Casper Suzannah Justin Danielle
11 Brooke Justin Casper Casper
12 Helene Helene Rebrecca
13 Sherry Marina

Cycle 224Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Cristi Marianne Hanah Ginny Asia Jessica Ambrosia Marianne Ginny Marianne Ashley Ginny Ginny
2 Marion Ginny Ambrosia Ambrosia Jessica Ginny Atalya Ginny Ashley Ginny Ambrosia Ashley Ashley
3 Hanah Atalya Ginny Ashley Ashley Ashley Ginny Ashley Ambrosia Ashley Ginny Ambrosia
4 Marianne Ashley Ashley Asia Marianne Chenice Jessica Jessica Marianne Ambrosia Marianne
5 Jonah Chenice Jessica Marion Chenice Marianne Ashley Ambrosia Jessica Jessica
6 Jessica Jessica Cristi Chenice Ginny Ambrosia Chenice Atalya Atalya
7 Atalya Jonah Chenice Jessica Cristi Atalya Marianne Chenice
8 Ambrosia Asia Asia Atalya Ambrosia Asia Asia
9 Celeste Marion Marion Cristi Atalya Cristi
10 Asia Cristi Marianne Marianne Marion
11 Chenice Hanah Atalya Hanah
12 Ashley Ambrosia Jonah
13 Ginny Celeste

Cycle 225Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Linnea Vee Cassandra Jackie Linnea Nathalie I. Nathalie I. Jackie Jackie Nathalie I. Nathalie I. Cassandra Cassandra
2 Janelle Nathalie I. Frederique Nathalie I. SaraDee SaraDee SaraDee Cassandra Cassandra Vee Cassandra Nathalie I. Nathalie I.
3 Emillie Kendall Linnea Linnea Vee Natalie S. Natalie S. Natalie S. Vee SaraDee SaraDee SaraDee
4 Cassandra Jackie Vee Natalie S. Mason Jackie Cassandra Nathalie I. Nathalie I. Cassandra Vee
5 Mason Linnea Mason SaraDee Cassandra Cassandra Vee Vee SaraDee Jackie
6 Jackie Mason Janelle Vee Natalie S. Emillie Jackie SaraDee Natalie S.
7 Kendall Cassandra Natalie S. Mason Emillie Vee Linnea Linnea
8 Nathalie I. Emillie SaraDee Cassandra Jackie Linnea Emillie
9 Nataie S. Janelle Emillie Emillie Nathalie I. Mason
10 SaraDee Natalie S. Jackie Frederique Frederique
11 Vee SaraDee Nathalie I. Janelle
12 Frederique Frederique Kendall
13 Nanci Nanci

Cycle 226Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kendall Sandra Stephanie Stephanie Sandra Cassi Laura Sandra Cassi Stephanie Sandra Britney Britney
2 Esther Cassi Britney Sandra Cassi Stephanie Sandra Laura Sandra Britney Britney Sandra Sandra
3 Soffie Kendall Anne Anne Sierra Sandra Stephanie Sierra Laura Laura Laura Laura
4 Laura Selena Cassi Cassi Britney Britney Cassi Cassi Britney Sandra Stephanie
5 Sierra Britney Sandra Britney Kendall Selena Sierra Stephanie Stephanie Cassi
6 Stephanie Sierra Pria Selena Selena Sierra Selena Britney Sierra
7 Anne Pria Sierra Sierra Stephanie Laura Britney Selena
8 Britney Chelsea Laura Laura Esther Kendall Kendall
9 Sandra Esther Esther Esther Laura Esther
10 Chelsea Laura Kendall Kendall Anne
11 Pria Anne Selena Pria
12 Selena Stephanie Chelsea
13 Cassi Soffie

Cycle 227 - Legends Vs. Learners 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kendra Jayna Terra Kaylani Naomi Vanessa Ashleigh Ashleigh Elise Elise Jayna Vanessa Vanessa
2 Minnie Elise Alanna Jayna Bre Ashleigh Kaylani Elise Vanessa Ashleigh Vanessa Elise Elise
3 Ashleigh Bre Elise Elise Jayna Terra Elise Vanessa Ashleigh Vanessa Elise Jayna
4 Terra Alanna Bre Tae Ashleigh Naomi Vanessa Kaylani Kaylani Jayna Ashleigh
5 Alanna Tae Jayna Vanessa Elise Jayna Terra Naomi Jayna Kaylani
6 Bre Terra Kaylani Terra Terra Elise Naomi Jayna Naomi
7 Jayna Vanessa Minnie Naomi Vanessa Alanna Jayna Terra
8 Naomi Soffi Naomi Bre Kaylani Kaylani Alanna
9 Kaylani Ashleigh Ashleigh Alanna Alanna Bre
10 Tae Kaylani Tae Ashleigh Tae
11 Soffi Minnie Vanessa Minnie
12 Vanessa Naomi Soffi
13 Elise Kendra

Cycle 228Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Andrea Gina Ivana Terence Ashley Kristy Ivana Ivana Terence Rebecca Ivana Terence Terence
2 Kerry Andrea Danielle Oksana Kristy Nelly Terence Rebecca Ivana Ashley Terence Ivana Ivana
3 Ashley Kristy Terence Kristy Danielle Ashley Nelly Terence Ashley Ivana Ashley Ashley
4 Lili Danielle Andrea Danielle Oksana Ivana Rebecca Ashley Rebecca Terence Rebecca
5 Rebecca Rebecca Nelly Ashley Ivana Danielle Kristy Nelly Kristy Kristy
6 Gina Terence Kristy Ivana Nelly Rebecca Ashley Kristy Nelly
7 Terence Oksana Ashley Andrea Terence Oksana Danielle Danielle
8 Marylou Ivana Kerry Nelly Rebecca Terence Oksana
9 Nelly Kerry Oksana Gina Andrea Andrea
10 Ivana Ashley Gina Rebecca Gina
11 Oksana Lili Rebecca Kerry
12 Danielle Nelly Lili
13 Kristy Marylou

Cycle 229Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Tatianna Madison Kim Kim Tatianna Kellie Kim Amethyst Tammy Amethyst Madison Madison Madison
2 Tammy Tammy Kellie Liza Kim Kim Tammy Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim
3 Alaina Christina Madison Amethyst Vernita Tammy Liza Liza Madison Vernita Amethyst Amethyst
4 Kellie Vernita Amethyst Christina Amethyst Christina Amethyst Tammy Amethyst Madison Vernita
5 Christina Kim Jo Tatianna Madison Liza Madison Vernita Vernita Tammy
6 Madison Tatianna Liza Tammy Christina Amethyst Vernita Madison Liza
7 Kameron Kellie Vernita Vernita Liza Vernita Christina Christina
8 Vernita Kameron Kameron Kellie Kellie Madison Kellie
9 Amethyst Alaina Tammy Jo Tammy Tatianna
10 Brittany Liza Tatianna Madison Jo
11 Jo Amethyst Christina Kameron
12 Liza Jo Alaina
13 Kim Brittany

Cycle 230 - Solidification 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Taymoore Queenie Taymoore Khourtnie Shirin Taymoore Khourtnie Khourtnie Khourtnie Bleu Cindy Bleu Bleu
2 Elise Bleu Anabela Sharnjit Khourtnie Khourtnie Cindy Bleu Bleu Sharnjit Khourtnie Khourtnie Khourtnie
3 Cindy Winter Elise Cindy Zack Sharnjit Sharnjit Anabela Sharnjit Cindy Bleu Cindy
4 Winter Khourtnie Queenie Paislee Sharnjit Cindy Taymoore Shirin Cindy Khourtnie Sharnjit
5 Zack Taymoore Bleu Anabela Paislee Shirin Shirin Cindy Anabela Anabela
6 Anabela Sharnjit Cindy Bleu Bleu Zack Bleu Sharnjit Shirin
7 Shirin Paislee Shirin Zack Cindy Anabela Anabela Taymoore
8 London Shirin Zack Shirin Taymoore Bleu Zack
9 Queenie Elise Paislee Queenie Anabela Paislee
10 Bleu Cindy Sharnjit Taymoore Queenie
11 Paislee Zack Khourtnie Elise
12 Sharnjit Anabela Winter
13 Khourtnie London

Cycle 131 - Guys vs. Girls 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Arielle Shaun Bridgette Christopher Peter Bridgette Christopher Naomie Shaun Naomie Naomie Shaun Naomie
2 Trisha Angus Janet Peter Arielle Shaun Shaun Bridgette Emily Bridgette Shaun Naomie Shaun
3 Emily Arielle Arielle Shaun Emily Arielle Peter Emily Arielle Shaun Bridgette Bridgette
4 Gwen Gwen Emily Arielle Bridgette Christopher Bridgette Arielle Naomie Arielle Arielle
5 Janet Arthur Arthur Angus Gwen Gwen Arielle Shaun Bridgette Emily
6 Naomie Bridgette Shaun Naomie Naomie Peter Naomie Christopher Christopher
7 Bridgette Peter Gwen Arthur Shaun Naomie Emily Peter
8 Shaun Emily Christopher Emily Arthur Emily Gwen
9 Sam Christopher Peter Bridgette Christopher Arthur
10 Floyd Sam Naomie Gwen Angus
11 Christopher Janet Angus Janet
12 Peter Naomie Sam
13 Angus Trisha
14 Arthur Floyd

Cycle 132 - Legends 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Soffi Phillippe Soffi Casie Kimberly Phillippe Alexandra Kylee Thyara Colton Colton Kimberly Kimberly Colton
2 Meaghan Thyara Kimberly Colton Kylee Colton Colton Thyara Kimberly Kimberly Soffi Soffi Colton Kimberly
3 Casie Kimberly Whitney Alexandra Lisa Casie Phillippe Soffi Kylee Phillippe Thyara Colton Soffi
4 Cass Whitney Lisa Thyara Soffi Thyara Kimberly Colton Colton Soffi Kimberly Thyara
5 Colton Alexandra Colton Kimberly Alexandra Soffi Thyara Phillippe Phillippe Thyara Phillippe
6 Phillippe Soffi Kylee Whitney Thyara Kimberly Kylee Kimberly Soffi Kylee
7 Kimberly Lisa Phillippe Phillippe Phillippe Kylee Soffi Alexandra Alexandra
8 Corynne Kylee Alexandra Lisa Colton Alexandra Casie
9 Kylee Colton Meaghan Soffi Casie Lisa
10 Lisa Corynne Casie Kylee Whitney
11 Alexandra Meaghan Thyara Meaghan
12 Whitney Casie Corynne
13 Thyara Cass Cass

Cycle 133Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sharina Sharina Lillianne Lana Roz Roz Roz Emily Jordan Jordan Lillianne Sharina Lillianne Jordan
2 Cassie Cassie Sallie Roz Jordan Jordan Emily Jordan Lillianne Sharina Sharina Lillianne Jordan Lillianne
3 Ryver Emily Martha Jordan Victoria Lillianne Sharina Helen Roz Lillianne Jordan Jordan Sharina
4 Emily Sallie Roz Victoria Helen Victoria Helen Sharina Emily Roz Roz Roz
5 Ingrid Helen Jordan Sharina Sharina Sharina Lillianne Roz Sharina Emily
6 Lillianne Lana Victoria Helen Lillianne Helen Jordan Lillianne Helen
7 Victoria Martha Sharina Lillianne Ingrid Emily Victoria Victoria
8 Roz Jordan Cassie Martha Emily Sallie Sallie
9 Jordan Ryver Lana Sallie Sallie Ingrid
10 Sallie Victoria Ingrid Ingrid Lana Lana
11 Martha Roz Emily Emily Martha
12 Helen Ingrid Helen Cassie
13 Lana Lillianne Ryver

Cycle 144 - All Winners 18Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Nadya Madison Naomie Thyara Cassandra Cassandra Colton Cassandra Madison Ashleigh Colton Ashleigh Colton Ashleigh
2 Anabela Terence Cassandra Britney Britney Bleu Cassandra Naomie Cassandra Madison Ashleigh Colton Ashleigh Colton
3 Thyara Vanessa Anabela Cassandra Madison Thyara Anabela Colton Britney Colton Madison Cassandra Cassandra
4 Angie Nadya Jordan Madison Ashleigh Britney Naomie Madison Naomie Naomie Cassandra Madison
5 Ashleigh Britney Bleu Anabela Jordan Anabela Ashleigh Britney Colton Cassandra Naomie
6 Ginny Anabela Ashleigh Ashleigh Thyara Ashleigh Britney Ashleigh Ashleigh Britney
7 Cassandra Thyara Nadya Bleu Anabela Madison Madison Thyara Thyara
8 Britney Bleu Madison Nadya Bleu Naomie Thyara Anabela
9 Vanessa Jordan Thyara Jordan Naomie Colton Bleu
10 Terence Colton Britney Naomie Colton Jordan
11 Madison Naomie Colton Colton Nadya
12 Bleu Cassandra Vanessa
13 Naomie Ashleigh Terence
14 Colton Angie
15 Jordan Ginny

Cycle 135Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Stacey Jayson Rhiannon Penny Penny Jayson Penny Rose Angelia Rhiannon Angelia Rhiannon Jayson
2 Jayson Angelia Rose Angelia Rhiannon Angelia Rhiannon Angelia Jayson Jayson Rhiannon Jayson Rhiannon
3 Daniela Penny Angelia Hayley Hayley Brooke Brooke Penny Rhiannon Penny Jayson Angelia
4 Amanda Rose Penny Rhiannon Jenna Penny Rose Brooke Rose Angelia Penny
5 Sierra Hayley Jayson Melanie Angelia Hayley Angelia Rhiannon Penny Rose
6 Jenna Jenna Hayley Brooke Jayson Jenna Jenna Jayson Brooke
7 Melanie Rhiannon Brooke Sierra Brooke Rose Jayson Jenna
8 Rose Brooke Melanie Rose Melanie Rhiannon Hayley
9 Rhiannon Daniela Sierra Jenna Rose Melanie
10 Brooke Melanie Jenna Jayson Sierra
11 Hayley Stacey Daniela Daniela
12 Penny Sierra Stacey
13 Angelia Amanda

Cycle 136 - Legends 3Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ciera Winter Anabela Paloma Winter Kellyann Jai Winter Kellyann Maysoon Jai Winter Jai
2 Abi Jacquie Winter Maysoon Marianna Winter Kellyann Jai Wynonna Jai Winter Jai Winter
3 Jacquie Anabela Jai Haly Wynonna Haly Marianna Wynonna Maysoon Wynonna Maysoon Maysoon
4 Anabela Paloma Maysoon Marianna Haly Maysoon Haly Maysoon Jai Winter Wynonna
5 Wynonna Ciera Wynonna Winter Maysoon Ciera Maysoon Kellyann Winter Kellyann
6 Maysoon Marianna Marianna Jai Kellyann Jai Wynonna Haly Haly
7 Jai Ami Haly Ciera Jai Marianna Winter Marianna
8 Paloma Jai Paloma Wynonna Anabela Wynonna Ciera
9 Kellyann Maysoon Ami Kellyann Ciera Anabela
10 Marianna Kellyann Kellyann Anabela Paloma
11 Ami Wynonna Ciera Ami
12 Haly Haly Jacquie
13 Winter Abi

Cycle 237 - All Stars 21Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Justin Kendall Jayna Shaun Justin Nathalie Cassi Cassi Ivana Cassi Cassi Justin Justin
2 Atalya Shaun Justin Ivana Ambrosia Bridgette Laura Shaun Justin Shaun Justin Cassi Cassi
3 Ambrosia Nathalie Ivana Bridgette Shaun Shaun Shaun Nathalie Shaun Justin Shaun Shaun Shaun
4 Bridgette Ivana Cassi Cassi Bridgette Ivana Nathalie Justin Bridgette Ivana Ivana
5 SaraDee Justin Laura Kendall Ivana Laura Justin Bridgette Cassi Bridgette
6 Nathalie Atalya Nathalie Jayna Cassi Cassi Ivana Ivana Nathalie
7 Jackie Jayna Kendall Laura Nathalie Ambrosia Bridgette Laura
8 Laura Cassi Atalya Nathalie Laura Justin Ambrosia
9 Cassi Laura Shaun Ambrosia Jayna Jayna
10 Kendall Bridgette Ambrosia Justin Kendall
11 Jayna Ambrosia Bridgette Atalya
12 Ivana SaraDee SaraDee
13 Shaun Jackie

Cycle 238Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Amanda Rachel Elina Rachel Amanda Connor Amanda Rachel Connor Jillian Amanda Amanda Danielle
2 Ghost Amanda Danielle Danielle Kayla Amanda Danielle Danielle Amanda Danielle Danielle Danielle Amanda
3 Bennet Elina Connor Amanda Danielle Jillian Jillian Kayla Danielle Connor Jillian Jillian
4 Elina Danielle Natasha Kayla Rachel Danielle Kayla Jillian Jillian Amanda Connor
5 Sasha Sarah Jillian Natasha Jillian Natasha Elina Connor Rachel Rachel
6 Connor Connor Bennet Ghost Natasha Kayla Rachel Amanda Kayla
7 Jillian Kayla Kayla Bennet Ghost Elina Connor Elina
8 Alexis Ghost Sasha Jillian Connor Rachel Natasha
9 Natasha Bennet Rachel Connor Elina Ghost
10 Sarah Natasha Ghost Elina Bennet
11 Rachel Sasha Amanda Sasha
12 Kayla Jillian Sarah
13 Danielle Alexis

Cycle 239 - Legends Vs. Learners 6Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Katie Tiffanie Katie Katie Sara Katie Bethany Tiffanie Katie Ciera Katie Bethany Bethany
2 Charron Sadie Charron Charron Bethany Bethany Katie Ciera Ciera Bethany Bethany Katie Katie
3 Nikki Ciera Sadie Bethany Katie Charron Ciera Leslie Leslie Leslie Ciera Ciera
4 Tiffanie Tobie Nikki Hannah Hannah Sara Charron Bethany Bethany Katie Leslie
5 Bethany Leslie Leslie Leslie Tobie Tobie Leslie Charron Charron Charron
6 Leslie Bathany Tiffanie Sadie Leslie Tiffanie Sara Katie Tiffanie
7 Sadie Katie Sara Ciera Tiffanie Leslie Tiffanie Sara
8 Daisy Daisy Bethany Tobie Ciera Ciera Tobie
9 Ciera Hannah Tobie Tiffanie Charron Hannah
10 Tobie Charron Hannah Sara Sadie
11 Hannah Nikki Ciera Nikki
12 Jasmine Sara Daisy
13 Sara Jasmine

Cycle 240 - Second ChancesEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Sallie Ashleigh Sallie Ashleigh Sallie Vernita Oksana Christopher Christopher Peter Christopher Oksana Christopher
2 Jackie Peter Amethyst Amethyst Christopher Emily Peter Nelly Ashleigh Oksana Oksana Christopher Oksana
3 Emily Oksana Peter Emily Nelly Sallie Sallie Sallie Peter Ashleigh Peter Peter
4 Christopher Christopher Ashleigh Peter Oksana Oksana Christopher Oksana Sallie Christopher Ashleigh
5 Peter Vernita Sandra Oksana Peter Christopher Ashleigh Peter Oksana Sallie
6 Sandra Emily Christopher Vernita Emily Nelly Nelly Ashleigh Nelly
7 Ashleigh Sandra Vernita Christopher Vernita Peter Vernita Vernita
8 Vernita Nelly Oksana Sallie Ashleigh Ashleigh Emily
9 Oksana Sallie Emily Sandra Amethyst Amethyst
10 Nelly Kristy Kristy Nelly Sandra
11 Kristy Jackie Nelly Kristy
12 Kim Amethyst Jackie
13 Amethyst Kim

Cycle 241Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Trinity Tiggy Julie Tiggy Bebe Bebe Jennifer Jennifer Tiggy Tiffany Amanda Bebe Bebe
2 Tiggy Jennifer Lauren Joelle Tiffany Tiggy Bebe Tiggy Amanda Amanda Bebe Amanda Amanda
3 Joelle Joelle Amanda Jennifer Jennifer Joelle Amanda Amanda Dee Bebe Tiggy Tiggy
4 Tiffany Trinity Joelle Tiffany Amanda Jennifer Dee Bebe Tiffany Tiggy Tiffany
5 Bebe Julie Crissi Bebe Lauren Lauren Lauren Tiffany Bebe Dee
6 Julie Lauren Tatianna Dee Dee Amanda Tiffany Dee Jennifer
7 Dee Amanda Dee Lauren Crissi Tiffany Tiggy Lauren
8 Lauren Tiffany Bebe Amanda Tiggy Dee Joelle
9 Amanda Tatianna Jennifer Julie Joelle Crissi
10 Michelle Bebe Tiffany Crissi Julie
11 Jennifer Crissi Tiggy Tatianna
12 Tatianna Dee Trinity
13 Crissi Michelle

Cycle 242Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Teresa Kilarney Teresa Laurel Kelly Shraha Laurel Teresa Maddison Maddison Maddison Maddison Maddison Laurel
2 Samantha Chelsea Kelly Shraha Maddison Kelly Maggie Laurel Kelly Shraha Laurel Kilarney Laurel Maddison
3 Maddison Shraha Maggie Kelly Kilarney Hillary Kilarney Maddison Laurel Laurel Kilarney Laurel Kilarney
4 Kelly Laurel Lena Maddison Teresa Maddison Teresa Kelly Shraha Kilarney Shraha Shraha
5 Rachelle Maggie Kilarney Rachelle Shraha Chelsea Chelsea Kilarney Teresa Kelly Kelly
6 Maggie Lena Rachelle Hillary Rachelle Kilarney Shraha Chelsea Kilarney Teresa
7 Laurel Rachelle Hillary Teresa Hillary Laurel Kelly Shraha Chelsea
8 Shraha Teresa Chelsea Chelsea Laurel Maggie Maddison Maggie
9 Lena Hillary Samantha Maggie Chelsea Teresa Hillary
10 Chelsea Kelly Maddison Lena Maggie Rachelle
11 Hillary Samantha Shraha Kilarney Lena
12 Kilarney Maddison Laurel Samantha
13 Mary Jo Mary Jo

Cycle 243 - High Fashion StakesEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Bia Linda Jefra Agnes Agnes Jefra Jared Agnes Agnes Agnes Ashley
2 Agnes Jefra Linda Jenna Linda Agnes Ashley Jefra Jefra Ashley Agnes
3 Jenna Ashley Sierra Jefra Ashley Ashley Linda Ashley Ashley Jefra
4 Jefra Sierra Jenna Ashley Dominica Linda Agnes Linda Linda
5 Sierra Jenna Agnes Dominica Jefra Dominica Jefra Jared
6 Ashley Bia Ashley Linda Jenna
7 Dominica Agnes Dominica Sierra
8 Jared Dominica Bia
9 Linda Jared

Cycle 244Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Samantha Cecilia Andre Monica Cecilia Monica Kassy Tasha Kassy Phoebe Samantha Phoebe Tasha
2 Andre Andre Amanda Phoebe Alex Amanda Phoebe Kassy Phoebe Andre Tasha Tasha Phoebe
3 Cecilia Alex Phoebe Mimi Samantha Samantha Tasha Andre Tasha Samantha Phoebe Samantha
4 Monica Natalie Cecilia Andre Tasha Phoebe Amanda Phoebe Samantha Tasha Andre
5 Anne Kassy Alex Samantha Andre Kassy Andre Monica Andre Kassy
6 Amanda Amanda Kassy Alex Phoebe Tasha Monica Samantha Monica
7 Kassy Phoebe Monica Cecilia Kassy Cecilia Samantha Amanda
8 Natalie Mimi Natalie Tasha Monica Andre Cecilia
9 Tasha Shawna Tasha Kassy Amanda Alex
10 Shawna Samantha Mimi Amanda Mimi
11 Alex Monica Samantha Natalie
12 Mimi Tasha Shawna
13 Phoebe Anne

Cycle 245Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Venus Sam Patricia Adrianne Harmony Patricia Adrianne Patricia Adrianne Adrianne Patricia Adrianne Patricia
2 Harmony Patricia Ellenore Brittany Nichole Sam Daria Daria Sam Sam Adrianne Patricia Adrianne
3 Nichole Venus Harmony Sam Venus Daria Brittany Brittany Daria Patricia Sam Sam
4 Adrianne Sarah Daria Viktoria Daria Ellenore Sam Venus Venus Daria Daria
5 Brittany Candace Viktoria Patricia Brittany Brittany Ellenore Adrianne Patricia Venus
6 Sarah Daria Sam Ellenore Ellenore Adrianne Venus Sam Brittany
7 Lala Harmony Venus Daria Adrianne Venus Patricia Ellenore
8 Candace Ellenore Brittany Venus Sam Harmony Harmony
9 Patricia Nichole Nichole Harmony Patricia Nichole
10 Viktoria Brittany Sarah Nichole Viktoria
11 Ellenore Viktoria Adrianne Sarah
12 Sam Adrianne Candace
13 Daria Lala

Cycle 246 - Gone But Not Forgotten 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Reaghan Tristynn Reaghan Reaghan Dominique Jolie Jolie Adrianna Adrianna Adrianna
2 Adrianna Alisson Alisson Adrianna Jolie Dominique Adrianna Jolie Jolie Jolie
3 Tristynn Jolie Adrianna Alisson Adrianna Alisson Dominique Dominique Dominique
4 Rachel Osha Tristynn Tristynn Tristynn Reaghan Alisson Alisson
5 Bette Reaghan Jolie Jolie Reaghan Adrianna Reaghan
6 Dominique Rachel Rachel Dominique Alisson Tristynn
7 Osha Dominique Dominique Rachel
8 Jolie Adrianna Osha
9 Alisson Bette

Cycle 247Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jessica Taylor Paris Marissa Kassandra Delanie Ebony Ebony Heather Ebony Katelyn Heather Heather
2 Ebony Paris Heather Katelyn Paris Aly Kassandra Delanie Ebony Heather Heather Ebony Ebony
3 Taylor Delanie Sara H. Heather Ebony Sara K. Delanie Kassandra Delanie Katelyn Ebony Katelyn
4 Delanie Sara K. Kassandra Paris Katelyn Paris Heather Heather Katelyn Delanie Delanie
5 Marissa Aly Sara K. Kassandra Aly Katelyn Katelyn Katelyn Kassandra Kassandra
6 Heather Heather Delanie Delanie Marissa Heather Paris Paris Paris
7 Katelyn Sara H. Aly Ebony Delanie Ebony Aly Aly
8 Paris Marissa Marissa Aly Heather Kassandra Sara K.
9 Feona Kassandra Jessica Sara K. Sara K. Marissa
10 Kassandra Ebony Katelyn Sara H. Sara H.
11 Sara H. Jessica Ebony Jessica
12 Aly Katelyn Taylor
13 Sara K. Feona

Cycle 248 - All Stars 22Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Phoebe Amanda Maddison Jefra Tiggy Phoebe Phoebe Tiggy Shraha Shraha Tiggy Phoebe Tiggy
2 Adrianne Tiggy Jefra Andre Ebony Amanda Adrianne Phoebe Tiggy Maddison Maddison Tiggy Phoebe
3 Amanda Jefra Andre Phoebe Shraha Tiggy Tiggy Shraha Adrianne Adrianne Phoebe Maddison
4 Andre Teresa Adrianne Maddison Kilarney Adrianne Jefra Adrianne Maddison Tiggy Shraha
5 Ebony Shraha Phoebe Adrianne Phoebe Shraha Amanda Maddison Phoebe Phoebe Adrianne
6 Tiffanie Phoebe Tiggy Kilarney Jefra Jefra Maddison Jefra Jefra
7 Agnes Tiffanie Ebony Amanda Adrianne Ebony Shraha Amanda
8 Tiggy Kilarney Tiffanie Tiggy Amanda Maddison Ebony
9 Jefra Ebony Amanda Ebony Maddison Kilarney
10 Maddison Agnes Agnes Shraha Andre
11 Kilarney Andre Kilarney Tiffanie
12 Shraha Adrianne Shraha Agnes
13 Teresa Maddison Teresa

Cycle 249Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Elexandra Joslyn J.P. Caren Andrea Elexandra Bri Joslyn J.P. J.P. Elexandra Joslyn J.P.
2 Thea Bri Kayla Elexandra Beth J.P. Kayla Bri Joslyn Kayla Joslyn J.P. Joslyn
3 Andrea Elexandra Beth Jared Thea Jared J.P. Jared Kayla Joslyn J.P. Elexandra
4 Jared Sindi Caren Thea J.P. Kayla Jared Kayla Jared Elexandra Kayla
5 Alyce Beth Sindi Kayla Jared Thea Elexandra Elexandra Elexandra Jared
6 Caren J.P. Bri Andrea Joslyn Andrea Andrea J.P. Bri
7 Bri Andrea Joslyn Bri Kayla Bri Joslyn Andrea
8 Joslyn Caren Elexandra Beth Elexandra Joslyn Thea
9 Sindi Jared Thea Joslyn Bri Beth
10 Beth Alyce Andrea J.P. Caren
11 Kayla Thea Jared Sindi
12 Lianna Kayla Alyce
13 J.P. Lianna

Cycle 250 - Best of TimesEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Meaghan Rebecca Allison Brooke Meaghan Alexandra Meaghan Alexandra Meaghan
2 Allison Sara Alexandra Meaghan Allison Moe Alexandra Meaghan Alexandra
3 Tara Meaghan Tara Alexandra Tara Meaghan Allison Allison
4 Rebecca Allison Meaghan Allison Moe Allison Moe
5 Moe Tara Rebecca Tara Alexandra Tara
6 Alexandra Moe Moe Moe Brooke
7 Brooke Alexandra Brooke Rebecca
8 Diana Brooke Sara
9 Sara Diana

Cycle 251Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Georgine Georgine Regina Rachel Leila Mayah Regina Kristin Georgine Rachel Mayah Mayah Rachel Mayah
2 Regina Lacey Mayah Georgine Georgine Rachel Mayah Lacey Lacey Lacey Regina Rachel Mayah Rachel
3 Beverly Leila Courtney Regina Mayah Kristin Lacey Mayah Kristin Georgine Rachel Regina Regina
4 Rachel Courtney Rachel Courtney Regina Georgine Georgine Georgine Rachel Regina Georgine Georgine
5 Mohana Kristin Georgine Beverly Lacey Regina Kristin Regina Mayah Mayah Lacey
6 Courtney Molly Kristin Lacey Courtney Lacey Leila Rachel Regina Kristin
7 Leila Mohana Leila Mohana Kristin Beverly Rachel Leila
8 Mayah Regina Molly Leila Beverly Leila Beverly
9 Kristin Mayah Beverly Mayah Rachel Courtney
10 Molly Hailey Mohana Kristin Mohana
11 Hailey Rachel Lacey Molly
12 Sharon Beverly Hailey
13 Lacey Sharon

Cycle 252 - Solidification 4Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Aloe Ola Jessica Jennifer CeCe Jessica Wu Ola Jessica Castealia Jessica Castealia Jessica
2 Cimone Jennifer Celene Jessica Celene Aloe Ola Castealia Ola Cimone Castealia Jessica Castealia
3 Jennifer Celene CeCe Cimone Ola Castealia CeCe Cimone Cimone Ola Ola Ola
4 Jessica Kathleen Aloe Castealia Jessica Jennifer Cimone Jessica Jennifer Jessica Cimone
5 Rizzy Cori Ola Ola Aloe Wu Castealia Jennifer Castealia Jennifer
6 Taylor Jessica Cimone Aloe Castralia Cimone Jessica CeCe CeCe
7 Ola Wu Jennifer Celene Jennifer Ola Jennifer Wu
8 Celene Cimone Cori Kathleen Cimone CeCe Aloe
9 CeCe Rizzy Wu CeCe Wu Celene
10 Castealia CeCe Castealia Wu Kathleen
11 Wu Aloe Kathleen Cori
12 Cori Castealia Rizzy
13 Kathleen Taylor

Cycle 253Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Aleksandra Aleksandra Aleksandra Heather Heather Julia J. Julia J. Heather Kaleigh Aleksandra Aleksandra Heather Aleksandra
2 Julia J. Montana Kaleigh Kaleigh Kaleigh Morgan Julia Z. Aleksandra Julia J. Kaleigh Heather Aleksandra Heather
3 Morgan Mary M Mikaela Montana Mary R. Aleksandra Kaleigh Mary R. Aleksandra Heather Kaleigh Kaleigh
4 Alexis Julia J. Julia J. Mikaela Julia Z. Cristi Mary R. Kaleigh Heather Julia J. Julia J.
5 Mikaela Cristi Julia Z. Mary R. Montana Mary R. Heather Julia Z. Mary R. Mary R.
6 Kaleigh Julia Z. Mary R. Cristi Cristi Julia Z. Morgan Julia J. Julia Z.
7 Mary M. Mary R. Heather Aleksandra Morgan Heather Aleksandra Morgan
8 Montana Heather Alexis Julia J. Julia J. Kaleigh Cristi
9 Cristi Morgan Montana Morgan Aleksandra Montana
10 Tiandra Alexis Morgan Julia Z. Mikaela
11 Heather Kaleigh Cristi Alexis
12 Mary R. Mikaela Mary M.
13 Julia Z. Tiandra

Cycle 254Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Lindsee Ciena Lindsee Lindsee Kimberly Ciena Byrd Kimberly Kimberly
2 Byrd Jayda Saana Ciena Ciena Lindsee Kimberly Ciena Ciena
3 Janick Janick Byrd Jayda Jayda Byrd Ciena Byrd
4 Jayda Julianna Ciena Kimberly Lindsee Kimberly Lindsee
5 Cassandra Lindsee Jayda Byrd Byrd Jayda
6 Saana Byrd Janick Janick Janick
7 Justine Saana Kimberly Saana
8 Kimberly Kimberly Julianna
9 Julianna Justine
10 Ciena Cassandra

Cycle 255Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Shanar Sun Aja Arisa Shanar Aja Rachelle Rachelle Rachelle Alasia Shanar Arisa Shanar Rachelle
2 Breanne Aja Sun Leslie Sun Shanar Shanar Alasia Shanar Shanar Rachelle Shanar Rachelle Shanar
3 Rachelle Leslie Alasia Rachelle Jacqueline Arisa Arisa Shanar Aliya Arisa Arisa Rachelle Arisa
4 Aja Belinda Aliya Aliya Aja Aliya Alasia Aliya Alasia Aja Aja Aja
5 Leslie Shanar Leslie Aja Alasia Alasia Sun Sun Arisa Rachelle Alasia
6 Sun Arisa Rachelle Alasia Rachelle Rachelle Aliya Aja Aja Aliya
7 Brittani Breanne Shanar Shanar Leslie Jacqueline Aja Arisa Sun
8 Arisa Rachelle Brittani Jacqueline Aliya Sun Jacqueline
9 Belinda Brittani Jacqueline Sun Arisa Leslie
10 Jacqueline Jacqueline Belinda Belinda Belinda
11 Aliya Aliya Arisa Brittani
12 Alasia Alasia Breanne
13 Jen Jen

Cycle 256 - Boys Vs. Girls 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ebony Lukas R. Stephanie Kevin Ebony Ebony Lauren Ksenyia Stephanie Stephanie Ebony Ebony Ebony
2 Lauren Henry Marylynn Marylynn Brandon Lauren Stephanie Ebony Ebony Ksenyia Kevin Stephanie Stephanie
3 Stephanie Ebony Kevin Ebony Lukas R. Kevin Kevin Lauren Ksenyia Kevin Stephanie Kevin
4 Liliana Kasia Liliana Kasia Lauren Stephanie Brandon Stephanie Lauren Ebony Ksenyia
5 Kasia Stephanie Ebony Brandon Kasia Liliana Ksenyia Lukas R. Kevin Lauren
6 Ksenyia Liliana Lauren Lucas J. Lucas J. Lucas J. Ebony Kevin Lukas R.
7 Marylynn Brandon Lukas R. Lukas R. Ksenyia Brandon Lukas R. Brandon
8 Jordan Lucas J. Kasia Lauren Stephanie Lukas R. Liliana
9 Lukas R. Lauren Henry Ksenyia Liliana Ksenyia Lucas J.
10 Lucas J. Andrew Ksenyia Stephanie Kevin Kasia
11 Kevin Ksenyia Lucas J. Liliana Marylynn
12 Henry Marylynn Brandon Henry
13 Andrew Kevin Andrew
14 Brandon Jordan

Cycle 257 - All Winners 19Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jayson Christopher Jayson Rachelle Christopher Jessica Rachelle Jessica Tiggy Christopher Jayson Jessica Jayson
2 Jai Tiggy Laurel Jayson Tiggy Christopher Christopher Meaghan Jayson Jessica Jessica Jayson Jessica
3 Justin Ebony Tiggy Ashley Jayson Jayson Meaghan Jayson Christopher Tiggy Christopher Christopher
4 Danielle Meaghan Jai Justin Jessica Meaghan Justin Tiggy Rachelle Jayson Tiggy
5 Bethany Jessica Ashley Laurel Meaghan Tiggy Tiggy Christopher Jessica Rachelle
6 Christopher Aleksandra Justin Jai Justin Ashley Jessica Rachelle Meaghan
7 Bebe Jayson Christopher Jessica Ashley Justin Jayson Justin
8 Laurel Justin Rachelle Christopher Laurel Rachelle Ashley
9 Ashley Ashley Meaghan Meaghan Rachelle Laurel
10 Tasha Laurel Jessica Tiggy Jai
11 Patricia Jai Ebony Ebony
12 Adrianna Rachelle Aleksandra
13 Heather J.P.
14 Tiggy Mayah
15 J.P. Bebe
16 Meaghan Danielle
17 Mayah Kimberly
18 Jessica Heather
19 Aleksandra Adrianna
20 Kimberly Patricia
21 Rachelle Tasha
22 Ebony Bethany

Cycle 258Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Abigale Brigitte Rosannah Rebecca Savanagh Abigale Kathryn Brigitte Kathryn Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Kathryn
2 Sophie Sophie Brigitte Abigale Rebecca Rebecca Leesa Rebecca Kit Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn Rebecca
3 Brigitte Savanagh Savanagh Shonne Abigale Kit Brigitte Abigale Abigale Kit Brigitte Brigitte
4 Rosannah Leesa Elaine Brigitte Kit Brigitte Abigale Kathryn Rebecca Brigitte Kit
5 Kathryn Kit Abigale Kathryn Leesa Shonne Savanagh Savanagh Brigitte Abigale
6 Savanagh Shonne Rebecca Kit Brigitte Leesa Rebecca Kit Savanagh
7 Leesa Elaine Kathryn Rosannah Shonne Kathryn Kit Leesa
8 Amelia Kathryn Amelia Elaine Rosannah Savanagh Shonne
9 Elaine Rosannah Leesa Leesa Kathryn Rosannah
10 Rebecca Abigale Shonne Savanagh Elaine
11 Tatianna Amelia Kit Amelia
12 Shonne Rebecca Sophie
13 Kit Tatianna

Cycle 259Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Michaela Pennie Wendy Nicole Jaymes Natalia Pennie Michaela Michaela Wendy Wendy Pennie Michaela Pennie Natalia
2 Nicole Michaela Katarina Wendy Katarina Wendy Natalia Natalia Natalia Michaela Natalia Natalia Pennie Natalia Pennie
3 Amber Jaymes Michaela Michaela Shonne Amber Katarina Amber Pennie Natalia Pennie Michaela Natalia Michaela
4 Jaymes Shonne Nicole Jaymes Michaela Jaymes Michaela Pennie Wendy Pennie Michaela Wendy Wendy
5 Wendy Natalia Natalia Shonne Wendy Katarina Nicole Katarina Amber Amber Amber
6 Haelie Morgan Shonne Amber Nicole Nicole Amber Wendy Nicole Nicole
7 Natalia Katarina Amber Haelie Natalia Pennie Wendy Nicole Katarina
8 Katarina Nicole Morgan Katarina Pennie Michaela Jaymes
9 Jade Kelli Jaymes Natalia Amber Shonne
10 Morgan Amber Haelie Pennie Haelie
11 Pennie Wendy Pennie Morgan
12 Kelli Haelie Kelli
13 Shonne Jade

Cycle 260 - Second ChancesEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Jennifer Linda Linda Aja Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Delanie Jennifer Delanie Jennifer Jennifer
2 Linda Delanie Kit Kristin Dominica Nicole Linda Linda Kristin Linda Jennifer Delanie Delanie
3 Dominica Nicole Kristin Kit Arisa Delanie Kit Kristin Jennifer Kristin Linda Linda
4 Nicole Jennifer Aja Arisa Kristin Kristin Aja Delanie Linda Delanie Kristin
5 Kit Arisa Jennifer Jennifer Kit Arisa Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole
6 Aja Kit Nicole Katelyn Nicole Linda Delanie Aja Aja
7 Katelyn Kristin Joslyn Linda Linda Aja Kristin Kit
8 Delanie Aja Dominica Nicole Delanie Kit Arisa
9 Joslyn Kaleigh Katelyn Dominica Aja Dominica
10 Arisa Katelyn Delanie Delanie Katelyn
11 Kristin Dominica Arisa Joslyn
12 Regina Joslyn Kaleigh
13 Kaleigh Regina

Cycle 261Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Krista A'Riana A'Riana Krista Krista Cristobal Krista A'Riana Lenora Lenora Lenora Krista Krista Krista
2 Cristobal Tristin Lenora Lenora A'Riana Jamie Cristobal Bailee Candace Candace Krista Candace Lenora Lenora
3 Chris Krista Robin Cristobal Candace Bailee Candace Krista Bailee A'Riana Candace Lenora Canadace
4 Jamie Cristobal Krista A'Riana Lenora Lenora A'Riana Lenora Krista Cristobal A'Riana A'Riana
5 Bailee Melrose Jamie Holly Jamie Candace Lenora Cristobal Cristobal Krista Cristobal
6 Robin Chris Tristin Jamie Cristobal Krista Jamie Candace A'Riana Bailee
7 Candace Lenora Holly Melrose Bailee Robin Bailee Jamie
8 Lenora Candace Melrose Bailee Robin A'Riana Robin
9 Melrose Jamie Candace Candace Holly Holly
10 Holly Holly Bailee Robin Melrose
11 Jamila Robin Cristobal Tristin
12 Tristin Bailee Chris
13 A'Riana Jamila

Cycle 262Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Farrah Carol Greta Kassandra MaryiEllen Kassandra Melissa Kassandra Melissa Kassandra MaryiEllen MaryiEllen Kassandra
2 MaryiEllen Melissa Kassandra Serena Melissa Gemma Farrah Renee Kassandra Melissa Kassandra Kassandra MaryiEllen
3 Carol Serena Renee Renee Gemma Renee MaryiEllen Carol Renee MaryiEllen Renee Renee
4 Kassandra Farrah Melissa Farrah Renee Carol Carol Melissa Carol Renee Melissa
5 Serena Renee Farrah Greta Carol Greta Kassandra MaryiEllen MaryiEllen Carol
6 Lauryn Greta Grendel MaryiEllen Jess MaryiEllen Greta Farrah Farrah
7 Greta Kassandra Gemma Jess Farrah Farrah Renee Greta
8 Jess MaryiEllen Jess Gemma Kassandra Melissa Gemma
9 Gemma Lauryn MaryiEllen Carol Greta Jess
10 Dana Jess Serena Melissa Serena
11 Grendel Gemma Carol Grendel
12 Melissa Grendel Lauryn
13 Renee Dana

Cycle 263 - IconsEdit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Haly Jennifer Ciera Alexandra Haly Haly Jennifer Ciera Colton Jennifer Colton Alexandra Jennifer
2 Soffi Vanessa Haly Haly Ciera Colton Greg Colton Jessica Jessica Jennifer Jennifer Colton
3 Kelsee Thyara Kimberly Moe Vanessa Alexandra Jessica Moe Ciera Colton Alexandra Colton Alexandra
4 Colton Alexandra Vanessa Kimberly Greg Ciera Colton Alexandra Alexandra Ciera Ciera Ciera
5 Moe Jessica Jessica Vanessa Jennifer Jessica Moe Jessica Jennifer Alexandra Jessica
6 Alexandra Kimberly Moe Kelsee Kimberly Vanessa Alexandra Jennifer Haly Haly
7 Jessica Greg Greg Colton Jessica Jennifer Haly Haly Moe
8 Greg Ciera Alexandra Jennifer Alexandra Moe Ciera Greg
9 Kimberly Moe Cass Greg Moe Greg Vanessa
10 Jennifer Haly Kelsee Jessica Colton Kimberly
11 Thyara Colton Colton Ciera Kelsee
12 Vanessa Kelsee Jennifer Cass
13 Ciera Cass Thyara
14 Cass Soffi

Cycle 263 - All Stars 23Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kayla Rebecca Julia Brigitte Kayla Rebecca Kayla Rebecca Kevin Abigale Kayla Kayla Kayla Abigale
2 Bailee Kayla Kayla Julia Wendy Julia Rebecca Abigale Abigale Kayla Abigale Abigale Abigale Kayla
3 Julia Kevin Bailee Wendy Rebecca Kevin Julia Kevin Michaela Rebecca Kevin Rebecca Rebecca
4 Shanar Brigitte Kevin Rebecca Kevin Wendy Kevin Kayla Kayla Kevin Rebecca Kevin
5 A'Riana Wendy Rebecca Shanar Michaela Bailee Abigale Michaela Rebecca Michaela
6 Kevin Bailee Shanar Abigale Abigale Kayla Bailee Julia Julia
7 Rebecca A'Riana A'Riana Michaela Bailee Michaela Michaela Bailee
8 Brigitte Nicole Wendy Bailee Shanar Abigale Wendy
9 Abigale Abigale Brigitte Kevin Julia Shanar
10 Pennie Julia Michaela Kayla Brigitte
11 Michaela Shanar Abigale A'Riana
12 Nicole Michaela Nicole
13 Wendy Pennie

Cycle 264Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Monique Allison Ragan Erycka Monique Ethel Wanda Erycka Ethel Monique Ethel Monique Ethel
2 Libby Vicki Ethel Wanda Allison Monique Monique Monique Monique Ragan Wanda Ethel Monique
3 Joyce Ethel Wanda Vicki Ethel Wanda Erycka Jordanne Erycka Wanda Monique Wanda
4 Ragan Jordanne Erycka Valentina Joyce Allison Vicki Ragan Ragan Ethel Ragan
5 Allison Ragan Valentina Monique Ragan Jordanne Ragan Ethel Wanda Erycka
6 Ethel Joyce Joyce Joyce Erycka Vicki Jordanne Wanda Jordanne
7 Jordanne Monique Monique Jordanne Jordanne Erycka Ethel Vicki
8 Vicki Brooke Vicki Ethel Vicki Ragan Allison
9 Erycka Libby Brooke Allison Wanda Joyce
10 Lacey Wanda Jordanne Ragan Valentina
11 Valentina Valentina Allison Brooke
12 Brooke Erycka Libby
13 Wanda Lacey

Cycle 265 - Boys Vs. Girls 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Hallie Jeremy Chloe Danny Adriann Renee Renee Adriann Renee Chloe Jeremy Hazen Jeremy
2 Renee Annaliese Annaliese Chloe Drew Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Hazen Jeremy Hazen
3 Adriann Kline Brittany Annaliese Renee Annaliese Hazen Renee Chloe Hazen Renee Renee
4 Chloe Robynne Adriann Jeremy Hazen Hazen Adriann Chloe Hazen Renee Chloe
5 Brittany Brittany Drew Adriann Chloe Hallie Robynne Hazen Adriann Adriann
6 Robynne Hallie Robynne Hallie Robynne Chloe Chloe Drew Drew
7 Annaliese Julius Hazen Renee Hallie Adriann Drew Robynne
8 Julius Renee Renee Drew Jeremy Drew Hallie
9 Danny Danny Kline Hazen Brittany Robynne Annaliese
10 Jeremy Hazen Danny Brittany Annaliese Brittany
11 Hazen Chloe Hallie Robynne Danny
12 Kline Drew Jeremy Kline
13 Billy Adriann Julius
14 Drew Billy

Cycle 266Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Safira Chele Tinsley Basma Safira Ilaria Mako Chele Ilaria Chele Whitney Safira Chele Ilaria
2 Mako Basma Paige Taryn Taryn Tinsley Chele Safira Taryn Whitney Ilaria Chele Ilaria Chele
3 Basma Daniela Mako Safira Mako Paige Ilaria Mako Chele Ilaria Chele Ilaria Safira
4 Whitney Safira Safira Ilaria Chele Safira Whitney Taryn Whitney Taryn Safira Whitney
5 Daniela Tinsley Taryn Chele Tinsley Whitney Safira Whitney Safira Safira Taryn
6 Paige KellieiJoy Whitney Mako Basma Mako Paige Ilaria Mako Mako
7 Ilaria Melodi Ilaria Whitney Paige Chele Taryn Paige
8 KellieiJoy Paige Daniela Daniela Ilaria Taryn Tinsley
9 Tinsley Mako Basma Paige Whitney Basma
10 Chele Whitney KellieiJoy Tinsley Daniela
11 Minka Ilaria Chele KellieiJoy
12 Taryn Taryn Melodi
13 Melodi Minka

Cycle 267Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Amelia Nina Amelia Amelia Nina Amelia Vera Vera Vera Amelia
2 Nina Vera Vera Courtney Vera Pilar Pilar Pilar Amelia Vera
3 Fantascia Amelia Chantal Raquel Pilar Vera Amelia Amelia Pilar
4 Courtney Courtney Courtney Pilar Chantal Nina Nina Nina
5 Pilar Fantascia Nina Vera Courtney Courtney Courtney
6 Eliza Chantal Raquel Chantal Amelia Chantal
7 Raquel Marissa Marissa Nina Raquel
8 Marissa Pilar Pilar Marissa
9 Chantal Raquel Fantascia
10 Vera Eliza

Cycle 268Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Hollie Susanne Trixie Tyler Hollie Logan Tyler Logan Hollie Tyler Logan Logan Tyler
2 Ashley Brihanna Logan Susanne Cathleen Susanne Ashley Tyler Logan Trixie Tyler Tyler Logan
3 Cathleen Skylar Hollie Hollie Ashley Hollie Cathleen Susanne Tyler Hollie Hollie Hollie
4 Dannielle Tyler Skylar Ashley Skylar Ashley Logan Trixie Cathleen Logan Trixie
5 Skylar Louise Alicia Trixie Trixie Brihanna Trixie Cathleen Trixie Cathleen
6 Trixie Cathleen Brihanna Alicia Susanne Cathleen Hollie Hollie Susanne
7 Susanne Logan Susanne Cathleen Logan Tyler Susanne Ashley
8 Tyler Alicia Cathleen Skylar Tyler Trixie Brihanna
9 Louise Hollie Ashley Logan Brihanna Skylar
10 Rena Ashley Tyler Brihanna Alicia
11 Alicia Rena Rena Rena
12 Brihanna Trixie Louise
13 Logan Dannielle

Cycle 269 - Legends Vs. Learners 7Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Cassandra Cassandra Stacia Cody Gabriela Greg Stacia Cassandra Greg Julia Cassandra Greg Greg
2 Cody Rebecca Greg Dylan Annaliese Julia Cassandra Cody Dylan Greg Greg Julia Julia
3 Jaxzyn Jaxzyn Julia Julia Greg Jaxzyn Cody Julia Stacia Stacia Stacia Cassandra
4 Gabriela Dylan Annaliese Corynne Stacia Dylan Jaxzyn Jaxzyn Julia Dylan Julia Stacia
5 Stacia Greg Rebecca Cassandra Ciera Cassandra Greg Dylan Cassandra Cassandra Dylan
6 Kenya Corynne Ciera Stacia Dylan Stacia Ciera Stacia Cody Cody
7 Annaliese Ciera Corynne Annaliese Jaxzyn Gabriela Julia Greg Jaxzyn
8 Greg Gabriela Cassandra Gabriela Julia Cody Dylan Ciera
9 Ciera Stacia Dylan Jaxzyn Cody Ciera Gabriela
10 Rebecca Annaliese Gabriela Greg Cassandra Annaliese
11 Corynne Cody Jaxzyn Ciera Corynne
12 Julia Kenya Cody Rebecca
13 Dylan Julia Kenya
14 Minte Minte

Cycle 270 - Redemption 2Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Nicole Gennifer Kyle Kyle Gennifer Sylvia Kyle Kyle Kyle Sylvia Amanda Amba Kyle Kyle
2 Franki Kyle Gennifer Amanda Amba Gennifer Trine Amba Amba Amba Amba Gennifer Amba Amba
3 Amanda Amba Trine Laura Riley Amba Amba Amanda Amanda Amanda Kyle Kyle Gennifer
4 Isabelle Sahar Riley Riley Amanda Trine Sylvia Laura Gennifer Kyle Sylvia Amanda
5 Kyle Amanda Laura Nicole Laura Riley Laura Gennifer Sylvia Gennifer
6 Laura Trine Amanda Amba Sylvia Laura Gennifer Sylvia Laura
7 Trine Nicole Sahar Trine Trine Kyle Riley Trine
8 Sylvia Riley Sylvia Sylvia Kyle Amanda
9 Gennifer Sylvia Amba Gennifer Nicole
10 Riley Isabelle Nicole Sahar
11 Sahar Laura Isabelle
12 Amba Franki

Cycle 271 - All Winners 20Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Kathryn Greg Greg Kyle JenniferiZ. Tyler Greg Ethel Kassandra Kassandra Kassandra Kassandra Kassandra
2 Natalia Ilaria Kassandra Ethel Ilaria Natalia Ethel Jeremy Greg Ilaria Ethel Ethel Ethel
3 JenniferiZ. Kathryn JenniferiZ. Kathryn Jeremy JenniferiZ. Tyler Ilaria Ilaria Ethel Greg Greg
4 Krista Amelia Abigale Tyler Ethel Kassandra Ilaria Tyler Ethel Greg Ilaria
5 Kassandra Kassandra Kathryn Kassandra JenniferiT. Ethel Jeremy Greg Tyler Tyler
6 JenniferiT. Kyle Jeremy Jeremy Tyler Ilaria JenniferiZ. Kassandra Jeremy
7 Abigale Ethel Ethel Natalia Kassandra JenniferiT. JenniferiT. JenniferiZ.
8 Ethel Jeremy JenniferiT. JenniferiT. Natalia Jeremy Kassandra JenniferiT.
9 Jeremy Abigale Kyle Greg Greg Greg Natalia
10 Ilaria Tyler Ilaria JenniferiZ. Kyle Kyle
11 Amelia Natalia Natalia Ilaria Kathryn
12 Tyler JenniferiZ. Tyler Abigale
13 Greg JenniferiT. Amelia
14 Kyle Krista

Cycle 272Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Erin Simone Felicia Nicolle Nicolle Erin Shylo Sarah Shylo Sarah Sarah Nicolle Nicolle Nicolle
2 Brooke Nicolle Shylo Felicia Abby Sarah Sarah Shylo Sarah Simone Simone Simone Sarah Sarah
3 Natasha Sarah Simone Sarah Felicia Natasha Erin Nicolle Simone Felicia Felicia Sarah Simone
4 Felicia Abby Abby Natasha Simone Simone Abby Natasha Nicolle Nicolle Nicolle Felicia
5 Victoriah Victoriah Erin Simone Shylo Felicia Natasha Erin Felicia Shylo Shylo
6 Shylo Ally Sarah Brooke Ally Nicolle Nicolle Felicia Erin Erin
7 Nicolle Erin Ally Shylo Sarah Shylo Felicia Simone Natasha
8 Brittany Bianca Natasha Ally Natasha Abby Simone Abby
9 Simone Brooke Bianca Abby Erin Ally
10 Abby Shylo Brooke Erin Brooke
11 Bianca Natasha Nicolle Bianca
12 Ally Felicia Victoriah
13 Sarah Brittany

Cycle 273Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ephie Jenna Britni Veronica Britni Britni Jenna Veronica Britni Roberta Jenna Britni Britni
2 Jessica Britni Veronica Britni Veronica Annika Britni Annette Annika Jenna Britni Jenna Jenna
3 Jaime Annette Jessica Annika Annette Veronica Annika Britni Jenna Britni Roberta Roberta
4 Jenna Roberta Roberta Annette Annika Roberta Veronica Jenna Roberta Veronica Veronica
5 Dina Annika Ephie Nan Nan Jenna April Annika Veronica Annika
6 April Nan April Roberta Roberta Dina Annette Roberta Annette
7 Nala Nala Annika Dina April Annette Roberta April
8 Roberta Veronica Annette April Dina April Dina
9 Nan April Jenna Jenna Jenna Nan
10 Annette Ephie Nan Jessica Jessica
11 Veronica Dina Dina Ephie
12 Annika Jessica Nala
13 Britni Jaime

Cycle 274 - All Stars 24Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Allison Safira Gennifer Trixie Chloe Cody Gennifer Amba Chloe Whitney Chloe Chloe Cody
2 Sarah Whitney Monique Gennifer Monique Chloe Cody Monique Cody Gennifer Gennifer Whitney Chloe
3 Monique Allison Cody Amba Gennifer Gennifer Whitney Gennifer Monique Cody Cody Cody Whitney
4 Chloe Gennifer Amba Whitney Trixie Amba Chloe Cody Whitney Chloe Whitney Gennifer
5 Drew Chele Chloe Chloe Amba Trixie Monique Chloe Gennifer Monique Monique
6 Chele Trixie Cassandra Chele Allison Cassandra Amba Trixie Amba Amba
7 Safira Hollie Chele Cody Cody Allison Cassandra Whitney Trixie
8 Whitney Sarah Hollie Allison Cassandra Monique Trixie Cassandra
9 Trixie Amba Allison Monique Chele Whitney Allison
10 Hollie Monique Whitney Safira Whitney Chele
11 Cassandra Cody Trixie Cassandra Safira
12 Cody Chloe Safira Hollie
13 Amba Cassandra Sarah
14 Gennifer Drew

Cycle 275Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Ebonie Ebonie Steffy Alexandra Tess Ebonie Penelope Rachele Rachele Rachele Penelope Penelope Rachele
2 Cassandra Sandie Sandie Sandie Ebonie Steffy Rachele Ebonie Penelope Alexandra Rachele Rachele Penelope
3 Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Tess Penelope Penelope Steffy Penelope Jackie Ebonie Ebonie Ebonie
4 Tess Kris Dita Rachele Jackie Alexandra Ebonie Alexandra Ebonie Penelope Alexandra
5 Jackie Leona Kris Penelope Steffy Tess Jackie Tess Alexandra Jackie
6 Steffy Steffy Jackie Kris Sandie Sandie Alexandra Jackie Tess
7 Julie Rachele Leona Ebonie Alexandra Jackie Tess Steffy
8 Penelope Dita Penelope Jackie Rachele Rachele Sandie
9 Dita Penelope Ebonie Steffy Leona Leona
10 Rachele Cassandra Tess Leona Kris
11 Leona Tess Rachele Dita
12 Kris Jackie Cassandra
13 Sandie Julie

Cycle 276Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Alice Janis Eden Connie Teri Alexis Connie Connie Alexis Jyoti Connie Alexis Alexis
2 Janis Cheyenne Alice Teri Shonique Connie Janis Natallie Jyoti Connie Alexis Jyoti Jyoti
3 Eden Alexis Connie Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Kimberlea Natalie Kimberlea Jyoti Connie
4 Jaime Teri Jyoti Shonique Alexis Janis Kimberlea Jyoti Kimerlea Alexis Kimberlea
5 Connie Jyoti Shonique Kimberlea Kimberlea Kimberlea Alexis Alexis Connie Natalie
6 Shonique Norah Janis Alexis Natalie Teri Shonique Janis Janis
7 Natalie Connie Norah Eden Connie Natalie Natalie Shonique
8 Norah Alice Kimberlea Natalie Eden Shonique Teri
9 Teri Natalie Natalie Alice Janis Eden
10 Cheyenne Eden Teri Janis Alice
11 Alexis Kimberlea Alexis Norah
12 Kimberlea Shonique Cheyenne
13 Jyoti Jaime

Cycle 277Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Maddie Sabrina Maddie Cassie Kerri Trina Trina Trina Jessie Jessie Trina Kerri Kerri
2 Trina Mara Kerri Kerri Danielle Kerri Danielle Jessie Trina Kerri Kerri Trina Trina
3 Lea Maddie Danielle Liraz Lea Maddie Jessie Danielle Danielle Trina Jessie Jessie
4 Sabrina Adrienne Lea Danielle Liraz Liraz Kerri Liraz Maddie Danielle Danielle
5 Cassie Jessie Jessie Maddie Jessie Lea Liraz Kerri Kerri Maddie
6 Paula Trina Liraz Jessie Cassie Jessie Maddie Maddie Liraz
7 Adrienne Paula Mara Lea Maddie Danielle Lea
8 Mara Cassie Paula Trina Trina Cassie
9 Jessie Kerri Trina Mara Mara
10 Danielle Danielle Cassie Paula
11 Avah Lea Adrienne Adrienne
12 Liraz Liraz Sabrina
13 Kerri Avah

Cycle 278 - Solidification 5Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Aja Shaun Aja Tiggy Shraha Whitney Kevin Jayson Kevin Kevin Jayson Kevin Whitney Kevin
2 Estrella Peter Whitney Jayson Jayson Phoebe Whitney Shraha Jayson Whitney Kevin Jayson Kevin Whitney
3 Kristin Kyle Estrella Shraha Phoebe Tiggy Shaun Aja Shraha Jayson Whitney Whitney Jayson
4 Kyle Aja Jayson Aja Shaun Aja Tiggy Shaun Whitney Shraha Shraha Shraha
5 Shaun Shraha Kristin Phoebe Kevin Jayson Jayson Kevin Tiggy Tiggy Tiggy
6 Peter Phoebe Kevin Estrella Tiggy Shraha Aja Whitney Aja Aja
7 Kevin Jayson Kyle Whitney Whitney Kevin Shraha Tiggy Shaun
8 Whitney Estrella Phoebe Shaun Estrella Shaun Phoebe
9 Tiggy Kristin Shaun Kevin Aja Estrella
10 Shraha Kevin Shraha Kyle Kyle
11 Phoebe Whitney Tiggy Kristin
12 Shanar Tiggy Peter
13 Jayson Shanar

Cycle 279Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Julie Damien Chorinne Britanya Esther Julie Britanya Alina Damien Alina Damien Alina Damien
2 Chorinne Esther Alina Damien Alina Britanya Alina Britanya Alina Julie Alina Damien Alina
3 Luna Alina Britanya Dayna Damien Damien Esther Julie Esther Britanya Britanya Britanya
4 Brienne Naomi Dayna Tre Dayna Dayna Dayna Chorinne Julie Damien Julie
5 Alina Yuliya Didi Esther Julie Alina Julie Esther Britanya Esther
6 Esther Dayna Luna Julie Tre Tre Chorinne Damien Chorinne
7 Naomi Chorinne Esther Alina Chorinne Esther Damien Dayna
8 Didi Julie Naomi Didi Naomi Chorinne Tre
9 Tre  Didi Julie Naomi Britanya Naomi
10 Damien Tre Tre Chorinne Didi
11 Dayna Britanya Damien Luna
12 Britanya Luna Yuliya
13 Yuliya Brienne

Cycle 280Edit

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes

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